Hairballs, All You Need To Know…

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope you awe havin’ da bestest of days. It’s H day here in da bloggin’ A to Z challenge, and well mommy is tired cuz hers just completely went blank. Did she furget ow name?  One of ow new favowit tweats? Or even one of da fings she weally hates…HAIRBALLS. Yep today weez gunna talk ‘bout hairballs. Now most of us wound here laff ‘bout ‘em and scheme ‘bout where to place them and ow hoomans do evewyfin’ in their power to stop ‘em, but awe they just a fact of life fur a cat? And is it healffy fur us to have them? And just why is it dat sum cats seem to have mowe of a purrawllem wiff ‘’em than udders? And…well let me quit askin’ questions and just get on wiff it and tell ya’ mowe ‘bout hairballs than you evew wanted to know.

 dw D n L 4035


Guess da first thing me should tell ya’ is why we kitties get hairballs in the furst place. Well you know all that groomin’ we do? Yep that’s where they come from. As anybody whose ever been licked by a kitty knows, we have a barbed like tongue and things like fur just kinda stick to it and then we swallow it. That’s why it’s not safe for us too play with things like string and threads and the like. We often can’t actually spit these things out and so down the hatch as they say, they go. As for the fur once swallowed it’s gotta come out, and there’s only 2 ways that’s gonna happen. For the purrpusses of this posty we will talk ‘but those hairballs that come back up thru the mouth.

 dw Lexi1099

Now here is where mommy kinda disagrees with the current thought processes of most. Most articles and Vets say that the long haired breeds tend to have more hairballs than the shorter haired kitties. Mommy sez pishaw to this. She’s had plenty of long haired cats and only a couple of short haired cats so maybe she might just know a thing or two about this subject. See, sis Lexi has far more hairballs than any long haired kitty mommy has ever had, me included. If we was to give you a ratio figure, sis Lexi would throw up a hairball 9 more times out of 10 than me would. Now we was actually asked a question once ‘bout these here hairballs. One of our dear Facebook friends started noticing her 2 year old cat convulsing and then vomiting out a mess and cryin’ ‘bout it. Mommy figured out he was having hairballs and told her what to do and voila, everything was under control again. She then told mommy he hadn’t ever done that before, so why was it now happening? Well it’s true, kittens don’t have hairballs. But once we get older and become great fur stylists, that’s when the fun begins. And by the way, our friend…he was a short haired tabby too.

 dw Dezi4039

Course callin’ it fun is a bit of a stretch, cuz it for sure ain’t no fun for us. We retch and sometimes meow some of the most pawful meows in our repertoire and gag and then finally…out comes the glob. Now most of these hairballs aren’t little balls at all, they’re more tube like, and that’s because they’ve got to pass thru’ the narrow esophagus in our throats. And altho’ these Hairballs are purrfectly normal they can also be dangerous. Dangerous you say, why is that? Well if your kitty is throwin’ up a hairball once or twice a week (in shedding season) most likely things are fine. But, if you notice your kitty retching and coughing and maybe crying and yet no hairball shows up; call your VET immediately!! It is possible that a hairball can become lodged in the esophagus, intestinal tract, or stomach. And if this happens this is a life or death emergency. 

 dw Lexi1098

Symptoms to look for in a cat with an obstruction are:

  • Ongoing vomiting, retching, gagging or hacking without producing a hairball,  

  • Lethargy,  

  • Lack of appetite, 

  • Constipation,  

  • Diarrhea,  

If you observe any of those symptoms please call your vet immediately. Surgery may be needed to remove the offending hairball.

 dw Dezi2430

Hairballs are a natural part of your kitties life so there’s no cure for them. However there are ways to help minimize the amount of hairballs your cat has. The furst is Grooming. Most cats love to be groomed. Altho’ not all, and we have heard many of our long haired friends really put up a fight at grooming time. Mommy sez it’s never too late to teach a cat anything, but it is always easier to train them when they’re young. So don’t give up. And these days there are lots of “self groomers” on the market that your cat might enjoy. But Grooming serves a few purrpusses, it allows you to bond with your cat while getting rid of the loose fur that would either end up on your furniture as fur shed, or any place else as a slimy hairball. Be sure too use the appropriate grooming tool on your cat. There are a ton of them on the market, but you don’t want to use the wrong one. Most cats have a double coat, but there are those with only single coats and the “hairless” breeds. We won’t go into all the tools today because today is hairball day, but if you’re interested in learning about the differences in grooming tools an what’s right for who, let us know in the comments and we will cover that in a future post. 

 0dw Dezi licks paw

Another way to cut back on hairballs is a hairball formula food, treats, or treatment (malty as we call it). Again there are a number of these on the market. As for treatments, you can also use some of the common things around your house. A little pat of butter, olive oil, or vegetable/canola/corn oil can also be safely used to get the hairball moving in the right direction, and maybe save you from stepping into a wet slimy mess with your bare feet in the middle of the night. MOL Well, hope we’ve helped you a little in further understanding the cat’s Hairball. MOL 

Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous stayin’ safe and warm. Weez purrayin’ fur all da poor kitties hoo be out in this cold wiffout a luvvin furever home. Meez gunna tell ya’ just why we had such a pawful day on Furiday. Sissy kuldn’t wait and blabbed a little on hers facebook page yesfurday; but she didn’t telll da whole stowry. And OMC it be sleetiin’ outside wight now. There’s posed to be 1-3 inches of ice accumulation. And then ifin dat wusn’t bad ‘nuff, weez spectin’ SNOW!!! OMC weez just want winter to go away. Cuz on top of dat nasty ice weez posed to get 1-3 inches of snow accumaulated. Dat be 2-6 inches of yuck ifin you ask me.  

 dw Dezi Blessed Sunday - 2HEoW-1ee - normal

Anyways back to Furiday. Evewyfin’ had been goin’ gweat. Boff sis Lexi and me had been eatin’ all and me duz mean all ow noms and playin’ togedder and snugglin’ wiff mommy to keep us all warm. So we went to bed Fursday night just like always. And sumtime duwin’ da night meez tummy stawted to wumble and ache. Me got up a foo times to eat a bit of gwass, but it didn’t seem to be helpin’. Well finally me wuz able to settle in and get sum sleep wiff mommy and Lexi. And then wight afur time to get up me had to go use da pawdee box. It didn’t take long afur mommys sleepy nose smelled sumfin’ afowl in da air. She woke up and we went ‘bout ow meownin’ massages and got mommy to da pawdee box woom where she saw da pawdee box. She smelled it too, cuz me hadn’t boddered to cover it up. MOL She looked at it fwu hers half sleepy eyes and sed, “OMC If it didn’t smell so bad I’d think it was throwup.”  But alas it wusn’t fwo up. Which became painfully obvious to mommy and sissy da minute me hiked meez tail up and showed them meez bloomers and legs.

 dw Lexi Blessed Sunday! - 2HEoW-1ed - normal

Mommy sed in dat sweet and sleepy voice, “Oh sweet Dezi, I’m so sorry yous tummy hurts.” Good fing mommy kuld use hers awms and hands cuz she had to clean da pawdee box and me afur we kuld even fink ‘bout bwekky. Of course me had to grrrrrrrowl a bit and hiss a time or two while she cleaned me up. Gotta keep up appearwances you know. Alltho’ me has to tell ya’ dat those of ya’ hoo purrfur to clean yous own mess awe a little cwazy. Dat stuff stinks, and it fur sure don’t taste good. Anyways once clean, off to da kitchen we went. Mommy got sissy hers butter spoon and stawted ow bwekky when she wealized me wuz nowhere in sight. Mommy called to me and me emerged fwum wound da corner and walked over to mommy wiff meez tail up high and wubbed hers leg. Yep, yous guessed it, me needed cleanin’ again.

 dw Dezi picsart frame

This went off and on all day long. Mommy only had time to answer a foo emails. And lots of times she had to take a bweak fwum typin’ ow weply to take care of me. Fank catness awnty Jennifer and gwand awnty Peggy had sent mommy sum coffee or hers might hav been mumblin’ da whole time. Finally wound 330 Caturday meownin’ after lots of purrayers and gwass and time spent in da pawdee box me stopped and wuz able to settle down and go to sleep. Caturday wuz much better. Me didn’t weally eat much Furiday, mostly cuz me kuldn’t stay outta da pawdee box long nuff, but also cuz meez tummy hurt. Me jumped up in mommys lap a time or two and let ‘er wip. No, not dat, me tooted. MOL And of course me did it when me had meez hineybo facin’ mommy. She wusn’t amused. MOL But she didn’t complain, she just hugged me and purrayed fur me.  We fawt it wuz over Caturday cuz meez stools wuz no longer a wunny mess dat landed all over meez bloomers and legs. Me did hav a softy this meownin’, but nuffin’ like Furiday and meez tummy dusn’t hurt anymore.

Me is so blest to hav a mommy hoo luvs me so much dat no matter how many times me needs to be cleaned up; she will do it wiffout complainin’. Mommy did say it wuz iwonic dat da very day we posted ‘bout how much ow mommy luvs us and why we luv hers back, meez wuld need so much of dat messy dirty luv. MOL Anudder blessin’ we got yesfurday wuz fur mommy. She found a pork chop and a kupple taters on da chair on da porch. Mommy wuz so ‘cited and made hers sum fwench fwies and baked up dat pork chop. Altho sissy and me didn’t get a bit. Mommy sed since meez tummy had been so upset just da day afur, she didn’t wanna take any chances. Hmmmph, A likely stowry. 

And in udder news…what’s up wiff da blogger captchas? OMC Sum times we only hav to check da box, and sumtimes we get those hawd to wead letters and nummews, and now weez getting’ cakes and steaks and beers!!! Oh Me!! Mommy sez ifin she has to look at anudder filet mignon or NY stwip hers gunna scweam. MOL Nuffin’ like showin’ a hungwy meat eater da bestest cuts of da beef. MOL  And today weez gunna be havin’ a little fun over at da Tabby Cat club and Cat Scouts wiff a Oscar pawty. Now weez not know much ‘bout this Oscar, but we did get to get all dwessed up and wide in a limo. (virtually of course)  As always weez so gwateful to hav all of you in ow lives. We hav da bestest furiends and fwamily. So awe we blest? Yes, tummy ache and all, we awe so twuly blest to hav a warm and cozy furever home, a luvvin’ mommy, luvvin’ furiends and fwamily and altho’ it’s cold and gway and wet and white…anudder day to live and be togedder. 

Oooops almost furgot. Weez joinin’ ow pawsum furiends over at da Cat on My Head fur sum selfies.

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Busy Blest Sunday

Meowllo and a very Blest Sunday to yous all. Hope yous all enjoyed hearin’ ‘bout Lexi’s day wiff mommy. Me will tell ya’ she hasn’t stopped meowin’ ‘bout it. Since she’s gotten older she dusn’t always enjoy goin’ places wiff mommy anymore. You know all da peeps and da noises and da long days. But even tho’ hers had to go to da Vet da same day, she weally did enjoy hers day out wiff mommy. Noise and peeps and all. Altho’ she did complain ‘bout not getting’ da tweats everywhere she went like me duz. Well dat’s cuz they went to udder places than where me gets tweats. Altho’ mommy did buy sum tweats so she didn’t do wiffout, and we got bacon too. Don’t nopawdy worry ‘bout dat now. Mommy makes sure dat one of us dusn’t get sum kinda goody dat da udder dusn’t. She’s weally good like dat. And OMC Weez always furget to put da linky up fur da Pet Parade hosted by ow pawsum furiends Rascal and Rocco. Yous guys awe so amazin’. Yous never get mad at us or yell at us or nuffin’. Fank Catness mommy has yous linky in ow sidebaw, but we join every week, so paw on over and check out all da udder pawsum pets there, and da featured blog. It’s always a gweat one.

Pet Parade banner new

Anyways, even tho’ weez not zactly got good news fwum da Vet, we awe still blest. Sis Lexi’s condition is in da very early stages. And mommy has learned how to give hers da medicine so dat it dusn’t upset hers tummy and make hers fwo up hers meals. And Lexi’s eatin’ again. Da only fing more we kuld ask is dat God heal Lexi. And we know dat may sound like weez bein’ gweedy, but when it comes to Lexi and me, mommy sez there’s nuffin’ she wuldn’t do fur us. So ifin she has to be gweedy…so be it.  


Now yous might be wunnewin’ why weez got a busy day today. Well let me tell ya’. Member da lectwical outlet and livin’ room light dat went out da udder day? Well, da lectwicians awe comin’ Monday to fix da wirin’. And well da outlet dat’s been affected is in da dinin’ room and da light/fan is in da livin’ room. NO! They’re not suppose to be tied togedder in any way, but they awe. Da maintenance man came down Fursday to twy to mess everyfin’ up even worse, and mommy wefused to let hims do da work. See all work purrfurmed here like dat is posed to be dun by a licensed purrfessional. And da maintenance man is weally diswespectful to everypawdy, not just us. Dat bein’ sed, weez gotta move sum stuffs wound so dat da lectwician can get to everyfin’ to get it fixed.

  0dw Lexi floral heart

And then on Wednesday weez havin’ company. Now yous might be sayin’ to yous selff, company; so what?. Why awe you busy cuz of company? And fur dat matter what do weez care dat yous havin’ company? Well, we don’t hav company very offen, but this isn’t just anypawdy. It’s one of ow pawsum Facebook awnties. And she’s bwingin’ us a purresent. She even mentioned she might take mommy out to lunch while she wuz here. Don’t worry weez awe gunna take fotos. And mommy sez dat Lexi and me might even get pawt of da day off cuz she will be wiff anudder purrsun. Mommy dusn’t get to go out very offen, but when it duz happen she likes to let us hav sum time to do whatever we wanna. Altho’ a purrsun might not be able to alert to mommy dat hers gunna pass out, they can keep an eye on her ifin she duz, and take hers to a hospital ifin she’s be gushin’ blood. Now mind you, weez not mind workin’ at all. But mommy sez dat we work hawd and we deserve to play hawd. And dat since we live wiff hers and she’s almost always home then weez always on “duty”. and she sez dat everypawdy/kitty/doggy deserves a little time off every now and then.

 0dw Dezi abstract heart

So da busy is house cleanin’. Tween mommy bein’ sick and Lexi’s issues since Fanksgivin’, mommy has kind of let fings go a bit and so she wants to stwaighten up and get da house fixed up a bit. And since it usually takes a lot out of her and she passes out quite a foo times whn she duz it and it takes a day or 2 to wecuppuerrate, then she wants to do it now so she’ll be okay and weady to visit on Wednesday. We haven’t gotten completely caught up, but wnuff so dat mommy can take a day off to work wound da house. So weez might not get to visit today, but weez’ll see ya’ soon. And again, weez wanna fank yous all fur bein’ ow furiends and supportin’ us and luvvin’ us. We awe so twuly blest to hav you all in ow lives. And we wanna fank Timmy, hims daddy Mr. Pete and hims furmily fur puttin’ sum gween papers in ow PayPal account fur sis Lexi’s care. 

 0dw Lexi n Dezi Love hearts

And member back when we wuz havin’ all da pawtment purrawlems and ow sweet furiend Nellie and hers mommy Miss Barbie gave us a amazon gift cawd and told mommy to buy sumfin’ fwivolous wiff it? Well hers finally ‘cided on what she wuld get and it went on sale, and it’s here. Mommy bought a 2 TB external hawd dwive so she can store all da fotos and stuffs she wants wiffout havin’ to worry ‘bout cwashin’ da puter or slowin’ it down by takin’ up all it’s memowy. So weez sure do fank you again fur da gift cawd as we learned weal quick weez not wanna be wiffout a puter ever again. Herz still likes da fumm dwive stuffs cuz dat’s faw more purrtable but this be a pawsum way fur mommy to snap da flashy box even more and not hav to worry. Weez hope yous all hav a pawsum weekend, and stay warm (or cool Fozziemum).

And till da nex time………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

My Purrfect Day With Mommy

Hay y’all Lexi heer agin. Hoep youz awl dooin’ grayt. I’z gunna git too tell youz awl bowt minez day wiv mommy abter weez levt da VETs. Az I’z toldid youz da udder day mommy had sided too leev sis Dezi hoem and jiz mayk it a day fur da too ov us. I’z awlwayz lubz when I’z git too spend time alown wiv mommy. Mommy had purrawmizt lawtz ov fun, and I’z awlwayz up fur fun. Soz weez finelee gawdid owtta dat pawful playz and lowdid back up in da kar. Mommy had too tawk a bit on da sell fone afur we had owr adbentshur. Finelee she hung up da fone and we wuz awff.

 0dw Lexi in stroller c-u

Owr firzt stawp wuz da wallee werld. Okay nawt zaklee minez idee ov a good time, but sumtimez hoomanz habz dibrunt ideez bowt fun din us kitteez. And youz will neber bulleeb whut happind nex. Seez mommy keepz deez “piddull padz in da bawttum ov da strowler cuz Dezi habz a tendinsee too piddull awl ober mommy when she habz too goze too da VET. I’z kin tell ya’ itz purrawllee cuz of awl dat skwishin’ himz duz too da bladder. Anywayz I’z gittin’ awv trak. Day sez it happinz when youz git owelder. Well mommy gawdid da strowler owtta da kar and in awl da foeldin’ and unfoeldin’ she haddunt reelized dat da bawttum had kumm unsnapt and wuz daynglin’ untill piddull padz stardid flyin’ rownd da parkin’ lawt. Youz shulda seed it. Now dat wuz fun.

 0dw Lexi in stroller2

Peepz wuz poyntin and laffin’ and da wind wuz blowin’ mommyz hare eber which way. And mommy wuz tryin’ too gavver up da piddull padz and refazzun da bawttum awl at da saym time. Finelee diz kootsee little girly kaymed oweber and azdid ibin mommy needid sum help. She had a handfull ov owr piddull padz. She toldid me how gawjuz I’z wuz and toeldid mommy she uzed too habz a kitty but herz pawrintz woodn’t ledid herz keep it. Mommy azdid ibin shez fownd it a good hoem, and she sed, “yes, my parents.” Hmmmmm feenkin’ herz elebayter duzn’t goze awl da way too da tawp. Anywayz, weez gawdid, well mommy gawdid us awl toogedder and intoo da store weez wendid. Weez had gawdid a kuppull givt kardz too wallee werld fur Christmas soz mommy had planz ov gittin’ me sum treetz and herz sum mowr ov dat kawvee cuz it wuz on sayl and herz duzn’t wanna run owt.

 0dw Lexi in stroller3

There wuz lawtz ov peepz smilin’ at me and fawl-lowin us wownd da stower. Mommy awlwayz lookz fur any awppurrtunitee too edjukayt peepz ‘bowt Service Cats and anipalz in jinnerull soz herz wuz lizzenin fur aneepawdee dat mite say doze majikull werdz…”Why’s a cat in the store in a stroller?”  But nopawdee eber did. She musta awlredee edjukaydid eberpawdee dat wuz der. MOL And din jiz az weez hed-did fur da chekowt a kootsee little gerlee sed, “Mommy look it’s Smowkee,” and she poyndid toowerdz me. Herz mommy sed, “No, but it is a beautiful cat.” Well dat wuz nuff fur mommy too stawp and gibz a little lezzun. Lezzun oweber and weez finelee hed-did owtta dat lowd playz. Din weez wendid too da Mikee Deez too git sum baykun. Now datz minez idee ov da fun. And I’z eeben saybed sum fur Dezi.  Din weez hed-did hoem.

Ibin youz kant seez da video, click here.

And OMC When weez gaawdid hoem der wuz a box waytin’ fur me. I’z stardid beezin’ pikee bowt what I’z wood eet and soz minez and Deziz pawsum Facebook awnty Jennifer and grand awnty Peggy sendid me a kupple kayziz ob nomz. Faynk youz soz much. Az youz saw in minez lazt poeztee I’z lubbed ‘em and am eetin’ good too, speshullee now dat mommyz figgered owt when too gibz me minez medzin soz it duzn’t interfeer wiv minez nomz. Anywayz dat wuz minez purrfek day wiv mommy. Dezi wandid me too pawlow-jize cuz weez gawdid behind in owr biztin’ agin. Mommyz nu kayz manujer kaymd oweber and soz weez didn’t git too habz pooter time, but weez’ll git kawt up soon nubb. I’z wanna sayz a meowzee big Faynk ya’ too da Kitty Cat Chronicles fur minez badge. I’z lubz it, and relee purreshayt awl da purrs and purrayers youz awl bin sendin’ minez way. Jiz keep ’em kummin’ ibin ya’ don’t mind.


We lost da foto of us in bed wiff mommy when da puter cwashed. But we needed a bed foto, so here ya' go. MOL
It is meez bloggy after all. Did yous fink me wuldn’t wanna foto here sumwhere? MOL

Az Dezi sez, Till da nex time………..Be Blest!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez  

Lexi and Dezi