Blest Sunday: 2022 Blessing Train wk 3

Hey Zebby, c’mon, it’s time fur this week’s Blessing Train. Can you believe next week is Christmas? I’s so excited. I’s just luvs Christmas!

Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template

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We’s Be Blest

OMC da lawn krew wus here tuday!!! Meez hates all da noise dey make and it scares meez. We’s wus havin a purrfectly gweat day and den all of da sudden der dey wus. Only dey wusn’t in der normal twuck. Dey had a big yellow twuck tuday wif a big yellow twailer, so meez didn’t get hid afur deys stawdid up der noisy machines. And altho’ dey usually hang ‘wound here all day, tuday dey wus only here fur a little over a hour. Whew and fank catness cuz it wus time tu eat dinner. And meez gotta tell you dat meez never wants tu miss dinner.  🙂 Meez mite not sit down and eat it all at once like mommy wuld like meez tu but meez sure don’t wanna miss it. MOL Sis Lexi dusn’t mind da noise dey make and her and mommy keep hopin’ dat sumday meez will learn dat deys not gunna hurt me and stay out frum under da bed wif dem, but meez just don’t know.

Well Easter is just ‘wound da corner and den will be sis Lexi’s Meowday. Mommy’s been prowlin’ ‘wound amazon all day. Hoo knew der wus so many fings out der fur us kitties. Course mommy sez dey all must fink der toys and fings are made of gold cuz dey sure want a purretty penny fur dem. It’ll be okay tho’ cuz we’s don’t need mommy tu buy us anyfin’ cuz hers got us da bestest gift in da universe when hers gav us a name and added hers tu it. We’s know dat we’s are vewy special kitties and we’s hav da bestest mommy ever. We’s hav tuns of luv and now so many furiend/furmily members frum facebook and SMC and now meez blog and Cat Scouts. Mommy sez we’s da blestest kitties and hers is da blestest mommy in da universe. So til da nex time, Hav a blest nite. 😀

ImageA furiend made dis fur us and it be so tru. 

ImageWe’s luv each udder so much and sis Lexi takes such good care of meez.