Lexi’s Show and Tell Birth

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous havin’ a good week so faw. Today be Bacon’s show and tell day. And Easy suggested da topic fur show and tell be all bout bein’ born. Da day of ow birff. Altho we hav told these stories afur, we didn’t hav very many furiends then so weez fawt it wuld be a good idea to tell it all again. Now me can tell sis Lexi’s stowry just like me wuz there cuz meez heard it so many times. So dat’s where weez gunna stawt. Let me set da scene fur ya’.

Mommy sez me looks good in oil paints.
Mommy sez me looks good in oil paints.

Picture it, April 1999, a very bootyful spwing day in Oklahoma. Da sun wuz shinin’, it wuz still a little cool in da meownins and there wuz still dew on da flowers and tips of da gwass. There wuz a house in da good pawt of town where there lived sevewal Egyptian Mau kitties bein’ bwed to make show kitties and pets fur peeps lookin’ fur dat kind of kitty. One such Queen wuz nearly weady to giv birff. Her peeps all got weady to go out fur da day and had been outside havin’ there meownin’ coffee. Next door lived a stay at home mom what had a big ole doggy livin’ out in hers back yawd. A foo hours after da Mau’s furmily left fur da day dat very purregnant Queen wandered into da kitchen and found da back door left ajar. She had never been on da udder side of da door, but she kuld smell da fwesh air and hear da birdies chirpin’ and callin’ to her. She sensed it might not be safe, but just kuldn’t wesist da “call of da wild.” Out fwu da cwack in da door she went. Da still dewey gwass felt stwange on hers paws and all da new smells tickled her nose. Sounds wuz comin’ fwum evewywhere and hers ears wuz dawtin’ side to side and fwunt o back. Da sun wus bwight and warm on hers black spotted and stwiped coat.

Photo courtesy of Egytian Mau.org
Photo courtesy of Egytian Mau.org

She laid down on da moist gwass and stawted cleanin’ hers paws. Just then she saw a squirrel dat had descended fwum da twee in hers yawd. He had always played happily in this yawd cuz there wuz no animals or bawkin’ doggies here. He hadn’t seen da little Mau Queen layin’ in da gwass gwoomin’. But she saw him. And instinct took over and she cwouched and wan toward da little squirrel hoo chattered and wan up da twee. Just then da little Queen heard lots of loud bawkin noises dat scared her and suddenly she kuldn’t member what to do or where to go so she headed fur da fence and up she climbed like she did on da cat twee in da house. Once at da top of da wooden picket fence she jumped down…in da neighbors yawd. Maybe she fawt she wuz back in her yawd, maybe she wuz still confused. We will never know. But after lookin’ wound a moment she laid back down in da dewey gwass. Dat wuz a lot of ‘citement fur a little Queen almost weady to giv birff.   

But she wasn’t in her yawd and she wusn’t safe. Da big doggy dat lived in this yawd saw her come over da fence and headed back wound to hims backyawd fwum da side of da house. When he got to da backyawd he wan full speed toward da little Queen. She looked up. She had never seen a doggy afur, so she didn’t know what to do. It all happened so fast. Afur she kuld move da doggy had her in hims mouff. Hims wuz gwowlin’ and shakin’ her evewy which way. She scweamed at furst and da lady of da house came wunnin’ outside to see what da commotion wuz. And as she opened da door she saw sumfin’ very tiny bein’ flung into da fence and fallin’ to da gwound. She saw dat 2 more times as she wushed to get da water hose and spway hers doggy hopin’ hims wuld welease whatever hims had in hims mouff. Da doggy took off wound to da side of da house again, and da woman went over to da fence to see what had dwopped.

I'z wuz awlwayz a liddull dibbrunt and on minez own.
I’z wuz awlwayz a liddull dibbrunt and on minez own.

There she found 3 of da tiniest little kittens she had ever seen. Knowin’ it wuz too late to save da little Queen she scooped up da kittens and took them in da house. She gwabbed a little shoebox and put da kittens in it stacked on top of one anudder. She didn’t know ifin they wuz alive or dead, but she knew she had to get them help. She gwabbed hers keys da shoebox of kitties and hers cell fone and wan out da door. She knew there wuz a wescue gwoup wiff a bottle feedin’ specialist at da Pet store dat day so she wushed to da store. By da time she weached da store, 10 minutes later; one of da kittens wuz scweamin’ weally loud. She wuz gwateful fur dat and hoped it meant they wuz okay. Into da store she wan where meez mommy heard da baby cwyin’ and wan over to meet da lady. Mommy took da tiny shoebox full of kitties and cleaned them off and put them in a bigger box and gave them a bottle afur heawin’ their hawwowin’ tale.

Da bweeder lady never contacted mommy and mommy waised those little kittys to be stwong and luvvin’. She did lose one of da kitties at 2 1/2 weeks to neurological purrawlems. She wefused to eat and so mommy had to send her to heaven. But sis Lexi and hers bwofur littermate gwu stwong and mommy found da pawsumest home fur little Cade hoo also gwu into a lawge kitty like Lexi and me. And of course Lexi stayed wiff mommy as you wead wecently in mommy’s luv letter to her. Mommy hopes Lexi  dusn’t member anyfin’ ‘bout those furst ten minutes of hers life and has dun evewyfin’ she can to show Lexi dat she be purrfect and dat she luvs her very much. And yous know what? Lexi knows it and she luvs mommy more than anyfin’ in da universe.   

Mommy sez I'z look grayt in oylz too.
Mommy sez I’z look grayt in oylz too.

Well dat be ow show and tell fur da day. Ifin yous wanna wead more birff stowries head on over to Bacon’s wight now. And till da nex time…………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi