Blest Sunday: Zebby the Weather Guesser

Hey Zebby, wha’cha’ doing? Did you see? The weather guessers said it was gonna freeze?


Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          Freeze where? What does that mean?


It means it’s gonna get cold.


          Well somepawdy should tell the weather then, cuz all I’s see and feel is the hots. Thankfully, we have the air conditioner and fans running, so we don’t have to get all hot inside.


Yeah Zebby, the weather guessers are only right about one in ten times. I’s gotta tell ya’, it’s crazy that somepawdy gets paid actual money to be wrong all the time. I’s think us kitties would make far better weather guessers. Maybe we should go apply fur a job.


Zebby the weather guesser with US map displaying weather patterns.

           We already have a job RaenaBelle. We work fur mommy. We’re service cats. Altho’, I’s wouldn’t mind being on tv and getting a paycheck. I’s could be famous! All the lady cats would know me and swoon. I’s would be the cat’s meow at the water fountains. And, imagine all the kitties I’s could save. Y, I’s could feature a new adoptable kitty every segment. I’s would use my buddy Brian’s tagline and make a real difference. (Zebby drifts off in thoughts of stardom)


(Raena shakes her head) Oh Kittens Zebby, wake up. And what’s with you and the lady cat talk? Since when are you interested in lady cats? You’re barely a year and a half old.


          That’s cat years RaenaBelle. In human years I’s a teeny bopper. And all teeny boppers are interested in girls…fast cars and fast women.


Raena sits pretty

Zebby!!! Don’t let mommy hear you say that! I’s bet you don’t even know what it means!


          What? What’s wrong with it? What does it mean?



Raena sits pretty atop cat tree

I’s not sure Zebby, but I’s know it can’t be good. I’s heard it on tv befur and mommy scoffed. That always means something’s bad. Anyways, enough fairy taling, we need to count our many Blessings. We are thanky thankful to awnty Anonymous fur sending green papers and purrayers. Both are always needed.


Zebby lays atop the cat tree

          Sure enough RaenaBelle. And we’re so Blest and thankful fur all our amazing furiends. We luvs you all so very much. I’s gonna head over and link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.


As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.


Till the next time………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Zebadee

9 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Zebby the Weather Guesser

  1. wavez two ewe raena and zebby frum de land oh trout… wear we iz still waiten for de internetz companee …that willna hook uz up with slo speed …coz they iz werkin on 2 gig speed …and de ipad iz still on what de hell speed …sew we rare lee commint any mor coz it takez up data speed and if ewe can figure out what we just said 984 pawz up. we hope ewe N mom iz happee and healthee and livin large N in charge. we haz knot forgetted bout ewe~~~~~~ luvz frum uz🐟❤️


  2. That info-graphic you did for the weather had us thinking. Why dont we have felines doing the news and weather? Heck, here in the UK, Larry the Cat is far more widely liked than the whole government! Maybe you could do predictions for the local news network…. start small and then go global! 🙂
    Anyways, best not fall into that human trap of fast cars and faster people as it all ends in ruin very quickly. At least thats what Mrs H says. Fast mice, on the other hand or paw, well they’re OK . . .
    Purrs and blessings

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We do so agree with you about the Weather Guessers!
    So – did it freeze in the end?
    Zebby, you AND RaenaBelle would certainly be big stars if you had your own TV programme, but you already have the furry impawtant job of looking after your Mommy.
    It’s TV’s loss, that’s for sure.


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