Feline Friday On Caturday

Meow-llo Dear furiends. Well, we’re a day late and a dollar short, but we’re here.

Dezi sits on hotel toilet





          A dollar short? Why are you a dollar short sissy? I’s sure mommy would give you a dollar ifin you asked? 


Kittens Raena, it’s just a sayin’, me’s not really a dollar short. Me’s not actually sure what that means?. It just sounded good at the moment.  


          Oh, that’s just another one of those funny human sayings. Sometimes, I’s just don’t unnerstand how humans think sissy.    


Raena bathes tongue out in sun puddle




Yeah Raena, anyways… The reason we’re late is cuz mommy was off tryin’ to find out the status of our ‘pawrtment rehab and move. Daisy’s mommy texted us Fursday night and said the ‘pawrtments were finished and the HUD inspector was comin’ Furiday. Most of the peeps who have moved back in from phase 1 have said they’re havin’ lots of purroblems with scorpions and spiders; so mommy decided she was gonna spray our ‘pawrtment befur we moved our stuffs back in. While she was gettin’ ready to go over yesfurday, she somehow cut her foot and couldn’t get it to stop bleedin’. By the time she found somethin’ to wrap it with, she’d wasted 2 hours. But, she drove over to our ‘pawrtment anyways, ‘Course, nuffin’ ever goes to plan, so when mommy got there, she found out the manager had just left to come to Ardmore. 


          That sounds ‘bout right sissy. You know mommy’s always sayin’, life is what happens while you’re busy makin’ plans.  


She does doesn’t she Raena? Anyways, mommy hung out at the ‘pawrtments fur a couple of hours waitin’ fur the manger to come back. Mommy furinally gave up and came back to the hotel. She’s gotta go over Monday to pay the rent, so she decided she’d just spray it then.   


Dezi face close up, selfie




          Little did mommy know, the manager was over here passin’ out move in notices. When mommy got back, she found a notice that had been put unner our door that said we’d be movin’ back home on Wednesday, June 5th. I’s told mommy, we couldn’t do that cuz that’s the day of mine’s pawrty. Mine’s birthday got messed up cuz we were movin’ out and now they’re tryin’ to mess up mine’s Gotchaday pawrty. It ain’t fair I’s tell ya’, it just ain’t fair.  


Yeah Raena, mommy did say the universe was conspirin’ against us. But don’t worry, your pawrty will still happen and be the greatest pawrty of the century. Mommy purromissed, and you know what that means?.   


          Yep sissy, I’s do. When mommy purromisses somethin’, it’ll happen no matter what. I’s gettin’ so x’cited. The scavenger hunt’s well unner way. I’s sure hope everypawdy’s havin’ fun. I’s can’t wait to see everypawdy.  


Raena scavenger hunt party invitation




Me has to admit Raena, me’s gettin’ purretty x’cited too. Hey, ya’ know, you never told me what you decided to get as a prize fur the winner. Me knows you and mommy went shoppin’ a couple of times tryin’ to find somethin’ that would be good fur both dogs and cats and men and women, since we’re furiends with all of the above.      


          Well sissy, we found lots of really cool stuffs. But the more we shopped the more we thought and mommy said cuz of the cost of shippin’ we’d have to limit the winner to the US only. I’s didn’t wanna leave any of our furiends out, so…we decided the prize was gonna be a gift card. Who doesn’t luvs a gift card?. They can pick out whatever they want. And, no matter where the winner lives, they’ll get the prize. Don’t furget to join us Sunday fur links to each of the Scavenger Hunt Questions.    


MeoW Raena, that was purretty smart of you to think of that. Well, we better get busy pickin’ up our stuffs. Wednesday will be here befur ya’ know it and we’ll be headin’ back home. Mommy’s got to try to pick up a few things that the movers didn’t pack and move. She said she must’ve really been out of it cuz she furgot to go back and get ‘em herself. Me thinks she needs to quit beatin’ herself up over it and just move on. We’re lucky the move didn’t put her in the hospital. Me’s told her to sit down and order the movers ‘round this time. We don’t wan’t her to swell up like the last time. She’s just now getting’ back to normal size.   


Dezi and Raena sleep on hotel bed




          Yep sissy, I’s plan to make sure mommy doesn’t do anythin’. I’s know we’re late, but I’s gonna go link us up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday.      


Sounds good Raena. Me’s gonna catch a few Zzzzzzz’s   


          Zzzzzzzzz’s? What’s a Z?    (As Raena waits for an answer, all that can be heard is Dezi snoring.)   


Till the next time………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!     


Dezi: Vibrant Blue    

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses   


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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