Blest Sunday: The Blessing of Friendship

MeOW-llo Dear Sweet Furiends. Ya’ know, we luv all of you so much. We’ve always said that you’re only a visitor the furst time you come here. After that, you’re family. Truth is, we could’ve never ‘magined how big our family would become. We believe in celebratin’ furiendships every day. We think life is too short as it is and that you tell the ones in your life how much you luv ‘em and what they mean to you every chance you get.   



Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner



          We sure do sissy. That’s why mommy tells us she luvs us a  hunnerd million times a day. She says she doesn’t ever wanna regret or wonder ifin we know how much she luvs us. And we think the same goes fur all our furiends. We never want ya’ll to wonder how much you mean to us or how much we luvs and cares ‘bout ya’.   


Raena bathes atop cat tree




Yeah Raena, we give thanks fur each and every furiend every day. And we ask God to Bless each of them and their family members. So, on a day that the world marks as National Furiendship day, we fur sure wanted to tell everypawdy how special they are. Some of you have helped us with green papers, gifts, and other items we need or have needed. Some of you have helped us with purrayers and words of suppurrt. Either way, you have all granted us the greatest gift, your furiendship. Words don’t exist to express how truly grateful we are fur each of you.   


Dezi lays in lap for loving, selfie




          That’s true sissy. Mommy says the bestest way to explain our luvs fur our furiends is that feelin’ one gets when a beluvved kitty crawls up in your lap and lays it’s paw on your hand and looks into your eyes and purrs so loud and fierce your whole body shakes. Fur those of ya’ that have never x’perienced that, sissy’s gonna tell ya’ a little bit ‘bout kitty purrs.  


Raena hides behind clothesYa’ can’t tell from the foto, but it was really dark back there

and mommy couldn’t see me, but she could hear me purrin’.





Fanks Raena. So, let’s meow ‘bout purrs fur a minute. They feel good. Us kitties, purr a lot, like when we’re happy, contented, have a full belleh, and showin’ affection. A kitty’s purr is somewhere t’ween 20 and 150 Hz/vibrations purr second. While they feel good, they also help humans by lowerin’ stress levels, anxiety, and decreasin’ the risk of heart disease. Purrs can also help heal sore muscles, tendons, soft tissue damage, and bones. A purrin’ kitty can help you get a better night’s sleep. And mostly, a kitty’s purr will make you smile. That bein’ said, we thought you might enjoy a blast from the past with this video of sis Lexi purrin’ her heart out. The visual quality ain’t the bestest, but we think you’ll get the point.   


          click here to watch on youtube



          She sure could purr, huh sissy? I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies





Dezi and Lexi nose bump and show loveclick foto or here fur puzzle.




Yeah Raena, she could. But mommy says you’re just as loud, she just hasn’t had the chance to get you on camera yet. And, we made a puzzle of me and sis Lexi showin’ each other some luv fur all of ya’. Just click the foto above and check it out. Anyways, on this National Furiendship Blest Sunday we wanna Thank you all fur bein’ the bestest furiends in the universe. And, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives, thank you fur bein’ Blessings in ours.  




Till the next time……………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  





Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue






Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  




Deztinee and RaenaBelle

24 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: The Blessing of Friendship

  1. I’ll puzzle in a little while, but Angel has the bestest purr around here, and she’ll use it at every opportunity. The PO’M purrs too, but he’s a bit more restrained. When I hear Sweetie purring, my heart jumps ’cause it took her so many years to let me hear it.

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