Blest Sunday: Proverbial Downpour

Hey dearest furiends, how are ya’? It’s that time of year where it’s hot one minute and cool the next. And of course, it’s tornado season. (Raena ponders a moment) Ya’ know, I’s think it’s always tornado season around here. The one we see most often we call Zebby. (Raena laughs uncontrollably which causes Zebby to come running)




Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template




          What’s going on Raena? Why are you laughing?





No reason Zeb, don’t worry about it. I’s was just fixing to tell everypawdy about our week. Ya’ know, mommy says we live in a constant proverbial downpour. I’s don’t get it, but she swears we never seem to catch a break. The fridge situation is ongoing. Nopawdy evr came out to set it up, so mommy had to do it as bestest she could. And guess what? The new fridge doesn’t work either. Yep, the freeze door doesn’t seal, so there’s a huge build up of ice everywhere. Unike the old one, this one freezes, it just doesn’t seal in the cold. And, the fridge pawrt doesn’t actually get cold. It’s crazy. There’s a lot of knicks and dings on the doors, so we’re thinking it was probably a floor model or pawrt of a scratch and dent situation.





Raena sits top scratcher




          Oh Raena, did you tell ‘em about the guy that came out? (Before Raena could speak, Zebby rambles on) Ya’ know the one the manager sent out to fix the seal on the freezer until they could get us another new one? Kittens!!! He was supposed to come by last week at 4 o’clock. But, he didn’t actually show up till 9 at night. And, when he showed up, he was wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. He was about 150 pounds to big fur that shirt. But, he didn’t give a name or have any tools or identifying anything, so mommy wouldn’t let him in the house. She said he creeped her out. And, since the old fridge is sitting in front of the front door so that it only opens a crack, she said she wasn’t even sure he would’a fit through the door. When the manager came back to work on Monday, she asked about it and mommy said he needed to come during office hours. She didn’t feel at all comfortable with him coming when nopawdy was here. Well, we’re still waiting. MOL





Zebby sits pretty profile full face




Yeah Zebby, I’s not sure how much waiting mommy’s still doing. I’s think she’s fed up and just wants them to replace this thing with a real live working fridge…NOW! Of course, you didn’t make things any less stressful when you went and got sick. Ya’ know, since I’s have ongoing eye issues, mommy panics anytime she sees either of us appearing to have anything wrong with our eyes.






Zebby close up of eye infection
Zebby’s left eye really worried mommy A. It had been clouded over the night before and wouldn’t dilate. It was also blood red and seemed to bother him.




          Hmmmmpht Do you think I’s wanted to be sick sis? I’s mean, who willingly wants to go see Dr. Pokey, Stabby, or Grabby? Did I’s tell you they stuck something up my butt? The nerve!!! Fur those of ya’ who don’t follow us on the facebutt, I’s had an eye problem earlier in the week that mommy treated with RaenaBelle’s eye drops. After some purrayers, thoughts, and chatter amongst furiends online, she called the V-E-T. And they said, “Bring him in now!” Seems the steroids in those eye drops could cause some big problems if I had had a scratch or some kind of abrasion. So, mommy had to rush me to see Dr. Pokey at the farmhouse Vet hospital. She spent the electric bill money on my appointment. Thankfully, I didn’t have a scratch.





Zebby sits pretty




          Apparently, I’s got a pretty bad cold from somewhere that went to my eyes before mommy even knew I’s was sick. They sent me home with 3 different kinds of pills and told mommy to keep using the eye drops. They were impressed with how well I’s took my medicine…just meowing. Anyways, thanks to awnty Jeanne, awnty Peggy, awnty Anonymous, awnty Susan, awnty Ellen and uncle Edward, we were able to get the expensive eye drops Raena and I’s both need and pay the electric bill mommy had stole from. I’s also wanted to repurrt, that mommy did order me a special bandana after my neuter, but it’s on back order. She says if it doesn’t come soon, we’ll choose another (just in case you’ve been waiting to see it).






Yeah Zebby, we have the bestest furiends in the universe. Anyways, back to the downpour bit. Last night our, and I’s mean all of us including mommy, favorite fountain quit working. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind that you can just change out the pump and go on. As a result, I’s not drinking as much as I’s should and neither is Zebby. I’s think that boy would like it if he could just open his mouth and the water would fly in.





Raena sits profile full face




          Oooooh Yeah!!! Absolutely!!! Do they make one of those Raena?






(Raena shakes her head) No Zebby, they don’t. At least I’s hope not. Anyways, mommy’s gotta figure something out on the fountain front this week while also still dealing with the fridge situation. Now, you’d think with all that going on, we’d be feeling a little un-Blest, right? Well, no, as always, we be feeling tremendously Blest. Yeah, we’re frustrated about the fridge and don’t know exactly when it will be resolved, but at least it’s brand new so it has to be replaced; and management is actively working on it. And, thanks to purrayers, medicine and our amazing furiends, Zebby is on the mend and has the meds he needs and so do I. As fur the fountain, mommy promised she’d figure it out and all will be right in our world again real soon. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and more luvs than we can contain. We are and always will be Blest!!! And, we’re sending out that luvs to all of you.





Raena stands on wheelchair back




          You bet’cha RaenaBelle. I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. Then, wha’d’ya’ say we take a nap?





Zebby lays under desk




Sure Zebby. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your live.s Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.






Till the next time…………………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!







Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




RaenaBelle and Zebadee






9 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Proverbial Downpour

  1. guyz…..we iz sorree….. when it rainz it pourz…. and mommy A noes what we meen… coz we due knot meen like reel for sure rainz & stuff….heerz hopin thiz week iz AWESUM and zebby; de blesssingz oh st francis two ewe buddy ♥♥♥


  2. Sorry to hear Zebby got sick. We are glad he is on the mend, and will be purring and praying lots. How frustrating about your fridge, too! We purr and prayi you get a new, properly working one very soon. Hugs!


  3. Petcretary says she an pawppy have a sigh on their backs that says ‘kick me’…we seem to always have this or that happening, too…but like you say, we still have eachother, love, And the home, food, and clothing. And we know that God loves us, no matter the circumstances.
    Glad that Zebby is doing better now, and that you were able to get the meds that were/are needed.

    And not as an afterthought, but it was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…and we know how much she misses that day, now that she lives in the USA…so we know to always give thanks in all circumstances…(Quoting Paul)

    Speaking of downpours, it is raining buckets here right now!

    Hope your fridge troubles get fixed! And the thing get put in the right place.
    Have a better week!! Hugs to all!


  4. I am sorry you were sick and the new fridge stinks. I wouldn’t have let that guy in either. You are all in my prayers. XO


  5. We are just stopping by to wish you a Blest Sunday and say how happy we are that Zebby gt in to see the doctor. We are keeping that little guy in our prayers!
    Pete the Girls and the formerly feral kitties!


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