Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous had a wunnewful Valentines day. We had a blast. There wuz so much food and fun and dancin’ over at da Tabby Cat Club. Sissy wuz on herz furst ever date wiff a fellow Cat Scout of meez, and me went wiff Andy. After dat Andy and me went to Cat Scouts fur their Valentine’s dance. And in good cat scout etiquette me danced wiff sevewal udder scouts and so did Andy. It wuz lots of fun, and their wuz a lot of gweat food there too. Us scouts do know how to hav a good time. Ifin yous been finkin’ ‘bout joinin’ why don’t you just paw on over now and get all signed up. It’s not too late to go to Mardi Gras wiff us. And you know what? Me dusn’t do this very offen, but meez been seein’ lots of new kitties in da blogospere lately and sum of those awe tabbies. So ifin yous loookin’ fur a place where all da tabbies hang and hav fun (Altho weez not be snobby ‘bout ow M’s) then head on over there and wequest membership. We do hav gweat fun.

 Dezi Valentines Day!! - 2HEoW-1dT - normal

Today’s posty is gunna be a little on da short side as mommy is all hooked up to da TENs unit and is goin’ fwu coffee wiffdwawel. Meownin’s just awen’t quite da same wiffout mommy wantin’ to dwink hers coffee and us wantin’ her to do sumfin’ fur us. Weez not quite sure how to act eevew. Anyways, we awe so twuly blest. Sis Lexi is takin’ hers “butter spoon” medicine weally well and she even ate all hers dinner last night and asked fur extwa. Yep she got extwa. Mommy sez she can’t wefuse her nuffin’ specially since she’s not been eatin’ so well. We know lots of ya’ out there awe havin’ similaw purrawllems wiff one or more of yous kitties and purrlease know dat we be purrayin’ fur all of ya’ daily. Yous know what mommy keeps askin’? Let me tell ya’. She keeps askin’ wiff all da knowin’ we hav these days and all da advancements in medicine and good fur ya’ noms, then just why is it dat ow furries seem to be sicker and more unhealffy? At least we be blest nuff to hav sumfin’ to giv to Lexi to help hers. You wanna know sumfin’ els dat mommy keeps askin’? Of course we eat good fur ya’ noms here and one of da fings they say ’bout their noms is dat da kitties will hav fooer stools. Mommy sez dat be a bold face lie, cuz she dusn’t know how so many poos can come outta me eatin’ such “good fur me, stool lessinin'” noms. Well me assures you dat me not know da answer, me just knows when me needs to go. MOL   

 dw Lexi Love - 2HEoW-1e5 - normal

And as you all know we write an awticle fur da Daily Mews. We wrote tackled da age old question “what is love?” this mumff of course, so don’t furget to go over and wead this mumffs awticle. And ifin you haven’t signed up fur email delivewy evewy mumff when it posts, then do so while yous there. We will of course keep you all updated ‘bout sis Lexi, but ifin you wuld like daily updates then hit da like button over on hers Facebook page.  We awe also blest to hav so many pawsum furiends and framily here in Blogville and on Facebook. We luv you all so very much. Guess dat’ll wrap up this Blest Sunday fur now. Weez got sum sun puddles today so meez gunna go soak up a foo rays.  


 dwDL I love you - 2HEoW-1e0 - normal

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi