Blest Sunday: You Are Purrfect

MeOW Brrrrr  Raena, it’s me’s turn to lay on the heated mat. Why don’t you go paw up our Blest Sunday posty. Me will dictate from the mat.


Raena lays on Liberty cat tree and looks down, profile




          What? Do it yourself, sissy. (The winds are really blowing outside and suddenly a gust blows through the memorial chimes aunty Vonda sent and they start chiming uncontrollably. Dead leaves rustle about and a clump hits the door causing Raena to run to the Liberty cat tree to see what’s going on outside.) These winds sure are noisy, aren’t they sissy? 


 Dezi lays sleeping on the heated cat mat




(Seeing that the heated mat is empty, Dezi walks over and lays down and starts to bathe.) Yep Raena, the winds sure have been stirrin’ up things outside and inside, lately. One day yours and mommy’s eyes and noses are runnin’ a race and the next ya’ll are all dried up. Makes mommy second guess your eye situation. Seems dry weather clears up your eyes. Unfurtunately, we live in a really humid state. But, it’s fur sure somethin’ mommy’s gonna mention to the V E T when she takes you. 




          What’s that sissy? I’s not goin’ to the V E T?. Did you hear somethin’ I’s didn’t? 



Well no, but you know mommy’s been plannin’ to take you to have your eyes looked at. And, since she has that ‘pointment this month to get her new fake teethies, me just assumed mommy would stop by the V E T while ya’ll were in Ardmore. 


 Raena lays on the Liberty Cat Tree looking pretty




          Hmmmmpht  I’s don’t wanna go to the V E T, sissy. We’ll just have to see ‘bout that. Maybe it’ll take all day to get mommy’s teethies and there won’t be enuff time to take me anywhere but to have fun. Meowin’ of fun, what did you think ‘bout the big ole box we got yesfurday?


 Raena checks out gift box from Cindy

Hmmmmm Let me see what’s in here.




OMC Raena, what a blessin’ it was. We had no idea we even had a box comin’. Mommy had gotten some emails from the post office ‘bout a package comin’ our way, but mommy furgot ‘bout it cuz she hadn’t ordered anythin’ or heard from anypawdy sayin’ they had sent us somethin’. Mommy was givin’ your tummy a good brushin’ when she saw somethin’ out of the corner of her eyes. She looked up at the door and saw our poor little mail lady strugglin’ with this huge ole box. Once her and mommy got the box inside, me came over from the brown tree in the dinin’ room to see what we got.


 Raena checks out goodies from gift box from Cindy




          It wasn’t just a big box sissy, mommy and the mail lady said it was heavy too. I’s hopped up on the Liberty tree to help mommy open it. What a treasure trove it was. Mommy just kept pullin’ goodies outta that box. Most of it was fur mommy, but, there was few goodies just fur us. Mommy even said there’s a whole package of pepperoni’s.


Me luvs a good pepperoni pizza, Raena.


          Me too, sissy. And, it’s been way too long since we’ve had one. I’s sure hope mommy fixes it fur us soon. she couldn’t quit cryin’ long enuff last night to do anythin’. 


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Yeah, but they were happy tears Raena. That awnty Cindy and angel Maggie Meme are somethin’ else. There was so many goodies in the box, mommy can’t ‘member ifin she got a foto of everythin’.


          Yep, here we have new batteries fur the camera, and mommy furgot to charge one. So, when the camera started flashin’, she had to quit takin’ fotos and plug it in. (Both Dezi and Raena shake their heads.)


Dezi checks out the new spinner toy from Cindy




Yeah Raena, sometimes mommy ain’t the crispest cracker in the box. Anyways, there was also, milk and cheese, pasta and noodles, ham and cheater taters, the almighty coffee, and those yummy chocolate chocolate chip brownie bites, and the cutest little socklets with kitty ears and all. Did you see the cheez-its? Mommy’s been cravin’ those.


Raena plays with the new spinner toy from Cindy




          Those socklets are adorable, ain’t they sissy? And what ‘bout our treats and that nifty little toy? We each got a slice of chicken breast and our own bobble toy on top of the package of pepperoni’s. We all hit the jackpot. Fanky fank you sooooooooooooooooooo much awnty Cindy and angel Maggie Meme. 


 Dezi and Raena watch new spinner toy from Cindy




Fur sure, a meowsy big Fank you. It didn’t end there tho’, Raena. There was also a card in the box with some green papers. They know how much goin’ to BlogPaws would mean to us and so they sent some monies to put towards the trip. Mommy’s gotta figger out zactly what it’ll cost us to get there so we’ll know how much more we might need. Mommy said she found some hotels out by the airpurrt that be lots cheaper than the host hotel, so we won’t need as much money as we would’a ifin we’d stayed at the event.We are so blest and so luvved it sometimes takes our breath away just thinkin’ ‘bout it. 


          That’s fur sure sissy. Mommy hasn’t been feelin’ all that good lately, so we were spendin’ yesfurday doin’ a bunch of nuffin’ till the box came. And when mommy checked our emails, she saw one that said we had money. Fanky fank ya’ awnty Anonymous, we really ‘purreciate your gifty of green papers. And, we think you need to hear this so lissen up. You are a very special awnty and we luvs you very much. Don’t ever let anypawdy tell you that you don’t matter. 


 Dezi and Raena watch the new spinner toy from Cindy




Well meowed Raena. That goes fur all of you. Sometimes peeps are just nasty and mean hearted. We don’t know why, but don’t any of ya’ lissen to those kinds. Each of us are special and purrfect in our own way, God says so and so does mommy. And you all know, mommy doesn’t lie. With that, we’re gonna wrap it up and let mommy have some of that coffee and brownies. We’d like to remind ya’ to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. We’re so grateful fur each and every one of you. We are the richest kitty girls in the world, cuz we have so many pawsum furiends. 


 Kitten and rose animated for you emoji



          Just thinkin’ ‘bout all our amazin’ furiends makes me purr sissy. We’re also joinin’ the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies


 Cat blows kisses emoji



Till the next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle