Blest Sunday: Party Planning Duo

Hey dearest furiends, How are ya’? Let me tell ya’, we started the week with 20° winter weather and went thru the whole year of seasons in just a few days. By yesfurday it was 80°. Can you believe it? Mommy’s been sneezing and wheezing and holding her head. Something about feeling like a watermelon about to explode? I’s not sure what that means, but I’s guess it’s something you humans experience.


Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template



          What’s a watermelon RaenaBelle? Is that some kind of bomb?





Uh, No Zebby, no bomb. It’s one of mommy’s favorite foods. She doesn’t have ‘em very often, but she does luvs ‘em. I’s just didn’t know they exploded. Anyways, enough about exploding fruits. I’s have a birthday coming up and you have a gotchaday the next week, so we need to plan a pawrty.


Zebby lays in new bed, giftThis is so soft. Raena’s gonna luvs it!!! I’s luvs mine.



          Meowing of Raena, awnty Vonda send some green papers so mommy could go ahead and order you one of those soft plushy beds like mine. Did you see it?




You mean did I’s see your fat stripey hiney in it? Yes I’s did. I’s luvs it. Thanky thank you so much. Unfurtunately, the battery on the camera went out befur mommy could get fotos of me in it. No worries tho’, it ain’t going anywhere, so there’ll be purrlenty of fotos in the future. And, we’ve both been checking out the new hanging bed. Mommy suspects that we’ve used it when she wasn’t looking. Have we you ask? We’re cats, so we ain’t telling.



Raena sits in stroller


          So Raena, tell me about this pawrty we need to plan. What is it? What do we do?





Well Zebby, I’s thinking we have a bandana and bows (or bow tie) pawrty. You know, everypawdy can dress up in their favorite bandana or bow, or bow tie. We’ve even got something special coming up fur all our furiends. Y’all will just have to wait and see, but trust me, you’re gonna luvs it.


Zebby sits pretty in his new badana looking upI’s need a new bandana fur the pawrty. Or maybe a bow tie. Let’s go shopping!!!




          Bandanas and Bows huh? That actually sounds like fun Raena. I’s can’t wait. So, everypawdy put on your bestest bandana or bow and send us your foto to: by 4/20/22 to be included in the pawrty post on 4/24/22.




Yeah, Mine’s birthday is April 21st and Zebby’s gotchaday is the 28th, so we thought the 24th was the purrfect day. Your bandana or bow can be real or virtual, that’s up to you. We just want you to come and celebrate with us. We are so Blest to have such amazing furiends and a wonderful furever home. Gotchadays are probably one of the biggest Blessings in our lives. It symbolizes the day our lives were saved and we found true love.



Zebby gets lap loving, selfie

Play Zebby’s puzzle here.



          Meowing of, I’s got me some of that special lap loving time last night. And, I’s made me a selfie puzzle of it. You can play it here. Mommy said I’s should remind you that you can change the puzzle to fewer pieces or more pieces by choosing the customize option. You can also change the type of pieces. Mommy likes to customize all your puzzles. I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.



Raena looks out while sitting in the stroller with her arm draped outside

Play Raena’s puzzle here.



Sounds great Zebby. I’s made a puzzle too out of mine’s strolling time. You can play it here. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.




Till the next time…………………………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




RaenaBelle and Zebadee




10 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Party Planning Duo

  1. You two are so beautiful! I’m glad that you were both able to have fuzzy beds. I hope that your party goes well too. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Bow ties and bandanas are always so cute on kitties!


  2. guyz….we will tryz N sneek over two de puzzle plac…….de gurlz werk iz kinda crazed two day and yur partee soundz like lotz oh fun !!! for sure we will see if we will stay still fora foto opp !!!! 🙂 ♥♥ ore may bee we will “cheat” at foto shoppe 😉 happee week a head!!!


  3. You two sure are awesome party planners, Raena and Zebby! We may have to photoshop a bandana or bow on Ava, but we will try to send you something! 🙂 Hugs!


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