Mystery Plumber Revealed

Meowllo Fursday, so glad you kuld make it. What a week weez had. Fankfully weez one day closer to da weekend. Smile Da mysterious plumber guy finally arrived Tuesday afternoon and came in wiff nuffin’ but dat S shaped screwdriver. Mommy knew immediately nuffin’ was gunna get dun and we was gunna be left wiff da stench fur yet another day. Ifin you wanna know how to over spend green papers on everything, take notes from our pawrtment management company. They won’t purrfurm purrventative maintenance cuz it costs money. But when sumfin’ finally breaks they gotta send sumpawdy out to make sure it’s broken and then send them out again to fix or replace it. You know they buy da cheapest appliances they can find and then gripe and complain when they don’t last furever.

dw-LexiBeautiful - 2HEoW-1hh - normal


Anyways, da plumber, who really was a plumber, hit da switch and nuffin’ happened. Then he got down on da floor and unscrewed da disposal and flipped da switch again. He then turned to mommy and sed, “Well that ain’t workin’ at all, is it? I’ll go tell da manager you need a new one.” Duh, mommy sed dat da furst day. Dat’s what she thought, but she didn’t say, stead she just smiled and sed, “Great, thank you.” So anyways, he went to tell da manager and came back and told mommy he wuld be back sumtime Wednesday. When he arrived on Wednesday do you know what he did? He flipped da switch. As ifin by sum miracle it was suddenly gunna work. MOL  Well it didn’t and so he finally took it out and put another one in. We fink it was a rebuild cuz it had a stench to it too. Or maybe our noses was just clogged up wiff stench. MOL  Well 2 service calls and repair and replace charges later, we finally have a workin’ garbage disposal again. Fank catness cuz mommy was goin’ a little nuts. Mommy sed it’s amazin’ how much you begin to rely on sumfin’ dat she never had till she moved here. And not to worry, mommy used sum of dat lemon smellin’ garbage disposal cleanin’ stuff to get da stench out. So weez back in business.


We still be havin’ da Open ID twubbles so weez started usin’ our google id to comment on those blogs what won’t allow us to leave our name and website infurmation on. Mommy hates google almost as much as facebook, but sumtimes you just gotta do fings you don’t like.


And speakin’ of duin’ things one dusn’t like, sis Lexi be goin’ to da VET Furiday afternoon, so we hope you will keep her in yous purrayers. She’s duin’ much better and is almost all fru wiff da antibiotics. But da VET man sed she had to come in fur a look see when we finally talked to him After da new year. It’s been stormin’ here purretty much non stop, so weez hopin’ it clears up; least fur a bit while mommy and sissy go to da VET. Every meownin’ we wake up hopin’ to see mr. Sun shine and yet every meownin’ all we see is mr. cloud and gray skies. Anyways, we got a kupple gift cards to da WallyWorld fur Christmas, so me magines mommy and sissy will stop by there and pick up sum treats afur comin’ home. Least me hopes so. It’d be a crime to go to da big little city and not stop by there. Right? MOL 

What’d’ya’ think? Duz me look like a lioness?


And hey, we hope you stop by tomorrow. We have sumfin’ special planned. Not only are we gunna be postin’ another pawsum kitty in need of a furever home, weez joinin’ in a new bloghop ‘bout bloopers. It’s called Pet Blogger Bloopers Photos Roundup and is hosted by The Lazy Pitbull. On da second Furiday of every month bloggers are challenged to share at least one foto dat didn’t make da cut fur postin’. Now unfurtunately weez not have da badge to show ya’ today cuz mommy was so busy writin’ hers selff a reminder dat she furgot to save dat puppy. And as we do every weekend, we’ll also be joinin’ da Pet Parade bloghop. So, lots of hoppin’ tomorrow. Meez gotta go now and get sum more infurmation ‘bout da special kitty in need weez gunna be sharin’ tomorrow. So… 


Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Oh me cats and kittens, me keeps furgettin’ to tell ya’ we now have a Zazzle store. Weez addin’ purroducts all da time, so check it out. We have a cute little key chain wiff Lexi you can see here, and me on a coffe mug you can see here. You can always click da link on our sidebar to see new items. We will be addin’ lots more in da weeks to come. And we actually make a little money when you click over usin’ our link to make a purchase, even ifin you don’t buy sumfin’ from us. Of course we make even more ifin you buy one of our purroducts. Fank you all fur shoppin’ our store. 🙂


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Blest Sunday 2nd Time Around

Meowllo everypawdy and a Blest Sunday to ya’. Bet you are all wonderin’ exactly what do we mean by 2nd time around right? Well it’s been like a roller coaster ride round here wiff sis Lexi fur da last few days and so it was really late last night or rather this meownin’ when we wrote and scheduled our Blest Sunday posty. Since we usually don’t have any trubble wiff our posts goin’ out when we schedule them we didn’t get in any hurry to get by our blog today. After all it was Meowday/birffday pawrty day at Cat Scouts. So of course after church we went to scouts and pawrtied wiff those scouts celebratin’ today. That’s when we noticed our post hadn’t gone out. So we did what anypawdy wuld do ifin this happened and went about to publish it right then. Only when we clicked the publish button, we saw stars and all kinds of weird fings, nun of which was our post bein’ posted. When all was sed and dun, our post was nowhere to be found. So here we are writing it fur the second time around. MOL 

 dw Dezi4078

The roller coaster you ask? Well sissy has lost a lot of weight, and although mommy tries to fotograff her so dat it doesn’t really show, mommy can see it. And we had a day when she just wouldn’t eat anyfing mommy put in front of her and she kept fallin’ out of the chair (make shift steps) dat’s only like 2 feet off da ground. And mommy had cried off and on all day long. So when Lexi got on da table at dinnertime and then wouldn’t eat yet again, mommy just kuldn’t take it anymore. Cuz me wasn’t eating either.  Oh mommy did her nowmal, offer Lexi a bite of everything we have in the house and prayed over both of us, but nuffin’ was working at all. So mommy sat down and had a big ole pit pawrty. She sure did. Meez paws was soaked fwum wiping da tears from her face. And nope, sissy never did eat that day. Me finally did, but dat’s not what had mommy so upset.

 dw Lexi1404

This meownin’ sissy ate a great bwekky tho’ so mommy’s happy again. At least till dinnertime. MOL We count our many blessings and sissy eating is fur sure a big one. Fank you to all of you who continue too keep her and us in your purrayers. We really do purreciate it. As always we are blest to be a pawrt of such a wonderful and caring and luvving community. And we are so blest to have all of you in our lives. We’ll be purrticipatin’ in Selfie Sunday hosted by our pawsum furiends over at the Cat on My Head.  And we’ll visit the best we can this week as tomorrow is mommy’s monthly doctors pointment and sissy has to go to da VET this week too.

Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi