Chatting Cats: Revving Up for Service Cat Fridays

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. It’s furinally Furiday!!! I’s know it, but let me tell ya’, that lady in a box is an idiot!!! As most of ya’ know, mommy passes out…a lot. Well, when she comes ‘round she has to figger out the basics. Ya’ know, things like, what day it is, what time it is, who is she…ya’ know, the basics. So, when mommy came too this meownin’, the lady in the box was beepin’ fur no ‘pawrent reason. It wasn’t me that kept pushin’ her buttons. 


 dezi lays in box ready to pounce




          What? Are you implyin’ me did it, Raena? Me didn’t go near her. She’s always yakkin’ ‘bout somethin’, even when she ain’t been asked. Me had been mindin’ me’s own bizness, eatin’ me’s brekky till mommy passed out. You were doin’ purrlenty of alertin’ fur both of us, so me knew me wasn’t needed yet. Once she passed out, me did what any self respectin’ Service Cat would do, me laid by mommy’s side and kissed her face. 


 Raena lays atop the liberty cat tree




I’s did too, sissy. I’s a good Service kitty too. Anyways, when she came too, the lady in the box was just yakkin’ away. Mommy kept yellin’ and askin’ who was there, but the lady just kept ramblin’ on ‘bout not unnerstandin’ and not bein’ able to find that one. That one what? Didn’t nopawdy ask her to find anythin’. Hmmmpht  I’s brought mommy the teevee remote so she could get her bearings and tell that lady in the box to be quiet.


          And she did, didn’t she Raena? Once mommy furinally figgered everythin’ out and could ‘member box lady’s name, she yelled STOP at the top of her lungs. Me thinks the lady in the box is even more stubborn than you. Even you don’t prattle on as much as she does. 


Raena bathes atop the Liberty cat tree with leg upUh A little purrivacy, purrlease mommy.




Yeah sissy, I’s…wait a minute, what do you mean Even me? And just what is this prattle on thing? I’s a good girl. Hmmmpht Even me…Anyways, mommy offen wonders ifin somepawdy ain’t tryin’ to spy on us through the box lady cuz of some of the things she says outta nowhere. 


 Dezi sleeps on heated cat mat




          Me thinks it’s just bad innernet connections and our small town, Raena. Our lives ain’t nearly x’citin’ enuff to spy on. Anyways, the events of this meownin’ were a great way to set up a new year of Service Cat posts.


 Raena sits in box




Sure ‘nuff sissy. Join us next Furiday fur our furst Service Cat post of 2018. We’ve got lots of questions ‘bout the new wheelchair that we’ve just been waitin’ to answer. We had to wait on the chair to get here befur we could answer most of them, so we just held them all. Be sure and get your questions in fur the 2018 year. You ask the questions, we’ll answer ‘em. Maybe you’re wonderin’ ‘bout the right foods to feed or why your kitty does somethin’. Or maybe you’re wonderin’ ‘bout a specific health issue, or how to train kitty to do somethin’ specific. No matter the question, we’ll tackle it and answer it with our mommy’s best Tips, Tricks and Techniques. We do wanna let ya’ know, mommy is fine. Passin’ out is completely normal fur her, and once she got her bearings, all was/is well. While we ate our brekky, she had a nice cup of hot coffee. 


Raena lays in powerchairShould we give our chair a name?




We do have a question fur all of ya’ tho’. Several of you have asked what we named the new wheelchair. Truth is, we’ve never given them a name. So, what do you think we oughtta call it? Ifin we get enuff suggestions, we’ll let ya’ll vote on it. So, let us know your suggestion in the comments below.  


Till the next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee