Blest Sunday: Late But Blessed

Hey everypawdy, it’s I’s, RaenaBelle; coming to you live from the Three Belles Ranch. We purray you’ve all had a pawtastic week. It’s been stormy here. As mommy so often says, it’s just that time of year. Altho’, I’s told mommy, it seems it’s always that time of year. Anyways, we’re really behind today. 


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner



          Are you complaining again Raena?  


‘Course not sissy. I’s was just statin’ the facts. The weather’s been stormy and we’re late cuz mommy got the chance to go to the store and took it. As you know, our car’s broken and left mommy on foot. Not a place she needs to be seein’ as how she can’t hardly walk to the mail box without collapsing or passing out. Fanky fankfully, Spook and Jubal’s mommy called and asked ifin she’d like a ride to the store, so mommy jumped at it.  


Raena lays on cat tree




          Yeah Raena, we’re really grateful that she took mommy to the store, even ifin it made our posty late. That’s one of our big Blessings this week fur sure. 


I’s so agree sissy. Y, just a few months back, mommy wouldn’t have had anypawdy offur to take her to the store, so we are really grateful. We’re not sure what we’re gonna do about the car yet. It seems it’s purrobably the alternator and that’s gonna cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.00 or more. We just don’t have that kind of money, so we’ll just have to keep purrayin’ on it. Mommy has looked into a few of those charitable organizations that “give away” cars, but seems they’re not takin’ apps at the moment. 


          It’s okay Raena, we’ll just keep purrayin’. Me’s sure God will help us somehow.    


Dezi looks out window from scratcherMe’s lookin’ out the window at the great outdoors.




I’s know sissy. We are truly Blest. Meowin’ of, we wanna say how much we luvs all of our furiends. Ya’ll are the bestest and one of the biggest Blessings we count every day. We know a lot of peeps are scared about the situation in the world right now. Just know, we’re purrayin’ fur all of you daily. We purray that God will purrvide fur you and your families and keep you safe.  


Dezi face close up, selfie




          That we do Raena, that we do. Since we’re so late, let’s just wrap this up and try to do better next time. Me will go and link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.  


Raena lays in lap selfie




Sounds good to me sissy. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thank you fur being Blessings in ours. 


Till the next time………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

14 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Late But Blessed

  1. Those storms sound so bad, And we are very sorry to hear about your car problems! We sure are glad your mommy got a ride to the store, though.


  2. I’m glad that your mommy was able to get a ride to the store. It was nice seeing her at the All Pet Voices game night the other night too. You two are blessed to have someone who loves you so much. 🙂


  3. dezi N raena; we hope thiz findz ewe both N mom two, happee safe N healthee…we hope her can getz de car izzue fixed…..been ther N de gurl sayz itz knot fun ~~~~~

    happee week a head 🙂 ♥♥♥


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