Chatting Cats: Feline Friday: Purr-turbed

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. Kittens!!! Let me tell ya’ we had storms and a cold front move in here from outta nowhere. The skies rumbled and grumbled and lightnin’ lit up the days and nights and water poured from above. Y, Even as I’s tellin’ you all ‘bout it, the water still pounds on the roof outside; ping pangin’ on the vent-a-hood over the stove.


Raena sits on floor





          RaenaBelle, why are you bein’ so dramatic? Ya’ sound more like you’re fixin’ to tell a story then relatin’ the truth.   


Dezi lays in chair




Well sissy, I’s thought this weather was purretty dramatic. Your exit down the hallway to your hidin’ spot unner the bed was purrety dramatic too.  


          How many times does me have to tell ya’, me’s not hidin’, me’s checkin’ fur intruders. 


Well sissy, I’s just find it strange that the only time you do that is when it storms.  


Raena lays in lap




          Shows what you know Raena. Bugs and spiders and such start tryin’ to get inside more when it storms. And, they get really bad when it starts gettin’ cold.    


Okay sissy, whatever you meow. Anyways, I’s was lookin’ at somethin’ on the computer this past week and quite frankly, I’s got a little purrturbed. You know, us kitties are amazing creatures. We’re smart and loyal and loving. We’re certainly well behaved and devoted to mommy. And yet, the innernet is full of so called funny pics, stories and ads claimin’ we’re purrsnikety, aloof, destructive and unfeeling. I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s tired of peeps purrtrayin’ us as the bad seeds. Nuffin’ could be further from the truth.   


Raena lays in lap with mouth agapeDon’t make me laugh!!! Oh right, ya’ didn’t!!!




          Yeah Raena, mommy gets purretty riled up over those same things. Just ‘magine how humans would feel ifin we kitties could work the flashy box. We’d be snappin’ fotos of them sittin’ on the human pawtty box and postin’ ‘em online. Do ya’ think they’d find that funny? Come on peeps, a little privacy, purrleeeease.   


collage, kitty in litterbox and human on toilet clip artFunny? Cute?




Or, we made a commercial implyin’ all humans were lazy, dumb, dirty, lyin’ cheats. How long do ya’ think it’d be befur humans rose up to protest sissy? 


          Well Raena, they certainly wouldn’t be laughin’. Me’s been thinkin’, we oughtta pull some of those “funny” fotos and stories and give a feline’s purrspective on ‘em, what do ya’ think?  


Dezi lays on floor belly up




I’s like it sissy. I’s think that’s a great plan. We could call it, A kitty’s purrspective of human humor.  


Raena lays in lap, almost a blooper photoThis is mine’s almost a blooper foto. Mommy almost cut mine’s face out. MOL




          Uh, well Raena, why don’t we think on that. In the meantime, me will link us up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday.   



Okay sissy. Ya’ know, next Furiday will be your 10th birthday. To celebrate, we’re plannin’ an end of year Furiendship Pawrty. We’re invitin’ all of you to attend. While there’s no special costumes required, we thought it would be pawsum ifin everypawdy who came wore one of the symbols of furiendship. Feel free to take the images below and insert them into your foto. You can also search fur your own options by puttin’ yellow rose or claddagh clip art in the search bar. Then, email that foto to us at: That’s lexi (dot) dezi (at) yahoo (dot) com by November 30, 2019. And, join us this Sunday fur the instructions fur the annual Blessing Train. She’ll be pullin’ outta the station fur her annual trip ‘round the world startin’ the furst Blest Sunday in December. We hope the train’s even bigger this year than last. We wish you all a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, dry, and warm.  







Till the next time…………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



RaenaBelle and Deztinee


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