RaenaBelle: Year 3: It’s Party Time

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle!!! I’s so x’cited, it’s furinally here!!! Welcome to mine’s Scavenger Hunt Beach Pawrty. Mommy and sissy did such a pawsum job puttin’ it all together. ‘Specially with all we’ve had goin’ on. Furstly, I’s wanna fanky fank all of you fur comin’ to mine’s pawrty. Mine’s 3rd Birthday was April 21st, and mine’s 3rd Gotchaday is Caturday June 8th. I’s one Blest kitty girl to be sure. I’s also wanna fanky fank all of you fur your patience with us. We’ve not been able to visit and inneract with ya’ll since all this ‘pawrtment rehabbin’ started back in April. We hope to be back to some kind of normal soon. Y, While we’re pawrtyin’ here, mommy is actually movin’ us back to the Three Belles Ranch in the real world. We’re not sure yet when we’ll actually be able to get back online, but mommy says gettin’ us up and runnin’ is at the top of her list.     


Raena let the fun begin




          Kittens Raena, take a breath. Are you tryin’ to compete with our tabby pal Dai$y fur Queen of the run-on sentences?   


(Raena snickers)  No sissy, I’s just so x’cited I’s can hardly believe the day is furinally here.   


          Well Raena, it is, so why don’t we get to the Scavenger Hunt questions furst.   


Raena scavenger hunt party invitation




Great idea sissy. So, we asked you all 7 questions via 7 bloggers. Ifin ya’ missed any, you can get the links here. Grab your answers and put ‘em in the comment section below. We’ll put all the names in a virtual hat and randomly choose a winner fur the gift card. Anyone, anywhere in the world can enter, so purrlease leave your comments befur ya’ pawrty out. We’ll post the answers in our next posty. I’s gotta tell ya’ this scavenger hunt has been so much fun. We just might have to make this an annual event. MOL    


          Well Raena, so long as we don’t have to do the movin’ and stuffs annually. Mommy says she needs a month to recupurrate from all this. Anyways, we’ve got lots of furiends here fur the pawrty. You need to welcome them purrsonally.  


Dezi lays on hotel bed, selfie




Mine’s purrleasure sissy. Fanky fank you fur comin’  sweet Valentine, I’s see you came with our favorite tuxie princess Erin. And here’s mine’s stunnin’ ghetto furiend CK, girl, I’s glad you’re here. Hey, there’s our sweet furiends Annie and Charlie, ya’ll be sure and grab some nip. There’s our Texas besties, Travis and Angelique, fanky fank ya’ll fur helpin’ with the scavenger hunt. Meow gawjus Fitz, Toby, Timmy, Einstein, Buddy, and Rumpy, good to see ya’ll. Hey bootyful awnty Crystal and Daisy Mae, welcome. Hey handsum Pipo, Dalton and Benji, fanky fanks fur the cards. I’s don’t know how ya’ll ‘member everypawdy. Whew  Hey, it’s our Trout Towne faves Tuna, Dai$y and Mackerull, guess what? There’s not one bird on the menu today in honor of your attendance…and on account of I’s much purrfur rabbit and beef. MOL  Meow bootyful Opie, I’s so glad you could be here. I’s see a handsum panfur over there? Welcome Spike. Oh, it’s the handsum Sammy and Millie joined by the bootyful Joanie, Penny, Emmy and Trouble, I’s so glad ya’ll could come, and fanky fanks fur helpin’ with the scavenger hunt. Oh it’s sweet bootyful Annie and the handsum Pierrot. And there’s some of mine’s adorable furiends from facebook, Angel, Barney, Freddie, Minion and Neko. I’s sure hope I’s didn’t miss anypawdy. I’s better mingle a bit and make sure.   


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


          Don’t furget to grab somethin’ to eat. We’ve got purrlenty. And in honor of the “cat who luvs pizza”, ie US, (Dezi laughs) we’ve got several. Dig in.   



Raena and Timmy with party food



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I’s wanna fanky fank awnty Vonda fur sendin’ green papers. I’s think technically they’re mommy’s, but…MOL Oh, We’ve also got nip and silvervine and grass and even some valerian root. Ya’ll are welcome to stay the night or the week, so enjoy. And, since we’re movin’, there’s purrlenty of boxes. MOL There’s beach games, surf boards, floaties and balls ‘round here ifin ya’ wanna play games. And, we’ve got loungin’ chairs and beach towels fur everyone. Just have fun!!!  


Dezi and Raena with friends on beach
Memory Photo: RaenaBelle 3rd Birthday/Gotchaday Scavenger Hunt Beach Party




          Well Raena, me sure hopes you enjoy your pawrty. Furiends, don’t furget to leave your scavenger hunt answers in the comments. We’ll announce the winner when we can get back online. And, we’ll email the winner also. In the meantime, pawrty on.   


RaenaBelle bunny kicks a chicken leg
Raena’s first day in her furever home




Raena looks over shoulder while sitting prettyI’s grown a lot. And I’s happier than ever. See ya’ll soon.




I’s wanna say a meowsy big fanky fank you to all our amazin’ furiends. Ya’ll are a huge pawrt of our lives, and I’s gotta tell ya’, we luvs you all so very much. I’s also wanna fanky fank mommy and sis Dezi fur throwin’ me the pawrty of a lifetime in spite of the upheaval and stress goin’ on right now. I’s also wanna say fanky fank you mommy fur savin’ mine’s life and givin’ me a furever home full of luvs. I’s luvs you more than the nummer of stars in the universe. I would like to ask you all to keep us in your purrayers. We’ll keep you updated when we can. 



Till the next time…………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

39 thoughts on “RaenaBelle: Year 3: It’s Party Time

  1. Charlee: “Happy third gotcha day, Raena! Many happy returns!”
    Chaplin: “Gotcha days are the best days ever, that’s for sure!”
    Lulu: “Make sure you party like it’s 1999!”
    Charlee: “Uhh … Lulu, 1999 was 20 years ago.”
    Lulu: “So we don’t party like that anymore?”
    Chaplin: “If it was good enough for Prince, it’s still good enough for us!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pawkisses for a Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, sweet Raena🎉🎉🎉What a great pawty you have put up with all the good stuff and it looks like so much fun at the beach. I grab myself some of your delightful nip to enjoy it all from another space😸 Extra three Pawkisses for you, Dezi and your mom🐾🐾🐾😽💞

    Liked by 1 person

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