To Lexi, With Love…

Dear sweet Lexi, where do I start?. When I saw you for the first time only minutes old and laying there in a child’s shoe box stacked on top of your littermates; I couldn’t have known how profoundly you would change my life. You spoke for all of you. Mewing so loudly that you got the attention of everybody at the adoption event. I didn’t wait to hear your story or how you came to be there. I took you into the break room at the Petsmart and washed you off, wrapped you in a towel and got you a bottle. It was then that I took the time to hear your story. I knew you would be special. You were a fighter and wanted to live and be loved.

 Lexi and llittermates day 1

I remember as I sat feeding you the president of the rescue I volunteered with told me they didn’t want to take in your litter because y’all were too “black” and would be hard to adopt. And that it would be better for everybody if you were put to sleep now. I remember the rage I felt hearing that, and refusing saying that someone will want y’all. I remember going to the vet later that day to have you checked out and being told none of you would make it. But I just knew you would. You had spunk, and fight, and the biggest purr I had ever heard on such a young kitten. I also remember how you wanted to snuggle up in my arms every chance you got. I would try to give you a bottle and you just wanted to be next to me.

 dw Lucky and Lexi3

As y’all grew and it came time for you to find a forever home, I remember being a little more protective of you than I had been with other kittens. I remember the first adoption event you were a part of and how when we came home you wouldn’t leave my side. And then it happened…someone wanted you. An application had been put in to adopt you. It was then that I knew how much I truly loved you and could never let you go. I made apologies an changed your name and resigned myself to the fact that we were a 3 cat home now. It was like you relaxed when I told you that you were my baby, my daughter now and I would never leave you and you would always live with me no matter what.  

 dw Lexi profile face on1

You were a quick study when it came to learning how to help me and your brothers. You worked so hard it was as if you were trying to prove you belonged with me and that I had made the right choice. But Lexi, my heart, my love, you never had to prove anything to me; I made the only choice my heart would allow. Each time we moved you were always the steady one. The one who seemed to let your brothers know that we were always going to be together even though your worlds had been turned upside down. And as always you preferred being held over anything else. You scarfed your meals so you could get to my lap first. And no matter how hard I tried to get you to slow down you just didn’t listen. You were so tiny and your brothers so big that you didn’t want to have to compete with them. I so enjoyed lap time with the three of you.

0dw Lexi getting luv

As the years passed you grew and things changed. First Devon left us and then Lucky. You and I grieved together and found comfort in each other. And you tolerated the addition of a new brother and eventually a new sister. Out of your toleration grew a deep love for them. You were so patient and loving with them and me. You worked so hard to help me train each of them. Even though you were getting older and slower you worked just as hard as when you were a youngster.

 00dw Lexi in lap

We’re both getting older now my sweet, and the gray hairs are creeping up and sprouting on both of us. But every time I look at you I still see that little kitten that fought so hard to live. I never had much in the way of money so you didn’t have every new toy that came out or pawsum cat furniture to play on. But Lexi my green eyed angel girl, you never lacked for my love.

 dw Lexi climbs steps

There is no one in this world who could love you more than me. Sometimes as I watch you sleep, and watch your chest rise and fall with each breath I’m in total awe. How could so much love be wrapped up in such a small package? We often communicate without saying anything. I look at you from across the room and you tilt your head and give me a slow blink and turn on your rumbling purr that can be heard throughout the house. And then you walk over to me and jump up in my lap and put out your paw to pull my hand over to you. I whisper, I love you angel, and you just purr louder. Sometimes I ask you if you love me too, and you always look over at me and meow. There are those who would say you have no idea what I said or what you are responding, but you and I know different don’t we.

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on youtube.

We share a bond that can never be broken. I was so blest to have been the first voice you heard and the first thing you saw and too be chosen by you. I am still so blest that you continue to share your love with me. Everyday with you is like a little piece of heaven here on earth. I try daily to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I love you. And with each passing day my love for you only grows stronger. So Lexi, my darling angel girl, I will continue to remind you that I love you and that we will always be together. Thank you for choosing me and thank you for loving me. I am yours and you are mine till the end of time and beyond.     

Love Forever,


Well evewypawdy as you can see, mommy hijacked meez bloggy today to write a love letter to sissy. She sez she’s gunna write me one next and me can’t wait. Me knows mommy luvs me cuz she tells me all da time. But it’s gunna be gweat to get a letter fwum her all meez own. It’s da mumff of luv, so ifin yous don’t say it evewyday or even ifin you do, then take da time this mumff to wemind those in yous life dat yous luv them. And don’t furget tomowwo be Valentine’s day and da Sadie Hawkins dance over at da Tabby Cat Club. Hope to see you there.


And till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi