It’s A Fandango Monday

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous all had a gweat weekend. We know lots of you spent it watchin’ da super bowl. Weez not know anyfin’ ‘bout it or ball games or teams, so me won’t insult ya’ by twyin’ to talk ‘bout it. Me just wants to say me hope there be no hawd feelins cuz yous team didn’t win. There wuz a pawty over at da Cat Scouts, so me went and spent da day in da spa. There wuz a teevee in there and me watched da kitten bowl wiff a foo udder scouts. We wusn’t all into da big game. But da kitten bowl wuz a lot of fun. We weally enjoyed it. But me knows dat yous not here to talk ‘bout da kitten bowl or da super bowl or any udder bowl fur dat matter. Yous all here to see just what awnty Ann bwought us. What is da BIG supwise. Well, here it is!! Just take a good look. Is dat not amazin’? 

OMC This is so pawsum!!!
OMC This is so pawsum!!!

Last year wight afur ow big flood awnty Ann told us ‘bout this pawsum company called Fandango Cat Furniture and it’s owner, Cat Tree Steve. He works wiff wood and cweates all these pawsum cat twees and steps. All his twees awe made fwum real wood and house hold cawpet. And meez not talkin’ ‘bout da nasty cheap cawpet like weez got in ow pawtment eever. Each twee is handcwafted to purrfection. And made to wiffstand any amount of wuff housin’ yous kitties kuld put it fwu. 

Fank you so much, we luv ow new twee.
Fank you so much, we luv ow new twee.

Well as you all know we kuld never hope to be able to buy one of these pawsum twees, but we sure wuz oohin’ and aahin’ over ‘em. There awe sum amazin’ designs. Well last year wight afur da flood in ow pawtment awnty Ann sed she had told Cat Tree Steve all ‘bout us and he ‘cided to giv us a twee. What’s dat you say? Yep, ow very own handcwafted made wiff luv and sturdy wood cat twee. See he has a client dat donates her old twees back to him when she buys a new one so dat hims can help out a shelter or sum udder kitties like us. 2 little Service cats fwum Oklahoma. Awnty Ann wuz to pick up da twee fwum him and bwing it to us. Dat wuz sumfin’ hers worked out wiff him purrawlly while she wuz pickin’ up anudder twee fur hers own kitties. Weez can’t be certain, but she purrawlly has all da twees hims makes, or at least close to it.

 0dw Dezi on CT house11

Well she wuz gunna be wetirin’ at da end of da year so she told us dat after hers wetired she wuld bwing it up. She went and picked it up back in November and it wuz all we kuld do to keep fwum buggin’ her evewyday ‘bout when she wuz comin’. Well let me tell you, ifin we had known da twu quality of this here twee back then, we wulda been buggin’ her evewyday. MOL When she bwought it in last week mommy wuz awe stwuck. She held hers tears back till after awnty Ann left, and then mommy just sat and looked at ow new twee and cwied. It is so bootyful and BIG and sturdy and Purrfect. And then da leakin’ fwum mommys eyes turned into a flood. Sis Lexi walked into da room and jumped wight up on da twee and sat down. Da floodgates wuz open. They wuz tears of joy and happiness, but they wuz tears nun da less.


0dw Lexi on cat tree12
Aaaaaw Doent kry mommy. I’z lubz da nu tree.

Ow twee is made of sturdy wood and weally comfy cawpet. It has 6 shelves big nuff fur boff Lexi and me. And member weez be 30 pounds each. And da shelves hav no purrawllem holdin’ da weight. As a matter of fact (altho’ she ain’t twyin’ it), we fink mommy kuld purrawlly crawl wound on it wiff us. MOL Wuldn’t dat be a sight?  It also has a little house dat Lexi luvs. Each of those shelves is big nuff fur us to stwetch out on and take a  long nap, or bird and squirrel watch. Or even look fur awnty Ann to come back. And me did just dat. Theres a red pick up in one of da fotos and me fawt dat wuz her and wuz twyin’ to tell mommy to go and get her and tell her me wuld be nicer this time. MOL

Mommy is dat awnty Ann? tell hers me will be nice ifin she comes back.
Mommy is dat awnty Ann? tell hers me will be nice ifin she comes back.

We had this pawsum video, but mommy pushed sum button and it disappeared. We don’t know where it went, but dat’s okay cuz ow twee isn’t goin’ anywhere so there’ll be purrlenty of oppurrtunities fur fotos and videos. We awe such blest kitties to hav so many wunnewful furiends in ow lives. And weez weally blest to hav been givin’ such a pawsum gift. We weally wanna fank Cat Tree Steve fur makin’ such a pawsum twee and fur donatin’ it too us. And we wanna fank awnty Ann fur pickin’ it up and bwingin’ it to us. And we wanna fank da pawsum lady and hers kitties hoo gave it back to Cat Tree Steve so hims kuld donate it to us. It is Purrfect and we luv it. 

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Da nex time yous lookin’ fur a twee or sum stairs fur yous kitty or doggy, why don’t yous take a look at Fandango Cat Furniture furst. As a matter of fact, why don’t yous paw da name and pop on over wight now and take a look at all da pawsum designs. You just might find yous not need to go anywhere els. Don’t furget to check out hims Facebook page and paw a like too. And yous might wanna hide yous cwedit cawds or yous kitty might just be placin’ an order all by themselves. By da looks of ow twee, there ain’t nuffin’ dat Steve can’t do wiff wood, so ifin yous got a special wequest you might just ask him. You never know, he might be able to whoop it up fur ya’.  And by da way, Happy Groundhog day.


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Disclaimer: Weez didn’t get paid and Cat Tree Steve didn’t even ask us to give this review or shout out. We did receive da twee fur furee and we wanted to send sum business hims way. He’s a gweat guy wiff a good heart and he luvs cats. Dat sez it all, wight?.


Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi   

46 thoughts on “It’s A Fandango Monday

  1. You are indeed lucky girls to have received such a pawsome present. We know you will get oodles of enjoyment from your new tree. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMC, that is the most awesome cat tree ever! Love the pics of you and Lexi exploring it, Dezi! What a special Auntie and that fellow Steve sounds like a real special purrson also, how wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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