Chatting Cats: Sharing Is Caring

MeOW  RaenaBelle, you sure are spoilt rotten. It’s me’s turn to lay in mommy’s lap. You’re always hoggin’ it, like it’s your own.


 Raena gets loving while laying in mommy's lap




          Like, it’s mines? There ain’t no like ‘bout it sissy, mommy’s lap is all mine’s. Haven’t you ever heard of furst come furst served? Or finders keepers, losers weepers?. I’s was here furst, so mommy’s lap belongs to me by default.


 Dezi sits pretty on the chair arm




That’s the most ridiculous thing me’s ever heard, Raena. Haven’t you ever heard of share and share again? Or, sharin’ is carin’? Me does believe that’s mommy’s meowntra. After all, me had to share me’s cat tree, me’s nip nanner and everythin’ else with you when you came to live here. Ifin we we’re goin’ by your rules, you’d have nuffin’. And me does mean a big ole fat nuffin’. Me was here furst and mommy was me’s mommy furst.


 Raena gets loving while laying in mommy's lap




          Fine sissy, just a few more minutes, okay? Can’t you see mommy’s takin’ fotos of me? 


Me wants to take fotos too, Raena. Just hurry up.


 Raena reaches out while laying in mommy's lap




          (Raena stretches her paw towards mommy’s face and quietly mews as she gets down and heads for the new powerchair) I’s sure do luvs you mommy.


Dezi gets loving while laying in mommy's lap




(Dezi stand sideways in front of mommy’s chair so she can be picked up to lay in mommy’s lap.) Me luvs you, mommy. Lots more than Raena does. You know, me’s luvved you longer. Purrlease, cover the red flash befur ya’ take the next foto, mommy. There now, that’s better. (After a few photos, the wind blows the leaves around outside and something hits the door. Dezi jumps up and heads for the cat tree to look out.) That’s enuff fotos mommy, me has to check out what’s goin’ on outside. It’s turned cold again, so ya’ never know what might be tryin’ to get inside. Besides, we’ve got purrlenty of visitin’ to ketch up on. We can’t spend every day lazin’ ‘round.


Dezi gets loving while laying in mommy's lap




Till the next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle