Does Lexi Have the Zoomies

Meowllo evewypawdy and happy Caturday. Me wants to mention stwaight off dat me joined da Pet Pawade over at Rascal and Roccos. Evewy week weez join ‘em and evewy week mommy furgets to put their link in meez posty. You know sum fings oughtta go wiffout sayin’. Me can’t dictate evewyfin’. Me needs meez booty west. But me did want’cha to know dat meez joinin’ ‘em again this week along wiff many more pawsum pet blogs. Yous oughtta head over, after yous wead and comment on meez posty of course; and check ‘em out. You can go ahead and paw dat linky, it’ll open in anudder window so you can finish here furst. Smile 

 0dw Dezi lays1

So, most of ya’ know dat sissy has a Facebook page wiff hers name on it. Weez change out and make posties on each udders pages all da time, and meez bloggy goes up there evewyday. Or at least evewy time me can get mommy to take dictation. Anyways, she asked ow furiends ifin they wuld like a daily chwonicle ‘bout how she be duin’, how da meds awe workin’ and so on. Mommy wanted to keep a wecord fur hers selff and they fawt ifin ow furiends wuz innewested this wuld be a purrfect way to journal it. Well we hav da mostest pawsumest furiends in da universe and of course they all sed yes, they wanna hear all ‘bout it. So Lexi posted yesfurday after dinner and it wuz mostly borin’ cuz da day had gone purretty good. Well she spoke too soon. Yous wanna knmow why?

 0dw Dezi stretch lay

Well just let me tell ya’. It went sumfin’ like this. Mommy wuz takin’ dictation when me had to go to da pawdee box. (she shlda took dat time to add da linky to da Pet Pawade) Just as me headed back, sis Lexi came wunnin’ fwu da house like hers pants wuz on fire. She had hers tail tucked down and hers hiney all sucked up. Come on yous ladies know what meez talkin’ ‘bout when yous twyin’ to get in those jeans you wore when you wuz still a teenager?. Anyways, me had to go so me didn’t fink much ‘bout it. Maybe hers meds is givin’ hers da zoomies. Well me wuz in da pawdee box twyin’ to do meez businesss and me heard mommy say, “Oh Lexi. It’s okay sweety, accidents happen. Let me help ya’. Honey, don’t run off. Wait!! Stop!!” but did sissy wait or stop? Nope hers whizzed past me and into da udder pawdee box hers went wiff mommy hot on hers heels.  

 0dw Lexi side view

Lexi: Well Dezi ledid me tell ya’ sumfin’, derz nubbin’ okay bowt dat smell or feelin’ or habbin’ a ji-unt chayzin abter ya’ wiv a wad ov toylit payper cuz sumfin’ beez hayngin’ frum youz hinee-bow. Itz jiz down rite im-bayrizun. Jiz cuz youz doo it awl da time duzunt meen I’z wanna habz a tern.         

 dw Dezi in cat bed

Well sissy me dusn’t like it, but it just happens sumtimes wiff all meez fur. At least yous not hav all da bwitches me has. Anyways, wiff all this commotion goin’ on it’s a wunnew me wuz able to handle meez business. Altho’ guess me spoke too soon. Cuz da nex fing me heard wuz mommy hollewin’, “Oh My Bloomin’ Cat!!!! Cant’t either of you hit the pawdee box? Me had a little stickin’ purrawlem too, and it fell off to da floor when me jumped outta da pawdee box. And…..pawently mommy went and stepped in it. (snickers) Okay yous wight, it wusn’t funny (chuckles under her breath). Poor mommy. All she wuz twyin’ to do wuz hav a cup of hot coffee. And she’s almost out. Da only fing we can say to dat is, why shuld we change how ow house wuns just cuz yous at da bottom of da coffee can mommy. Ifin yous been followin’ eever of us fur anytime yous know dat mommy rarely if ever gets to sit down and hav a whole cup of fwesh hot coffee. Well mommy had a big ole mess to clean up in da pawdee box woom cuz of course mw didn’t hit da piddle pads eever. And of course after mommy stepped in it and smooshed it evewywhere it wusn’t gunna be an easy job. No, don’t worry weez not hav any fotos of this. Poor mommy wuz gwossed out she wuldn’t subject yous all to it. And all this happened in da foo hours after Lexi posted hers update on Facebook. Hope all of you hav fings movin’ nowmally and not be havin’ dirty bloomers fur yous mommys to clean. And we hope yous hav a pawsum Caturday.  

Till da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi