Spreading The Love

Meowllo evewypawdy sure hope yous havin’ a gweat week. Weez in da mumff of luv now, a mumff when sweethearts spend too much munny on flowers dat’ll die in days and chocolates dat girlys complain ‘bout spweadin’ their middles da whole time they scawff ‘em down. But Luv is a good fing. Mommy sez dat evewy mumff shuld be a mumff of luv and we shuld all twy evewy day to show those in ow lives how much they mean to us. This also be National Cat Healff mumff and Dental Care mumff, as well as National purrvent a Litter mumff. And we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout da pawdee box kind of litter. So wiff all these celebwations goin’ on there shuld be no lack of nip or wantin’ fur sumfin’ to do. Member ifin we all did ow pawt there wuld be lots less unwanted kitties and doggies in shelters evewy where. There wuld be a lot less feral colonies in need of bein’ taken care of.

 Dezi bathes heart

What duz me mean by yous pawt you ask? Well dat’s purretty simple. Yous can donate to da low cost clinics. And it dusn’t hav to be gween papers. Those fur sure wuld be purreciated, but yous kuld always donate yous time and help out. They also need supplies and old towels and lots of udder fings. Check wiff da local clinic in yous awea fur fings they might need. And fur all us bloggers and micwo bloggers, tweeters, etc., educate, educate, educate. Those of us in social media awe wesponsible fur spweadin’ da word. Even ifin yous just bloggin’ fur fun, you hav a wesponsibility to speak out on issues dat affect ow healff. Now meez not sayin’ yous hav to bweak wiff yous genre, but because yous in da public eye and peeps follow yous writings then you awe in a unique pawsition to speak up fur those animals dat can’t. Even in this day and age lots of peeps awe still ignowant ‘bout da benefits of spaying and neuterin’. After all yous not just stopping purrcweation, yous also purrventin’ or at least decweasing da risk of certain illnesses and diseases dat affect in tact animals. So there’s lots of ways you can help dat even involve gween papers. But ifin yous got ‘em and can giv ‘em, purrlease do. Altho’ in many aweas Vets volunteer their time, sumpawdy’s gotta pay fur da equipment, electwicity, dwugs, etc.. 

 Lexi sleeping heart

This mumff we hope to bwing you a foo of ow educational posties as well as lots of fun, and as always weez’ll be sharin’ da luv. We awe so blest to hav ow mommy and all of you in ow lives. We wuldn’t wanna magin’ ow lives wiffout you all at this point. You hav made a weal impact on ow lives fur da better, and we hope dat in sum small way we hav touched yous lives as well.  And on anudder subject, we hav entered a foto contest on Facebook dat be sponsord by Chewy.com. Da winner weceives a years worff of noms. We wuld luv to win and kuld certainly use da purrize. So ifin yous not mind, wuld yous  Purrlease paw us a vote evewyday? Just click here to be twanspowted to their page and ow foto, to vote. We fank you in advance fur all yous luv and suppowt and votes. Gotta go now and spwead sum luv.   

Till da nex time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi