Blest Sunday: Happy Father’s Day

Hey Ya’ll it’s RaenaBelle. I’s been watchin’ mommy and sis Dezi write on this big box by punchin’ these little keys and so I thought I’d give it a try. Mommy’s been really busy this weekend makin’ copies and doin’ paperwork. She says it has somethin’ to do with our lease and havin’ somewhere to live fur da next year. And there was some really loud booms yesfurday and late last night so sis Dezi made herself scarce. I didn’t understand why she ran off and I couldn’t find her anywhere. So hijackin’ this thing they call a blog seemed like da right thing to do. (Looks around for Dezi)


Raena atop the Liberty Cat Tree
Yep, I’s on da very tippy top. Mommy says dat’s Dezi’s spot, but I’s say, she wasn’t here.


Anyways, mommy and Dezi told me it was Sunday and dat meant church day. This is mines second church day with mommy and sis Dezi. I sure do like church. Mommy sings and really seems to enjoy herself. And she tells us dat we are really blest to have each other. Well let me tell you…nopawdy has to tell this kitty girl dat I’s blest.

 Raena!!! What are you doin’ on me’s bloggy? 

Dezi atop the Liberty Cat tree

This is me’s spot on da Cat tree.



Your bloggy? Mommy said it was Our bloggy. 

Oh yeah? Well do you see your name anywhere in da title? 

 Raena licking lips atop the Liberty cat tree

Now girls, let’s be nice. What have I told ya’ll about sharing?

 Sharin’ is carin’, and… (Raena cuts Dezi off and chimes in) 

 Sisfurs don’t fight. ‘Specially on Blest Sunday.

(Dezi says under her breath) Kiss up. (Dezi exhales and smiles) Well, RaenaBelle why don’t you tell everypawdy ‘bout our blessings this week then.

 Raena looks out the door from the Liberty cat tree

Fank you sis Dezi I would luvs to. You and mommy say we have lots of wonderful furiends who luvs us. And dat includes me even tho’ they haven’t knowed me very long. Dat’s a big ole blessin’. And I’s fur sure blest to have you and mommy. Ya’ll saved me and I’s luvs mines furever home and you and mommy very much. I’s luvs all da pawsum toys and cat trees we have and da yummy noms mommy gives us. I’s luvs dat nip and da vine too. Dat’s some good stuffs. By da way Dezi, how offen do we get dat stuffs? I could go fur some of dat every day.

 Raena in a heart on a clothes line saying Happy Father's day

Thanks Raena, you did a purretty good job. As fur da nip, no, we don’t get it every day ‘xcept what’s in da nip stuffed toys.

 Dezi in a frame with a tie saying Happy Father's Dat

Today isn’t just Blest Sunday tho’, it’s also Father’s Day. Of course you all know we don’t have an actual father. Mommy has to be our mommy and daddy, and let me tell ya’ she does a great job. But we do have some pawsum uncles and furiends and we would like to wish ya’ll and all da daddy’s out there a Happy Happy Father’s day. Father’s are those very special men dat decide to take pawrt in your life and luv you and purrtect and care fur you no matter what. They may be related by biology or not at all. But they are da stand up guys da you can always count on. Ifin there’s a special man in your life, be sure and tell him how much you luv and ‘purreciate him today and every day. Fur those of ya’ like us, dat only have one pawrent, let them know they’re doin’ a great job. We never know what da future holds, so don’t let a day go by without givin’ thanks fur da many blessings in your life.

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi = Blue  

Raena = Teal

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Raena 

Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy, and a blest Sunday to ya’. Kittens, it seems like we just did this. Time is just flyin’ by. Mommy’s been a little unnew da wedder wiff da cawfin, and nose blowin’, da extwa pain fwum da cold and now a pawful migwaine. It wuz so bad dat mommy wuz talkin’ (moanin’) in hers sleep and even woke up to sis Lexi givin’ hers a head massage. Or fur those dat doubt weez know what weez duin’ as Service Cats, maybe we just wanted mommy to get up. MOL (we know nun of ow wegular weaders fall into this categowy, but we hav weceived a foo emails lately dat doubt cats can be twained) Purrawlly spammers, but just in case.  

 dw D n L on bed-1

It’s sunny and bwight out today and it’s posed to be in da 70’s. So aside fwum hangin’ on da new cat twee, mommy purromised we kuld go fur a stwoll. And hers got a list to giv to mr. W. Cuz just as we wuz gunna get ow dinner last night, there wuz mr. W bangin’ on da door cuz Buddy had gotten out again. Hims always duz this at dinner time. We knew dat wuz da purrawllem afur mommy opened da door cuz mr. W wuz yellin’ it fwu da closed door. So mommy opened da door and there wuz mr. W sittin’ there in fwunt of da door wiff a flashlight and Buddy not 6 feet behind him unnew da big ole oak twee in fwunt of ow pawtment stawin’ at mommy. She sez she kulda swore hims had a Cheshire gwin goin’.  So mommy yelled at hims to get hims hineybo home and he took off towards hims pawtment. Whew, at least weez not hav to postpone dinner fur mommy to go out chasin’ him fwu da woods.

 000dw squirrel

Yous can’t see da twee here but you

can see sum of it’s shadow.

Mommy sez mr. W’s just gunna hav to step it up and purrvide sum fings fur Buddy. See a kupple years ago hims bought Buddy a cat twee. Well he put it in da bedwoom way away fwum da window and never saw Buddy use it. After a mumff, he gave da twee to hims housekeeper sayin’ Buddy wuldn’t use it and didn’t like it. Hmmph Weez seen Buddy climb da oak twees when mommy’s twyin’ to get him to go back home. Mommy also gave mr. W sum gwass seeds to gwo fur Buddy as hims eats purrlenty when he gets out, and purrawlly has a upset tummy most of da time cuz hims eats dat yucky dollaw genewal bwand food. Mr. W kuld afford better noms fur Buddy, he just dusn’t wanna spend da munny.

0dw Dezi eats grass

Anyways, back to da gwass. Mr. W sed hims planted da gwass and Buddy dug it all up. Mommy told him dat ifin hims had put enuff seeds in there da gwass wulda been too dense fur Buddy to stwew dirt evewy where. Well hims never planted anymore gwass. And Buddy’s scwatchers get all used up purretty fast, cuz mr. W won’t spend more than a kupple dollaws fur da little corrugated cawd board piece, and only one a year. OMC Will dat man evew lissen to mommy?. Mommy told him it wuz fine to buy dat type cuz fankfully Buddy likes ‘em, but he shuld buy sevewal fur difffewent places in da house and weplace them more offen. Like when Buddy quits usin’ ‘em and stawts usin’ da furniture. So mommy has a list of fings mr. W needs to do fur Buddy to keep him fwum wunnin’ out da door evewytime it’s opened. So migwaine or not, mommy purromissed we kuld go stwollin’.  

Ifin you can’t see da video, click here to watch it on youtube. And by da way, ignore mommy’s babblin’. (babble=to utter meaningless confusion of words)

We awe so blest to hav a mommy dat unnewstands us kitties and even tho’ hers can’t afford a lot of fings, hers has always taken good care of us. And we hav such pawsum furiends dat hav given us sum wunnewful toys and twees and tweats and yous luv. We feel like weez be da blestest kitties in da universe. And mommy sez we awe. Mommy also sez we be luvved by her and all ow furiends and fwamily. And we luv you all very much. We know yous all awe twuly blest too. You know, mommy kuld leave da door wide open and we wuld never go out fur any walk ‘bout on ow own, wuld you? Meez weady to go fur meez stwoll wiff mommy now, so ketch ya’ later.

Meez weady mommy.
Meez weady mommy.

Fur those of ya’ dat be indoor only kitties, duz yous hoomans hav twubble keepin’ yous all in da house?   

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi 

Just Hangin’ In

Oh, Meowllo, how ya’ duin’? Meez just hangin’ out up here bein’ da queen of da house today.

dw Dezi lays head off top1

Sshhhhhh Sissy’s asleep, so she dusn’t know meez usin’ hers title. And dat’s da Yeowww nip cigaw she took wiff her.   

 dw Lexi naps with cigar

Me heard a birdy and wanted to check it out.   

 dw Dezi on tree facing1

Mommy’s been busy so meez been keepin’ an eye on her fwum here.

 dw Dezi lays on tree cu-


Meez gunna lay here in da house dat sissy likes so much. It’s purretty cool, but me purrfurs to lay on top of da house.  

 dw Dezi in tree house1


dw Dezi bathes on tree-

Me gave mommy da day off fwum writin’ cuz me wanted to spend da day soakin’ up sum sun puddles. 

 dw Dezi looks out window5

And checkin’ out what’s goin’ on outside. See ya’ later.  

Till da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

It’s A Fandango Monday

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous all had a gweat weekend. We know lots of you spent it watchin’ da super bowl. Weez not know anyfin’ ‘bout it or ball games or teams, so me won’t insult ya’ by twyin’ to talk ‘bout it. Me just wants to say me hope there be no hawd feelins cuz yous team didn’t win. There wuz a pawty over at da Cat Scouts, so me went and spent da day in da spa. There wuz a teevee in there and me watched da kitten bowl wiff a foo udder scouts. We wusn’t all into da big game. But da kitten bowl wuz a lot of fun. We weally enjoyed it. But me knows dat yous not here to talk ‘bout da kitten bowl or da super bowl or any udder bowl fur dat matter. Yous all here to see just what awnty Ann bwought us. What is da BIG supwise. Well, here it is!! Just take a good look. Is dat not amazin’? 

OMC This is so pawsum!!!
OMC This is so pawsum!!!

Last year wight afur ow big flood awnty Ann told us ‘bout this pawsum company called Fandango Cat Furniture and it’s owner, Cat Tree Steve. He works wiff wood and cweates all these pawsum cat twees and steps. All his twees awe made fwum real wood and house hold cawpet. And meez not talkin’ ‘bout da nasty cheap cawpet like weez got in ow pawtment eever. Each twee is handcwafted to purrfection. And made to wiffstand any amount of wuff housin’ yous kitties kuld put it fwu. 

Fank you so much, we luv ow new twee.
Fank you so much, we luv ow new twee.

Well as you all know we kuld never hope to be able to buy one of these pawsum twees, but we sure wuz oohin’ and aahin’ over ‘em. There awe sum amazin’ designs. Well last year wight afur da flood in ow pawtment awnty Ann sed she had told Cat Tree Steve all ‘bout us and he ‘cided to giv us a twee. What’s dat you say? Yep, ow very own handcwafted made wiff luv and sturdy wood cat twee. See he has a client dat donates her old twees back to him when she buys a new one so dat hims can help out a shelter or sum udder kitties like us. 2 little Service cats fwum Oklahoma. Awnty Ann wuz to pick up da twee fwum him and bwing it to us. Dat wuz sumfin’ hers worked out wiff him purrawlly while she wuz pickin’ up anudder twee fur hers own kitties. Weez can’t be certain, but she purrawlly has all da twees hims makes, or at least close to it.

 0dw Dezi on CT house11

Well she wuz gunna be wetirin’ at da end of da year so she told us dat after hers wetired she wuld bwing it up. She went and picked it up back in November and it wuz all we kuld do to keep fwum buggin’ her evewyday ‘bout when she wuz comin’. Well let me tell you, ifin we had known da twu quality of this here twee back then, we wulda been buggin’ her evewyday. MOL When she bwought it in last week mommy wuz awe stwuck. She held hers tears back till after awnty Ann left, and then mommy just sat and looked at ow new twee and cwied. It is so bootyful and BIG and sturdy and Purrfect. And then da leakin’ fwum mommys eyes turned into a flood. Sis Lexi walked into da room and jumped wight up on da twee and sat down. Da floodgates wuz open. They wuz tears of joy and happiness, but they wuz tears nun da less.


0dw Lexi on cat tree12
Aaaaaw Doent kry mommy. I’z lubz da nu tree.

Ow twee is made of sturdy wood and weally comfy cawpet. It has 6 shelves big nuff fur boff Lexi and me. And member weez be 30 pounds each. And da shelves hav no purrawllem holdin’ da weight. As a matter of fact (altho’ she ain’t twyin’ it), we fink mommy kuld purrawlly crawl wound on it wiff us. MOL Wuldn’t dat be a sight?  It also has a little house dat Lexi luvs. Each of those shelves is big nuff fur us to stwetch out on and take a  long nap, or bird and squirrel watch. Or even look fur awnty Ann to come back. And me did just dat. Theres a red pick up in one of da fotos and me fawt dat wuz her and wuz twyin’ to tell mommy to go and get her and tell her me wuld be nicer this time. MOL

Mommy is dat awnty Ann? tell hers me will be nice ifin she comes back.
Mommy is dat awnty Ann? tell hers me will be nice ifin she comes back.

We had this pawsum video, but mommy pushed sum button and it disappeared. We don’t know where it went, but dat’s okay cuz ow twee isn’t goin’ anywhere so there’ll be purrlenty of oppurrtunities fur fotos and videos. We awe such blest kitties to hav so many wunnewful furiends in ow lives. And weez weally blest to hav been givin’ such a pawsum gift. We weally wanna fank Cat Tree Steve fur makin’ such a pawsum twee and fur donatin’ it too us. And we wanna fank awnty Ann fur pickin’ it up and bwingin’ it to us. And we wanna fank da pawsum lady and hers kitties hoo gave it back to Cat Tree Steve so hims kuld donate it to us. It is Purrfect and we luv it. 

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Da nex time yous lookin’ fur a twee or sum stairs fur yous kitty or doggy, why don’t yous take a look at Fandango Cat Furniture furst. As a matter of fact, why don’t yous paw da name and pop on over wight now and take a look at all da pawsum designs. You just might find yous not need to go anywhere els. Don’t furget to check out hims Facebook page and paw a like too. And yous might wanna hide yous cwedit cawds or yous kitty might just be placin’ an order all by themselves. By da looks of ow twee, there ain’t nuffin’ dat Steve can’t do wiff wood, so ifin yous got a special wequest you might just ask him. You never know, he might be able to whoop it up fur ya’.  And by da way, Happy Groundhog day.


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Disclaimer: Weez didn’t get paid and Cat Tree Steve didn’t even ask us to give this review or shout out. We did receive da twee fur furee and we wanted to send sum business hims way. He’s a gweat guy wiff a good heart and he luvs cats. Dat sez it all, wight?.


Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi