Chatting Cats: Conceit Or Confidence

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle; the purretiest of the Three Belles Ranch.  


Raena lays on cat tree




          RaenaBelle!!! Conceited much?   


It’s not conceited ifin it’s true, sissy. Besides, mommy says it’s not conceit, it’s confidence.   


          (Dezi slaps her paw against her head)  Me’s purretty sure that’s not what she was talkin’ ‘bout Raena. And purretty isn’t just your outer furs, it’s also ‘bout what’s inside.  


Dezi lays atop the cat tree




Inside? But sissy, I’s can’t see mine’s innards. But, I’s would say they have to be purretty too. How else would I’s get to be so gawjus? 


          Seriously Raena, you gotta quit meowin’ things like that. True or not, it doesn’t sound confident, it just sounds conceited.  


I’s don’t know why sissy, you’re also the purrettiest Belle of the ranch. Haven’t you heard mommy? She’s always sayin’ that she’s got the most gawjus girly’s in the universe. That’s gotta be us. I’s mean who else could she be talkin’ ‘bout?  


Raena lays on stroller




          Me’s heard her Raena. But, just cuz mommy says it doesn’t mean ya’ oughtta brag ‘bout it. We’ve got the most gawjus furiends, me’s ever seen. 


‘Course we do sissy. And they’re the most gawjus Belles and Beaus of their homes. Anyways, since we took yesfurday off to vegetate with mommy we didn’t get the chance to see any of our gawjus furiends. Mommy purromissed we would be doin’ some visitin’ this week. Now that she doesn’t have to be over stressed, she can actually think again. She says when she gets so overwhelmed that she feels like she’s drownin’, she can’t actually think and just barely functions.   


          Yeah Raena, me wishes we could do more to help her when things get that way, but alas, we’re just two kitty girls without thumbs. Ya’ know what really touched our hearts? All the luv and suppurrt we received from all of you, our dear furiends. We can furinally see the end of the rainbow, and let me tell ya’, me doesn’t think me’s ever seen mommy sleep so peacefully.  


Dezi lays atop cat tree




I’s know I’s haven’t sissy. But, I’s sure enjoyed the extra cuddles we’ve had fur the last couple of nights. It might have been freezin’ outside, but it was all warm and fuzzy in here. Meowin’ of warm and fuzzy, we’ve got a give away comin’ up next week that you’re all gonna luvs. I’s can’t wait to share it with ya’. Did you see it sissy?  


          Yes Raena, me saw it. They only picked you, cuz your foto was easier to work from than the one me sent.    


Whatever sissy. Maybe we can buy mommy one of you fur her birthday. We’s just need to find a way to make the money. Don’t worry, I’s will think of somethin’.  


          Oh goody, more of Raena’s big plans to make money…me can’t wait. (Dezi rolls her eyes)   


Raena plays with Kitty Nug




I’s better get to the drawin’ board and start thinkin’. Maybe we could get mommy to give us a little nip or silvervine furst. That always gets mine’s brain to workin’.   


Till the next time………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

22 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Conceit Or Confidence

  1. Yes purrty, pretty and gorgeous! The best of the best! Love does that for those we truly love:)

    That’s why we are the handsomest dudes petcretary knows! MOL!

    Glad your Mommy is sleeping so well again…not worrying is so condusive to a good night’s rest…petcretary knows that all too well herself…she is a huge worry wart and warts being ugly they scare the sleep out of her, MOL! But she does worry and tends to use the dark night hours to try to work stuff out instead of praying and handing it over the real Mr Fix It…
    You know what?? When she does pray instead of worrying, she falls right asleep! Oops…

    We are curious about what you beautiful belles are having as your giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

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