Feline Friday Apologies

Meow-llo furiends. Me needs to apawlogize. Me knows we purromissed to be back on track with Service Cat Furidays today, but mommy has to go to the doctor, so purrlease bear with us one more week. We ‘ve furinally been able to start visitin’ some of you. Ifin we haven’t been by your place yet, we’re on our way, me purromisses.


Dezi face close up, selfie




          Sissy, we should x’plain ‘bout mommy’s feetsies. Several peeps have commented and emailed askin’ what happened and ifin she got hurt or bit by somethin’. As most of you know, mommy’s disabled and has a variety of purroblems. One of those is neuropathy. Anyways, mommy can’t be on her feet standing or walking fur long periods of time or they will swell. ‘Course, the pain in her back gets really bad too, but ya’ can’t take a foto of pain. Mommy didn’t get injured or bit by any of the nefarious critters we have here in the South. However, she had to be purresent during the packing of our ‘pawrtment, so that meant 3 nights without sleep so she could be there at 8 am 2 days in a row and since they took away her chairs furst, she had to stand from 8 am to 5:30 pm when they finished, both days. Yes, it took 2 days fur 1 of the 5 movers purresent to pack us up. We don’t know why the others couldn’t help the one pack, but they didn’t.  


Dezi lays on pillows watching Raena on bed




Yeah Raena, it was the strangest thing to see all those purrfectly capable big men standin’ ‘round watchin’ that one man pack. But hey, whatever. Mommy’s feetsies have never swelled this bad befur, and the swelling has never lasted this long. But, fanks to all your purrayers they are doin’ better. And, she plans to talk with the doctor today to see what she can do to help purrvent this in the future, or at least lessen it. We’re takin’ great care of mommy. As you can see by the foto below, mommy says purrlease ignore her ready to sleep naked face (she did edit in some fake tan, blush and eye shadow), me laid on mommy’s chest fur a purr massage.    


Dezi lays on mommy A's chest




          And I’s was layin’ right beside her givin’ her one of mine’s pawsum massages. You’re tryin’ to take all the credit sissy. That’s not right, just not right at all.   


Hmmmmpht  Whatever Raena. In other mews, we’ve had a great respawnse to your request fur help postin’ clues fur your birthday pawrty scavenger hunt. Fank you to everypawdy who has volunteered to post a clue. Raena should have x’plained a little better that you may post the clue in one of your regular posts. No need to do a special posty. There’s still time to volunteer ifin you’d like. We will contact those who agree to post a clue later in May with the clue you’re to post. We’ll then post the links to each clue (your blog post) on our blog so everyone will no where to go. Ifin you’d be willin’ to post a clue, purrlease let us know in the comment section below or send us an email via our contact page or to: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com.   


Dezi investigates the dishwasherWhat Is That?!




          And don’t furget to get your luau attire on and send us your fotos so you can be a pawrt of the festivities. I’s want all of you to come!!! Deadline fur fotos is May 25th, 2019.  


Have you picked a purrize fur the scavenger hunt winner Raena?  


Raena sleeps on the hotel bed




          Not yet sissy. Mommy said she’d take me shoppin’ next week. I’s gonna pick it then. In the meantime, let’s link up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday and play a little befur mommy’s ‘pointment.   


Dezi lays pretty on the bed selfieSee ya’ll soon.




Sure Raena, you do that. Me will go find the nip toys. Housekeepin’ never came the other day. Seems they all went home befur noon, so mommy had to clean our room and change the linens herself. Needless to say, she wasn’t very happy ‘bout that. And, she furgot to give us back our toys. But, me saw where she put ‘em, so me will grab a few fur us to play with.  


Till the next time……………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle



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27 thoughts on “Feline Friday Apologies

  1. The temp move is tough on you, but let’s hope the end result will make you all happy. Hang in there, don’t apologise, just relax.

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