A Puzzling Feline Furiday

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. Can you believe it’s already Feline Furiday? Kittens!!! This week did not go as planned, that’s fur sure. Why you ask? Well let me tell ya’.

Raena lays in wheelchair





          Raena, everypawdy doesn’t wanna hear you complain.   


Who said anythin’ ‘bout complainin’ sissy. I’s just gonna tell everypawdy why we’ve been MIA. You know, mommy went and purromissed we could take one day a week to visit our furiends while we get our ‘pawrtment put back together, and then we go and drop off the innernets. It had nuffin’ to do with us. We would’a much rather been visitin’ all of you. Trust me, mommy was goin’ a little nuts. It all happened one meownin’ when we started our day just like any other. Mommy fixed us our brekky, her a cup of coffee and then sat down at the computer to check our mail and start our day. I’s don’t recall x’actly what happened next, but mommy got the computer turned on and then got sidetracked by somethin’.   


          You don’t ‘member huh Raena? Could it be that you sidetracked mommy wantin’ lap luvvin’ befur breakfast?   


Dezi lays in chair




Whatever sissy. Anyways, where was I’s? Oh yeah, mommy got sidetracked fur a bit and then when she went to check our mail, the computer kept sayin’ we had no connection. Mommy knew she paid the bill, but without a connection, she couldn’t even check. We didn’t have fone service either; so there we were, cut off from the whole wide world. Can you ‘magine that? Well, mommy went outside and checked with Spook and Jubal’s mommy to see ifin she had innernets. She said she heard it was a town wide purroblem and even heard a few other towns might be involved. Mommy furinally ‘membered the smarty pants fone and called the innernet peeps to find out what was goin’ on.  


          Yep, and me headed UTB (under the bed). Trust me, ya’ don’t wanna be anywhere near anypawdy callin’ our innernet company. They furustrate everypawdy and can try even a saint’s patience. And we all know our mommy ain’t no saint. No matter how much we luv her, the truth is the truth. MOL  


Whatever sissy. Anyways, mommy called the innernet company and kept yellin’, agent, agent, agent. She never got one of those agent thingys, all she got was some automated voice sayin’ they knew ‘bout the outage and were fixin’ it. And, that it should be up and runnin’ in a few days. A few days!!!? Are they kitten? Don’t they know we have furiends to visit and things to do? And of course they didn’t say anythin; at all ‘bout why we didn’t have service in the furst place.   


Raena profile while laying in wheelchairNo innernet? What are you sayin, mommy? I’s wanna visit our furiends.





          That’s nuffin’ Raena. They then had the audacity to send us a bill durin’ the outage without any credit whatsoever. Yep, ifin mommy cursed, she would’a been cursin’ them fur sure. But, with no innernet, there was only one thing we could do…unpack more boxes. MOL  Well, till the box dumpster got too full that is. Can you believe they told mommy to stop unpackin’ till they could get a new box dumpster out here? Sure nuff. So, we had no innernet and couldn’t unpack either. But hey, the next meownin’, mommy turned on the computer and saw that we were connected. We couldn’t hardly believe it.  


Dezi lays in chair




Who said we believed it sissy? Cuz, as soon as mommy tried to load our mail, it disappeared…Again. And, it’s been like that till late last night. We do hope we’re back up and runnin’ fur good this time, but we ain’t holdin’ our breath. That bein’ said, as long as it holds out, we’re gonna be makin’ the rounds and visitin’ our furiends today. Mommy purromissed. And yes, we furinally got a new box dumpster, so we can start unpackin’ again too. So, we sure do ‘pawlogize fur not visitin’ with ya’ll sooner, but it truly wasn’t our fault. Seems mommy can’t control the innernet peeps…much to her chagrin. MOL 


Dezi kaleidescope selfie
Click Foto fur puzzle




          Don’t furget the inspection Raena. It’s the third one this week. The manager just don’t stop. (shakes head) However, this is the only one mommy would have to allow. Seems the HUD peeps think this is a good time to come and re-inspect. Mommy says that means the management company failed the purrevious inspection and needed to correct whatever failed. We do have a path thru the house, so we’re good. MOL Oh, and it’s Feline Furiday, so we’re linkin’ up with Comedy Plus. Me better run do that now. 


Raena encircled kaleidescope
Click foto fur puzzle




Fanky fanks sissy. I’s’ll wrap us up so we can get to visitin’. I’s can’t wait to see what our furiends have been up too. I’s so x’cited. And befur I’s furget, ya’ll said you’d like to see our Selfies made into puzzles, just not really hard ones. ‘Member, you can change the number of pieces of any puzzle in the settings under “play as”. So, click on the fotos to head over and work ‘em (100 pieces each). You can also follow us on Jigsaw planet and work any of our puzzles whenever you’d like. Mommy tries to add new ones at least once a month. See ya’ll soon.


Till the next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue   

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee    

28 thoughts on “A Puzzling Feline Furiday

  1. I was wondering if maybe the weather was the culprit for the Worldwide Web (Charlotte’s web I call it) shuttin’ down in your area, ’cause I know lots of furriends are in places that are getting storms or hot hot temperatures. So far the internet hasn’t shut down here, but my Twitter is running super slow for a few weeks now on the computer. Not sure why. If we pussycats ran the utility companys and things there would be no issues. Hugs and luvs.

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  2. We are sure glad your internet is back and we hope it stays. We had the problem a few days several weeks ago…very frustrating and they gave us no credit for the down days either. Sounds like now that they got the dumpster out your unpacking is going well. You all have a wonderful weekend. We send you lots of love, hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mags

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