Chatting Cats: You Won, Just Click Here

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. Hold on just a minute, I’s checkin’ our emails. I’s thought I’s saw somethin’ here a minute ago…now where did that email go?. (Raena searches the email subject lines and finally sees one that says “you’ve won”)  Here it is mommy, open that one. Read it to me mommy, read it now. (Mommy A slowly and sarcastically reads the email to Raena.)  WooHoo!!! Our troubles are over!!! We’re rich sissy!!! We’re rich mommy!!! We can have as many scratchers and cat trees as we want now. (Raena zooms thru the house and up the cat tree and back down. Raena zooms thru the house and knocks a few knick knacks from their spots onto the floor. She finally runs back to the living room and jumps up on the boxes behind the chair) We’ve won the New Zealand lotto!!! Mommy, how many dollars is a million pounds? What are we gonna buy furst? I’s think we should buy a real Three Belles Ranch and make lots of cat houses so we can save all the kitties who need a home. Sissy, what do want to buy furst?  


Raena stands on boxes in hallway looking back




          Uh Raena…we don’t play the lotto. We fur sure don’t play the New Zealand lotto. That’s a scam.  


A scam? No sissy, they didn’t ask fur anythin’. They just need us to click this link. Hurry mommy, click it fast. We don’t want ‘em givin’ our money away to somepawdy else. 


Raena stands on boxes in hallway - selfie




          RaenaBelle, you know mommy ain’t gonna click that link. There’s a rule, ifin it sounds to good to be true, then it purrobably is. And trust me, us winnin’ a lottery we don’t even play is way too good to be true.  


But sissy…We got an email?. Surely they wouldn’t lie to us?.  


          Well Raena, that’s one of the hard lessons you have to learn ‘bout life.. Just cuz you don’t lie, doesn’t mean everypawdy else on the planet tells the truth. There are scammers ‘round every corner. That’s why we’re so fankful fur all our furiends. They’re the bright light amidst all the crazy.   


Dezi lays atop the liberty cat tree




So, we’re not gettin’ a million pounds? We can’t really buy a ranch or a bunch of scratchers?  


          No Raena, we’re not gettin’ a million pounds. We’re not buyin’ a ranch and we’re not buyin’ a house full of scratchers. Altho’ we kind’a already have a house full of scratchers. 


Dezi lays on cat scratcher




Yeah, but most of those are worn out; or you hurled on ‘em.  


          Not all of ‘em Raena. Besides, we still have our sisal scratchers. They’re still in great shape. And mommy got us the new scratcher lounger from the green papers we got fur Christmas. 


Oooooh Sissy, meowin’ of gifts, did you see what came in the mail yesfurday? We got not one, but two new Cat Dancers. Mommy found a 2 pack at Wally world. Ya’ know our Jewish furiends from the J-Cats didn’t even know what it was. 


Raena plays with the Cat DancerI’s luvved the cat dancer when I’s furst came here.




          Yeah Raena, me ‘members me’s furst Cat Dancer. They used to be more ‘spensive and mommy grumbled ‘bout payin’ so much fur a few pieces of rolled up papers on the end of a wire. But once she saw how much fun it was fur me, she said it was priceless. ‘Course, that didn’t stop her lookin’ fur a bargain when it came to buyin’ a new one. Me just can’t wait to play with it. 


Dezi whacks the Cat Dancer from the liberty Cat tree




Me too sissy.  


          Well, don’t break this one. Me doesn’t even know how you could break a metal wire.   


Hmmmmpht  I’s don’t recall that sissy. And, ifin I’s don’t recall it, it didn’t happen.  


Raena sits on scratcher in front of the tv




          Let me guess, you heard that on teevee? Cuz you know, ifin the evidence shows you’re guilty then you’re guilty whether you ‘member it or not. 


Evidence? There ain’t no evidence sissy. One day we woke up and it was just broken. You could’a broke it yourself and now you’re tryin’ to blame it on me.


          Sure Raena. Me had it fur a whole year befur you came and two days after your arrival it magically breaks? Just like all our electronic toys. You’re just hard on toys, that’s all. 


Raena walks on boxes in hallway Gotta go…




Well at least I’s don’t hurl on everythin’ sissy. That’s so gross. Anyways, ifin we’re not gettin’ that lotto money, then all mine’s plans fur the day are shot. I’s so wanted to go shoppin’. Hmmmpht  I’s guess we better finish our brekky.  


Do you play the lotto? 


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant blue 




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

That’s Close Enough

It’s finally Furiday. Me thought you would never get here. It’s been a crazy week ‘round here, what with da weather takin’ another turn early in da week with storms a purrlenty and then heatin’ up like a sauna. One day mommy was sittin’ in her chair when me looked over at her and she was drippin’ wet. Sure ‘nuff she was soaked from her head to her toes. And nope wasn’t cuz she had just got outta da shower, it was ‘nuffun’ more than just plain sweat. See mommy has these things she calls purrsonal summers. And let me tell ya’ she was havin’ one of those right then.

 Raena looks up sweetly from the brown cat tree

Now we signed up fur this purrogram with da ‘lectric company a few yars back dat was ‘posed to save us some money. And so far it has. We’re not sure how it happens, but we have saved a few green papers since bein’ in this purrogram. In da summer our a/c will pre cool da place and then at 2 o’clock when da rates go up, da a/c raises it’s coolin’ temp to around 79 to 80 degrees till 7 o’clock when purrices drop again. And da ‘lectric company gave us this real cool digital purrogrammable thermostat. You know da kind, set it and furget it? Well dat’s ‘zactly what we did, till da other day when mommy just couldn’t stand it anymore.

 Dezi and Raena watch each other from a few inches apart

Dezi prepares for attack while Raena hovers between scratchers

(Come on over Raena…You’s fixin’ to meet me’s Whacky Paw up close and purrsonal.)


She got up and said she didn’t care what they was chargin’ purr kw, she wasn’t gonna be sweatin’ in her own home. So mommy got up and went over to da thermostat and there it was, set fur 65 degrees and heat. Yep, da a/c wasn’t on at all. Dat ole thermostat had done switched us to heat. And da actual tempurrture in da house was 86 degrees. No wonder mommy was sweatin’. She was havin’ a bit of heat stroke with her own purrsonal summer. Mommy pushed some buttons and furinally got da air to blowin’ and went and took a cold shower.

What fun dat was.

 Raena plays with the Cat Dancer

Raena kept tryin’ to jump up on da side of da tub with me, but there’s nuffin’ to actually grab onto and she’s just too little to reach. She can’t jump on top of anythin’ in da bathroom right now. She’s started usin’ da big girl pawdee boxes but you should see her; she makes a runnin’ jump to get into ‘em. And once she’s inside you wouldn’t be able to see her ifin you weren’t standin’ up over her. Mommy says she’s growin’ like a weed but me will believe it when she doesn’t have to run and jump into da pawdee box.

 Raena plays with the Cat Dancer

Raena plays with the Cat Dancer

There’s been a few really cool give aways goin’ on ‘round da blogosphere lately and me’s been tryin’ to win some so me would have some new things fur me’s new sisfur when she arrived. Well me won dat really cool PetSafe Flitter toy from Cody and couldn’t wait fur Raena to arrive so we could open it up and play with it. Me luvs da PetSafe toys so me just knew Raena would too. And me was right, we had a blast playin’ last night. Fanks fur havin’ dat pawsum give away Cody.

 Dezi and Raena play with the PetSafe Flitter toy

Dezi rolls on the nip mat while Raena plays with the PetSafe Flitter toy

(I’s sharin’ mines nip mat wiff sis Dezi awnty Ellen. I’s a good girl, mommy says so.)


Anyways, we’ve been getting’ some really good questions ‘bout trainin’ a Service cat. While we plan to write ‘bout Raena’s trainin’ as we’re doin’ it, we thought we’d give an overview of trainin’ and what to look fur when choosin’ a Service cat to train ifin ya’ll are interested.? The overview nor our training posts will be comprehensive and in no way are they meant to be a training manual. We post them fur entertainment and education. Anypawdy dat tells you there aren’t any oopsies while trainin’ a Service animal is lyin’. Granted, you don’t reward da oopsies cuz ya’ don’t want them repeated, but they happen none da less.

 Raena plays with the Cat Dancer

Well me’s gonna go fur now. Da sun is shinin’ and me hopes to go fur a stroll. Mommy says she has a lot to do to finish up our lease recert. papers, but me knows she has to take a break every now and then. Me thought you might enjoy seein’ some of da foto mommy’s been takin’ while Raena and me get used to each other. She found da Cat Dancer toy and seems to luv it as much as me does. And she even shared her new “made with love” nip blanky from awnty Ellen. And it’s Furiday, so me’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade.

Pet Parade banner new

One last thing befur ya’ ask, Raena and me are doin’ good. Me’s not ready to swap spit, lick butts and cuddle. Fur now me thinks nose touchin’ is close enough. Me will keep you all updated. 

 Dezi hanging out on top of the Liberty Cat tree

Would you be interested in an overview post about picking and training Service cats? 

Do you have any specific questions you would like answered?

Do you (your human) have purrsonal summers? If so how do you get relief?

Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and RaenaBelle  

Cat Dancing: Keeping Kitty Occupied

(Dezi dances and whacks her paw in the air at the dangling, swinging prey in front of her, and then mommy yells to her that it’s time to write her blog post.)

Well da weekend’s over and it’s da start of a new week. Member me told you ‘bout this pawsum new toy me was playin’ wiff? Well mommy finally got da video ready and up on YouTube so me kuld tell ya’ all ‘bout it. This isn’t a sponsored posty. Mommy actually bought us da toy. A while back me had to go to da VET and one of our pawsum awnties sent da money to help get me there. Well there was a few green papers left and so mommy asked ifin she kuld use it to buy us this toy. We had seen it fur years, but mommy didn’t think we wuld play wiff it and she didn’t really get da concept, so she just never got us one. And then while visitin’ a furiends blog one day we actually saw it in use. They was meowin’ ‘bout how much they luvved it and me meowed to mommy dat me wanted one. Da oppurr-tunity finally arose to get us our very own Cat Dancer toy and she did. Mommy saved it fur Christmas, so she didn’t even look at it till then.

Dezi reaches for the Cat Dancer


Dezi whacks the Cat Dancer from the liberty Cat tree

Da day after Christmas mommy finally took it out of da package and…”Oh no” she sed. It had an adhesive backin’ dat needed to be put sumwhere so we kuld play wiff it. And accordin’ to da package, da sticky stuff was really sticky. Once it was attached, it wasn’t gunna be goin’ anywhere. Well as ya’ know we rent, so it went right back into da packagin’ and mommy sed she was gunna have to think ‘bout just where this kuld go. Our furiends had sent us such pawsum gifts fur Christmas dat we didn’t even give it another thought. As you all know me’s been feelin’ a little cooped up lately and down right bored; so mommy once again pulled out da package and started tryin’ to find da right place to put it.  

Dezi reaches out for the Cat Dancer


Dezi poses for the camera while playing with the Cat Dancer

Mommy decided da cat tree wuld be da purrfect place fur it, but as you know our cat trees are  covered in carpet. And you humans all know dat sticky stuffs dusn’t stick to carpet very well. But mommy kept readin’ da part ‘bout how they use extra strong sticky stuffs and decided to call da company and ask ifin it wuld adhere to carpet. Da nice lady we spoke to sed she didn’t know. Nopawdy had ever asked dat question afur. Then she told mommy to try it and ifin it didn’t stick to send her an email and she wuld send us another sticky paw so we kuld put it sumwhere else. So mommy peeled da backin’ off and found da right place on da cat tree and applied da paw. Me immediately went crazy purrlayin’ wiff it. Mommy hurried to get da camera so she kuld get a few shots and a video and me found da sticky paw.

Paws up Dezi


Dezi stretches non nonchalantly at the Cat Dancer

Uh Oh!!! Mommy was sure this was all fixin’ to be a mess. Me is notorious fur chewin’ thru da strings and lastics attached to danglin’ toys. This Cat Dancer has a wire attachin’ it to da paw, so there’s no chewin’ thru dat. Stead, ifin me was gunna liberate me’s new toy me was gunna have to get da sticky paw off da tree. Guess what? When they say they use extra sticky sticky stuffs, they mean it. Dat paw ain’t goin’ anywhere. So mommy sent an email to da nice lady telllin’ her ‘bout our findin’s and included a foto of moi playin wiff it. And do you know what happened next? She sent us a little care package wiff sum really cool goodies and a new paw. So now mommy can move our Cat Dancer to another area and make it lower too. Altho’ me can reach it from da ground, sis Lexi can’t without losin’ her balance, so mommy secretly wished she had put it a little lower, and now she can. Fank you nice Cat Dancer lady, we luv all da new toys, specially our new Cat Dancer.

Ifin ya’ can’t see da video, click here to watch on YouTube.

Dezi plays with the Cat Dancer on the Liberty cat tree and shows off the Sticky paw

Now me knows this sounds a lot like a review, but me just had to tell you ‘bout da Cat Dancer in case you be thinkin’ like mommy did. Cuz me guarantees your kitty will play with it. And it’s not dat spensive. Fur less than $5.00 (it’s on sale right now at Chewy fur $1.99) you can keep your kitty entertained fur hours. Okay maybe not hours at a time, but hey, weez cats, we half to get in our beauty rest. And ifin you have your own demolition crew, they won’t be demolishin’ this toy fur sure. Me’s gotta go play now. 


Do you  or your kitties or doggies demolish toys?

Do you or your kitties or doggies like playing with danglin’ toys?


Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi