A Year Ago Today…

Deziz World Became Weal

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Meowllo evewypawdy, kitty, doggy, piggy, wascally wabbit and all da west of ya’. Welkum to Deziz world!!! Dat’s wight, this is meez world and today weez celebwatin’. This be da one year anniversawy of ow bloggy. We awe soooooo happy to be here wiff you all. When we stawted da bloggy we had no idea how it wuold go or even ifin anypawdy wuld follow it. We hav sum pawsum Facebook furiends, but most of them don’t like to venture faw fwum it. So me wants to fank all of you hoo follow meez bloggy fwum Facebook. And fanks fur commentin’ and keepin’ in touch. We weally do luv you very much. And then there’s all da new furiends we met in Blogville. OMC Awe we sum blest kitties or what? Of Course We Awe!!! Y’all awe just so pawsum. Fank you fur followin’ us and commentin’ and fur evewyfin’ you do.

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As most of ya’ know da bloggy wuz a happy accident and so mommy let me call it Deziz World cuz sissy alweady had a page named after her. But just like on Facebook, we awe boff here too. And of course weadin’ meez bloggy let’s you know wht it be like to liv in meez world. Mommy sez da world weally duz wevolve wound me. At least at ow house it duz. MOL Dat dusn’t mean in any way pawsible dat sissy isn’t purrtant, cuz her fur sure is. It just means dat meez da chattier of us and keeps mommy on hers toes da mostest. Can you believ dat sis Lexi wuld let mommy eat or hav a whole cup of coffee afur tellin’ her dat da pawdee box needed to be cleaned out? Well not me dat’s fur sure. Mommy dusn’t hav any coffee wight now so it’s a lot easier to get her to get up wight away. Altho’ she bees a little cwanky and mumbles sumfin’ da whole time. MOL

This foto wuz just hours afur postin' this posty. Isn't sissy just bootyful?!!
This foto wuz just hours afur postin’ this posty. Isn’t sissy just bootyful?!!

Anyways, It’s been gweat fun getting’ to know all of you and we hope to get to know more and more of you in da comin’ years. Even tho’ there be sad times stickiin’ togedder and supportin’ and luvvin’ one anudder is what framily is all ‘bout. And we awe so glad to hav each and evewy one of you in ow framily. And we hope to sumday get to meet as many of you as pawsible. We will continue to hav fun here and post weviews and teachin’ posts, and those posts ‘bout da evewyday borin’ lives of 2 little ole countwy Service cats and their luvvin’ mommy.

dw Dezi hind legs1
We pawlogize fur da quality of this foto, but as you know there only be da 3 of us and we not hav fumms so mommy wuz twyin’ to do udder stuffs and use hers left hand fur camewa work. MOL

We hav a ticket to BlogPaws and sure do wanna go. Weez twyin’ to figger out all da logistics on dat now. So ifin any of ya be dwivin’ and comin’ fwu Oklahoma and wuldn’t mind a foo passengers, let us know. We don’t take up much woom. Udderwise we will hav to find a way to get da gween papers to went a caw and pay fur da woom. Oh what fun we wuld hav.  Now on to da pawty. Enjoy and purrlease come back and visit offen.  

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Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!

Luv nd Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi