Chatting Cats: A Meowsy Feline Friday

Dezi:  MeOW  Hey Raena, did you enjoy that turkey tom lurkey last night? Me sure did. Me even stole a bite of mommy’s hawaiian roll. It was so tasty. 


Dezi lays on cat tree looking back while raena lays on perch looking out door




          Raena:  Oh sissy, I’s luvs, luvs, luvved mine’s turkey tom lurkey. And I’s stole the whole roll when mommy zoned out. I’s hate that she doesn’t feel good, but I’s just couldn’t pass up more of that tasty fanky Fanksgivin’ dinner. I’s sure hope mommy gets better soon. 



Dezi lays on floor in front of fireplace




Dezi:  Me too Raena. Whatever she’s got sure came on fast. She said she felt fine yesfuday meownin’, but by the early afternoon she couldn’t even function. She had a really bad migraine and her throat was sore and she was runnin’ a fever and had the chills. (Dezi whispers to Raena) Me even thinks she might’ve peed her pants a time or two. But don’t tell anypawdy, she would be so embarrassed. When she furinally came ‘round and saw her empty plate, fanks to you, she just assumed she’d already had dinner and put the leftover turkey in the fridge. So, we had to lissen to her tummy growl all night long. 


Raena sleeps on the heated cat mat




          That was mommy’s tummy? I’s just thought you were in a bad mood sissy. I’s don’t think I’s got mine’s full sleep, I’s so tired today.


A bad mood? Why would me be in a bad mood? Me’s gotchaday fell on Fanksgivin’ and me got real turkey tom lurkey as a treat. And even tho’ mommy wasn’t feelin’ good, she gave me lots of extra luvvin’ and cuddles. Me’s day couldn’t have been more purrfect. Well, a stroll might have been the cream on top. But, me knew mommy wasn’t up to it, so me didn’t even ask.


          A stroll would’a been great sissy, but that was very thoughtful of you to consider how mommy was feelin’. Maybe we can go fur strolls when she’s all better. 


Dezi looks out door from cat tree, while Raena lays on perch




Me hopes so Raena. Do you realize Christmas is only a month away? Me can’t wait to go out lookin’ at Christmas lights.


And I’s can‘t wait fur our annual trip to the old folks home sissy. I’s had so much fun last year. The peeps luvved me. Oh Christmas, I’s can’t wait fur you to get here.


Me neither Raena. Let’s go check out the map and find the bestest houses to see where we wanna go. 


          Okay sissy, I’s just gonna link us up to Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday right quick. 


Dezi wipes eyes while laying on the scratcher




While you do that, me will just have a quick bath.

And me must tell you all, we’re tryin’ to get caught up with our visits, but mommy is really sick. Purrlease bear with us and have a Blest weekend. 


Till the next time…………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle