The Circle of Doom

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous had a gweat week cuz da end is near!!! WooHoo Furiday’s on it’s way. It’s been so cold here this week it can’t be gone soon enuff fur us. Anyways, we didn’t get too much dun yesfurday. Altho’ not fur a lack of twyin’. As most of you know (cuz we complained ‘bout it) wordpwess wecently made sum changes. We usually use da Notification baw to weply to yous comments and click da links of those hoo made comments on meez posties so me can visit you all. So yesfurday just like any udder day we clicked on da Notification baw on meez bloggy. We clicked da link of da commenter  and didn’t pay tention cuz we went back to weply to da comment left fur me. Mommy wead da comment to me and Lexi and then typed out ow weply and clicked “Send.”  And what happened then? Da circle of doom went wound and wound and wound and never stopped.

 dw Dezi Beautiful thursday - 2HEoW-1eg - normal

Finally mommy clicked on da tab to go and visit ow commenter and…nuffin. Yep dat’s wight, nuffin but da circle of doom. Mommy closed da window and twied weopenin’ it by typin’ in da link herselff, and then went back to ow weply. Still da circle of doom goes wound and wound. So mommy closed ow weply assumin’ it went nowhere and opens da comments on da admin. page. Where lo and behold there be ow comment and it shows it published. We went back and forff wiff commentiin’ and weplyin’ and twyin’ to visit bloggies most of da day to no avail. So ifin yous commented or weplied to one of ow posties or comments and weez not weplied to you, it’s not cuz we didn’t twy. We awe gunna twy it all again today, so hopefully we will be able to visit and comment today. and by da way, ifin yous comment on one of ow posts and we weply, do yous get da weply in yous email? Sum peeps awe and sum awe not, so weez just twyin’ to figger this all out. Fanks   

 dw Lexi DELIGHTFUL THURSDAY - 2HEoW-1ef - normal

Ow snow  has finally melted, but it is still colder than we wuld like. Da wind is whippin’ wound out there so much dat ow wind chimes awe weally getting’ a workout. Hope you enjoy da west of yous week and till da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi