Blest Sunday: Making the Best of Nature TV

Dezi:  MeOW  C’mon Raena, it’s Blest Sunday. Get away from the door and let’s give fanks fur today’s Blessings. 


Blest Sunday purple kitty clip art graphic




          Raena:  But sissy, Spring teevee is a Blessing. Have you seen all the pawsum channels we have? There’s bird teevee up close and purrsonal with that mommy bird takin’ care of her younguns, and I’s even saw the neighbors’ chickens bug huntin’ in the garden the other day. And, of course ya’ can’t miss doofus teevee. They’re either attached to those teeny heel nippers or chasin’ ‘em to try and get ‘em to come back to their ‘pawrtment.


 Raena lays atop Liberty Cat tree and hangs paw over edge




          RaenaBelle Mayce, you better hope mommy doesn’t hear you meowin’ like that. Where did you even learn a word like doofus? 


          What? Isn’t that the right word fur dummies? I’s don’t ‘member ‘zactly where I’s heard it, but I’s sure that’s what it means.


 Dezi atop the cat tree looking down




You know mommy doesn’t like that word, even ifin it’s the right one. Mommy says that dumb actually means that somepawdy can’t speak, not that they’re a few marbles short and shouldn’t.


          Maybe sissy, but I’s bet’ch’a mommy was usin’ all kinds of words the other day when she was tryin’ to take out the trash and all those little heel nippers kept growlin’, barkin’ and chargin’ her while their peeps stood at their doors hollerin’ fur ‘em to “get back here now dog!!!”. Not a one of those woofies paid any attention to their humans. And peeps call us kitties dumb. Hmmmpht Least we know our names. 


 Dezi sits atop the Liberty Cat tree while Raena lays on the top ledge looking out the door




Alright Raena, that’s enuff ‘bout the woofies. Besides, me much purrfurs squirrel teevee. Me’s not sure where they all went to tho’. That big oak tree in our yard used to be the busiest hub of squirrel activity ‘round these pawrts. Y, We even had a few that would come up on our porch and chatter at us through the window. And sometimes at night the coons would come up and ask mommy fur some spam. Me doesn’t ‘member seein’ any of our wild life furiends last year. Me sure hopes they didn’t move to somepawdy else’s tree. It can get kind’a boring ‘round here without ‘em. 


          You’re right sissy, I’s can only watch so much bird teevee. I’s sure hope mine’s bunny furiend comes back this year. Maybe mommy’ll even let me play with him/her this year. 


 Raena looks to the woods from the stroller




Our mommy Raena? You know she’s a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to us rollin’ ‘round in the yard and dirt and stuffs those woofies leave behind. After all, those doofuses don’t clean up after themselves. Besides, me doesn’t think that bunny wanted to play with you. Me’s purretty sure it was scared you were gonna eat him/her. That’s why it hopped away when you got close to it.


          Sissy?!!! Now you’ve gone and said it. MOL  Anyways, it wasn’t hoppin’ away, it wanted to play chase with me. 


Dezi wipes her eyes atop the Liberty cat tree




Sure Raena, whatever you meow. (Dezi rolls her eyes and puts a paw to her head) Anyways, like me meowed earlier, it’s Blest Sunday. Another week has come and gone. Altho’ it started out stormin’ and yucky, today’s actually really nice out. The sun’s shinin’, the wind’s barely blowin’ and the temps are a nice medium of the high 70’s.


 Raena playing with wand toy

Hmmmpht Where’d your wings go necko?




          That’s true sissy. And, you even spent most of those stormy days hangin’ with mommy and me on the cat tree. Well, you and me were on the cat tree, mommy doesn’t fit. So, she has to use her sittin’ chair fur hangin’ out. Ya’ know sissy, I’s know mommy’s busy tryin’ to get all our paperwork ready fur our lease recert, but do ya’ reckon she might make some time to take us fur a few strolls befur the weather gets stormy again? Or to play with us? Ya’ know I’s went shoppin’ online fur mine’s birthday prezzie the other day. You know how much we luvs those necko fly toys? I’s decided to get us another one to play with since we’d de-winged and de-legged our last one. Mommy says it’s a bit ridiculous what they charge fur those things, but we like ‘em, and I’s got birthday money, so she let me order it. Maybe someday we can get the Necko fishin’ rod that they’re designed to fit on. Wouldn’t that be fun?. 


Necko flies ultimate rod cat toy
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It sure would be Raena. Altho’ at $40.00 me’s thinkin’ mommy could buy an actual fishin’ rod fur less. ‘Course, what would me know, me’s never seen a real fishin’ rod. MOL Since we don’t eat fish, there’s not been much need fur one. 


          A real fishin’ rod? You mean human peeps like to play with the necko fly toys too, sissy? 


No silly (Dezi shakes her head), a real fishin’ rod fur ketchin’ real fish. Never mind. Anyways, fanks fur gettin’ such a pawsum toy fur us to play with. You’re a purretty good sisfur. Me’s fankful you’re me’s sisfur. (Raena smiles really big and runs toward Dezi) Stop right there!!! Don’t let that go to your head, okay?.


          Okay sissy. I’s fanky fankful fur you too. We are so Blest to have each other and mommy.


Dezi selfie




We are Raena. We’re also Blest to have the greatest furiends in the universe. We’re Blest to be able to watch bird teevee, squirrel teevee and all the rest of the wild critters outside. We’re Blest to have today and each day to luv and be luvved. As we do every week, we’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give Thanks fur the Blessings in your life. No matter what may be goin’ on ‘round you, you’re Blest to have this moment in time. It’s up to you to see the Blessings ‘stead of the bad. 


Raena lays in house on liberty cat tree




          That’s a good one sissy. I’s gonna make today pawsum. And, let’s not furget to link up with the Kitties blue fur Sunday Selfies


You just did Raena. Let’s go see what’s on the nature channel outside. 


Till the next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle