Feline Friday: New Years Revolutions

Hey everypawdy, it’s 2020!!! Mommy says it’s the start of a new decade. I’s don’t know what that means, but I’s do know we’re in fur another year of Blessings. You know how I’s know that? Cuz all of you are here. Any day we wake up is a Blessing, and any time we can share it with furiends is doubly Blest.  


Dezi and Raena in photo book frame





          Raena, it’s not Blest Sunday yet. It’s Feline Furiday. 


I’s know sissy, I’s just wanted to give an extra fanky fanks fur our Blessings. Mommy says we do it every day, even tho’ we only share it on Sunday. Ya’ know, it’s always good to give extra fanky fanks when the storms start brewin’. It gives ya’ a little extra strength to get thru ‘em.   




          Yeah Raena, you’re right ‘bout that.  


Dezi and Raena sleep on bed




Anyways, we cuddled in the new year with mommy and binge watched the teevee. We don’t make any revolutions here, mommy says we’re not superstitious or crazy. 



          Uh Raena, me’s purretty sure you mean resolutions, not revolutions. And what does superstition have to do with any of it?  



Are you sure sissy? I’s sure I’s heard some kitties meowin’ ‘bout revolutions.


          Me’s purretty sure Raena. A revolution is some kind of uprising, and a resolution is somethin’ a lot of peeps make each new year. Ya’ know, somethin’ they’re gonna try to change or do better on. Lots of peeps resolve to lose weight. That’s one of the reasons we see exercise equipment bein’ advertised everywhere we look.   


Raena and Dezi lay atop the liberty cat tree




Ooooooooooh, I’s see. Do you reckon ifin we made a resolution we could get us one of those kitty exercise wheels?   


          Hmmmmpht  RaenaBelle Mayce, only you would want an exercise wheel. But no, mommy says they’re too ‘spensive.   


Well, there ya’ go sissy. A revolution it is. I’s will make the picket signs. I’s bet’cha Bear would luvs to help me. You know how much he luvs makin’ signs.  


          Purrlease, the furst time mommy called you to jump in her lap, all your purrtestin’ would be over. Besides, me’s not sure Bear would be innerested in a kitty wheel. Not all kitties like to run as much as you do.  


Dezi in abstract flower frame




Whatever sissy. Anyways, it is the start of a new year. A year we hope to be calmer than last. So, we have big plans fur the bloggy. We plan to restart our Service Cat Furiday posts next month. Mommy’s in the purr-ocess of our lease renewal and unfurtunately, it’s not going smoothly. Altho’ we had high hopes, we’re not surprised since the manager’s still here and still hates us. Never the less, we’re together and nuffin’ can stop us or our Blessings. 


          Yep Raena, and we’ve got a big ole box that mommy says is our new years surpurrise. Me can’t wait fur her to show us what’s in it. And, mommy’s been doin’ some research on our dental issues. Ya’ know, since the V-E-T said we both needed dentals, mommy thought she might find somethin’ to help us here at home. After all, she didn’t think the dental you had befur did any good. Your teefies looked the same and your breath smelled the same. She hasn’t quite figgered out what she paid fur.


Raena and Dezi top the liberty cat tree




True sissy, but I’s have a feelin’ we might still be in fur a dental some time in our future. Let’s just hope it’s a long ways off. I’s hadn’t heard ‘bout that new years surpurrise tho’. I’s guess I’s got so used to seein’ big boxes that I’s didn’t even know we had a new one. Let’s wrap this up and go check it out.  


          Okay Raena, me’s just gonna take a little beauty nap furst. After me links us up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday that is.   


Raena in framed heart window




A nap sissy? Or are you just makin’ excuses cuz the lawn crew’s here? Anyways, we hope you all have a pawsumly Blest weekend. See ya’ soon. 


Till the next time……………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee    

13 thoughts on “Feline Friday: New Years Revolutions

  1. I am sorry your mommy still has to deal with the mean lady. I hope and pray you all have a happy and healthy 2020! XO


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