Chatting Cats: WooHoo Clean Sheets

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. Kittens What a weekend…and week fur that matter. Housekeepin’ ‘round this place is unreliable at best. They skipped our room again last week, so mommy called down to the front desk at 11 a.m. today to inquire as to when they might be plannin’ on cleanin’ our room today. To which they respawnded, “They don’t, you have a do not disturb magnet on your door.” (Raena shakes her head)

Raena looks over shoulder while sitting pretty




          Yeah, Raena, mommy was not purrleased, that’s fur sure. 


Dezi lays on hotel bed




Ain’t that the truth sissy. Mommy pawlitely exclaimed, “No, I had the ‘Catch me later’ magnet on the door till 10:30, at which time I took it down. I have 2 other magnets that specifically say ‘Do Not Disturb’, but this one says ‘Catch me Later’, which means later, not do not disturb. Check out isn’t even till 11:00, so what’s the big deal? I want our room cleaned, I just don’t want anyone bangin’ on our door at 8 in the mornin’.” To which they replied, they’d send someone up.  


hotel magnetsMommy drew thru the hotel name only.




          Yeah Raena, that means the carpet monster is comin’.   


Yeah sissy, but mommy says we need it since our furs are all over the floor, and she wants clean sheets. She says the sheets should be changed at least once a week, and ours have been there fur two. And since we didn’t have any hot water fur her shower yesfurday, then she says clean sheets are a must. Hmmmmpht I’s don’t know what the big deal is, we’re not dirty.   


Raena plays with Trixie Kat toys




          It’s a human thing Raena. (There’s a knock on the door) Me thinks me hears ‘em now. (Mommy A opens the door and finds 2 housekeepers standing there) Run fur the hills Raena, they’re comin’ in force!!! (Dezi heads UTB <under the bed>)  


Wait sissy, why are you runnin’ away? (Both maids start rummaging through the room and stripping sheets and towels. Raena runs under the table next to mommy A who hands one of the ladies a note that states what needs to be cleaned and the supplies we need. And then she asks about the door magnets and why we’re getting marked as Do Not Disturb. The ladies clean the room and tell mommy A that they’ve marked us down for an 11:30 clean from now on, and leave.) Ooooooooh Clean floors!!! (Dezi pokes her head out from under the bed and Raena runs over and pretends to jump on her.


          Hissssssss Stop Raena, me’s gonna tell mommy. (Dezi looks around and then rolls on the clean floor.) Oooooooh Clean floors!!! (Raena runs and jumps over Dezi and onto the freshly made bed. Dezi quickly follows.) Ooooooooh Clean sheets!!!  


Dezi lays on hotel bed




Guess we better finish our brekky sissy. You’ve got mine’s pawrty to plan. And, mommy’s plannin’ to go to our ‘pawrtment some time this week to check our mail and the purrogress of the remodel. Rumors are circulatin’ that we might be returnin’ home the furst week of June.  


Raena bathes on hotel bed




          Me says it can’t happen soon enuff Raena. Me misses our tree and the rest of our stuffs. And mommy misses the Litter Robot. Me can’t ‘member her mumblin’ so much while she cleans the pawtty box in like furever. 


Raena looks up while laying on hotel bed




Yeah sissy, I’s miss it too. It’s so much fun ridin’ it ‘round the world. C’mon, let’s go roll ‘round in the clean sheets. There’s still time to send your fotos fur mine’s pawrty. Send ‘em to:  


Till the next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

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