Late And Behind, What’s New

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous havin’ a gweat Monday. Weez wunnin’ behind as usual. You wuld never know dat meez mommy wuz one of those peeps dat wuz 15 minutes early to evewyfin’ once upon a time. Now weez lucky to be only 15 minutes late. MOL Anyways mommy got so wrapped up in da Walkin’ Dead last night dat hers didn’t help me write a posty. Awe any of you Walkin’ Dead fans? Evewy season mommy sez, “I’m not watching this show anymore.” And evewy season there she is twyin’ to watchin’ or DVR’n it. She uses da ‘scuse dat nuffin’ els be on teevee. But ifin dat wuz twu she wuldn’t hav been so wrapped up in it dat she kuldn’t take dictation. Well dat bein’ sed, better late than never wight?. So here’s me posty fur today. Hopefully she’ll be better ‘bout getting’ meez posty out tomowwo.  

 dw D n L sit at FP3

It’s gunna be a busy week fur us tho’ so meez not holdin’ meez bweff or nuffin’. See da manger passed out notices da udder day while we wuz gone to da doctow fur an inspection. And not just any inspection, she checked evewy box she could. She’s mawked dat she’s gunna do a inspection on cleanliness (which mommy sez is subjective), occupied dwelling (meanin’ only those on da lease look like they be livin’ there: da mens shirts mommy wears kuld make it look like we gots a man in da house-ifin only), check da smoke alawms, pull da emergency chains (which only make loud noises and alert da whole complex dat you wuz cleanin’ da pawdee box woom), change da a/c filters and exterminate. Da only box dat didn’t get checked wuz da annual inspection. She even checked da “other” box. Don’t know what els she plans on checkin’ cuz there ain’t nuffiin’ left.

Dezi: Meez gotcha sissy. Awe you feelin' okay? Lexi: Yez Dezi I'z feel fine.
Dezi: Meez gotcha sissy. Awe you feelin’ okay?
Lexi: Yez Dezi I’z feel fine.

And of course mommy sez this is way too intwusiv in da furst place specially since sum of this is subjective. One purrsons clean is anudder purrsons filff. Mind ya’ we still hav a bit of a mess in sum aweas, cuz mommy got tiwed and sick and da wedder turned cold on us purretty quickly after comin’ home fwum this summer’s fiasco. And weez had purrawllems wiff one fing or anudder since then. Seems evewy mumff weez had to hav a wepairman out to fix sumfin’ dat got bwoke in da “wemodel”. So mommy will be duin’ sum cleanin’ this week and a little of dat “lady’s secwet stuff” of pushin’ all da west in da closet and shuttin’ da door till spwing. Mommy’s still got a touch of pneumonia and can’t get evewyfin’ dun.

Dezi: Glad yous feelin' so good sissy. Wanna play?
Dezi: Glad yous feelin’ so good sissy. Wanna play?

On top of all this, mommy’s new case manager wants to bwing a nurse out dat same day to change her PCA (purrsunal care attendant/maid=housekeeper) company, cuz da last company can’t staff us. It’s been da maids decade off wound here. Twuff is nopawdy wound here wants to work so nopawdy’s gunna hav much luck staffin’ us. Evewy good girl weez gotten quits cuz they can’t make enuff munny, and they hav twubble getting’ da little bit of munny they do make. Seems da companies awen’t very weliable ‘bout sendin’ out their paychecks. So looks like anudder week of us fallin’ behind. We may never get all caught up, but we will eventually get by to visit wiff you all. We miss ya’ when we don’t get to visit.

Dezi: Okay yous don't hav to be so hissy sissy.
Dezi: Okay yous don’t hav to be so hissy sissy.

And weez still holdin’ mommy to her purromise to take us fur a stwoll and play wiff us. We won this pawsum little toy a while back dat mommy wants to get ow fotos wiff, cuz we luv it. And awnty Jennifer got us a new attachment fur ow birdy toy dat we won in anudder giv away afur Christmas. In udder words, busy, busy, busy. Mommy’s always sayin’ there’s not enuff hours in da day to do evewyfin’. But we always come furst so even ifin dat means we get behind on visits and postin’ so long as we be happy then mommy sez she can’t pawlogize. All she ever wanted wuz to make us happy and let us know how much she luvs us. Guess me can’t complain too much ‘bout hers not takin’ dictation eever. Cuz afur hers got so wrapped up in da show last night she had spent a kupple hours cleanin’ up ow messes and playin’ wiff us. We can tiwe her out purretty quick. But she had to keep stoppin’ to blow hers nose last night so we played fur a weally long time afur getting’ pooped out. So we will see you soon. You oughtta be used to us bein’ late and behind by now. MOL

Meez still weady mommy.
Meez still weady mommy.

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi