Showing Some Love

Meowllo evewypawdy, today is Luv yous pet day. So yous spectin’  sum flowery words fwum mommy ‘bout luvvin’ us or diwections fwum me on showin’ luv to yous pet, wight? Well guess what? Dat’s not what meez gunna do. Mommy wrote da mostest bootyful luv letter to Lexi you can wead here. And then she wrote da pawsumest luv letter to me dat you can wead here. So today weez gunna weturn dat luv and splain all da little ways mommy luvs us and tell her how much we luv her too. Now we searched high and low on da innewnet fur a luv yous hooman day, and we found nun. You wanna know why? It’s cuz Hallmawk hasn’t found a way fur us to buy cawds. Yep dat’s wight. Holidays awe ‘bout makin’ munny. Ifin only we had fumms…Anyways, we wanna tell ya’ a story, so pull up yous chair and get yous anudder cup of coffee, tea, coke or whatever you dwink and welax.  

 dw D L Love - 2HEoW-1e6 - normal

LEXI: I’z gunna go furzt cuz I’z beez da oweldizt. Az youz awl noze mommy rezk-yood me when I’z wuz owenlee minitz oweld. Fur her dat mint noze sleep fur da nex 5 weekz at leezt. Rownd da klawk feedinz and wipin’ buttz. Din der wuz da teechin’ me too eet sawlid foodz and yooz da pawdee bawx. And ledid me tell ya’ dat lazt wun iz noze ezee feet fur a hooman. Itz nawt like she kuld krawl in der and litterullee show me how. Mommy sez I’z wuz a grayt stoodunt doe and lernd relee kwik. Aneewayz she had too beez redee too devoet a lifetime too taykin’ kayr of me. Purrvidin’ minez nomz, litter, treetz, and vet kayr. I’z kulda gawn wivowt dat lazt wun but mommy sez itz purr-tint. She had too devoet a lifetime too kleenin’ up after me. Skoopin’ pawdee bawxez, washin’ food dishiz, water dishiz, kleenin’ frow up and hayrbawllz awff da karpitz and bed. Moovin’ me to nu playziz wiv herz and helpin’ me to aklimayt, sted ov ternin’ me in to a shelter or frow-win me owtside too servive on minez owen. Maykin’ shur I’z awlwayz nu dat I’z wuz sayf and lubbed. In awl deez feengz, mommy habz nebber fayld.

Faynk youz mommy fur awlwayz beezin’ der, and gibbin’ me a grayt life. Faynk ya’ fur kleenin’ up avter me and alwayz gibbin’ me da beztezt. Faynk ya’ fur helpin’ me now dat I’z beez owelder and need medsinz. Faynkz fur beezin’ minez mommy. 

 dw Lexi otherworldly

DEZI: Yep sissy, mommy takes gweat care of you. Now it’s meez turn. Mommy bwought boff of us back fwum deaths door. And when she wescued me it meant more sleepless nights and lots of hineybo cleanin’. Bwingin’ me back fwum da bwink and usin’ natuwal wemedies to wid meez body of those pawful worms cuz me wuz too yung and weak to take da usual medicine. So it took longer to get wid of those fings and it meant lots of hineybo cleanin’. Me has furs dat go on furever so It means she still has to do da occasional hineybo cleanin’. And purrvidin’ all da same fings she duz fur you Lexi. Luvvin’ me also means jumpin’ evewytime me meweeks. Cuz it usually means me wants her to clean sumfin’.

Luvvin’ us means she decided to devote a lifetime to puttin’ us furst and never complainin’. It means fightin’ fur us when we can’t do it owselves. Purrtectin’ us fwum all da dangers of da world. Feeding us when she can’t feed herselff. Playin’ wiff us and even when she’s sick or hurtin’ makin’ sure we hav all da fings we need to not only survive but thwive. And you know what? Mommy has never failed to tweat us like da little queens/divas dat we awe. Mommy you know me luvs you even when meez be gwowlin’ and hissin’ when yous clean meez hineybo or clip meez claws. Yous know me luvs you when meez hollews at you fur da 500 millionff time in a day to clean da pawdee box. You know meez luvs you when me dusn’t want you to welax and hav a cup of coffee but instead play gunna getcha’ wiff me.

 dw Dezi spring

Mommy Lexi and me fank you fur savin’ us and fur bein’ ow mommy. We wuldn’t wanna liv anywhere else or wiff anyone els. Fank you fur goin’ wiffout so we don’t hav too. Fank you fur da patience you hav wiff us, and da sweetness in yous voice when you speak to us. Fank you fur da warm home we liv in and yous lap to lay in. Fank you fur da luv in yous eyes we see when you look at us and da gentleness in yous touch. Fanks fur da extwa tweats and time spent playin’ wiff us. We never doubt dat you luv us. You show it each and evewy moment of evewy day. You never needed a day to wemind you to make us feel special and luvved. So on this day of Luv yous Pet, weez wanted to tell evewypawdy how much you luv us by duin’ da daily stuffs, da not so flowery purretty stuffs, and how much we luv you. See luv isn’t always purretty or easy, but it’s reward is always gweat. In weturn fur all dat you do, we share ow purrs wiff you and learn to meow loudly so you can unnewstand us. Seems you hoomans don’t speak smell da pee or da hineybo. We chose you to luv and you chose to luv us even when it isn’t purretty. And we know dat today just like evewyday will be filled wiff good noms, delishus tweats, and cuddles apurrlenty. Now go ahead and show sum extwa luv to yous furries today too.

OMC Yous never gunna believ it, but weez membered to mention, weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade. They’ve also written a pawsum posty fur Luv yous pet day, you oughtta check it out. Fanks guys, we weally purreciate you and yous cohosts fur da Pet Pawade. 

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Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi