Companies Coming

OMC Me gives mommy an inch and hers takes a mile. Meowllo evewypawdy, happy TCIF (Thank Cat It’s Furiday). When we last left you da lectwicians had finally got all ow wires uncwossed and put back togedder to giv us power again and we wuz havin’ company comin’ hoo wuz bwingin’ us a big supwise. We did get mommy to visit a hunnewed and sum of ow furiends bloggys yesfurday, but she wusn’t up fur takin’ dictation so we kuld make a posty owselves. Sumtimes it’s weally hawd fur a cat to get good help. We know lots of ya’ know zactly what weez talkin’ ‘bout. Oh me knows we shuld cut hers sum slack after all even tho’ she wusn’t up fur takin’ dat dictation she wuz all ‘bout givin’ us luvvin’ and she did let us visit sum of ow blog furiends. And da weason she wuz down wuz cuz she had overdid it fur us. Mommy did get a little more cleanin’ dun afur ow company came, but she didn’t get to evewyfin’. She sez she’s savin’ sum of it fur spwing. MOL

 0dw Dezi lays br2

Anyways, Wednesday came and mommy had hoped to get wound a little earlier than normal. Of course dat didn’t happen. And as always we knew sumfin’ wuz up, and did evewyfin’ we kuld to distwact her. Kulda had sumfin’ to do wiff da fact dat hers wuz puttin’ on hers “purretty” face. Me had to get in on dat action. Me luvs mommys makeup. Hers bwushes awe so soft, and da powder feels so good. And of course when she’s twyin’ to draw a stwaight line wound hers eyes wiff dat tiny little bwush me has to nose bump hers awm. She needs dat extwa luvvin’ and help. And then just when she wuz makin’ hers lashes blacker than black da fone wang and it wuz ow company. They wuz a little bit lost and a lot early. 

Can me help you mommy? Me wuld like sum powder too.
Can me help you mommy? Me wuld like sum powder too.

See GPS never weally worked here in ow town, but a foo years back we went fwu dat e-911 addwess change dat a lot of towns and cities did, so dat emergency workers kuld find you ifin yous wus usin’ a cell fone. Yeah wight!!! Now nopawdy can find anypawdy and evewypawdy has to pay da tax man. When there’s a gawage sale in town now, da listin’ in da newspaper tells da name of da purrsun havin’ da sale, not their addwess. Udderwise nopawdy wuld come; cuz they wuldn’t be able to find ‘em. Aaaaah da joys of small town livin’. MOL Anyways meez getting’ off twack again. Mommy had told ow company to be sure and purrogwam ow nummer into their fone so hers kuld giv them diwections or go and meet them and let them follow hers to ow house. So mommy wuz twyin’ to giv them diwections and put on hers mascawa at da same time. Till hers got black stuff all over da place. You know mommy has dawk circles and jumbo luggage wound hers eyes anyways, she dusn’t need anymowe black. She finally wealized hers kuldn’t do boff at da same time, and just talked on da fone and helped them find us. When mommy got up to wave out da door, me got da message dat sumpawdy wuz comin’ and they wuz here.  

 0dw Lexi wheelchair cu

Well after da last 2 days of stinky sweaty men bein’ in ow house cuttin’ da lectwicity and stompin’ back and forff fwu ow house, me kuldn’t magin’ just hoo wuz comin’ up da walk nex so me took off fur pawts unknown. Better known as UTB. It wusn’t long afur me heard da voices of women chattewin’ and laffin’ and then me saw mommys feet headin’ toward da bed. And then me heard sis Lexi let out hers twademawk Hisssssssss and whine. And mommy sayin’, “Oh honey it’s okay. Don’t you wanna meet awnty Ann? She’s come all this way to meet you and bring you a surprise. And sissy let out anudder Hisssss and low wumbly growl. Don’t know when mommy’s gunna get it fwu hers fick skull dat weez not get nearly as ‘cited as fast as her. But then me heard those girly voices cooin’ over Lexi and tellin’ hers how purretty she wuz and what gawjus eyes she had and hers wespondin’ wiff a foo more hisses and growls. Now as you all know she ain’t got no teeff so it’s not like she wuz gunna bite anypawdy, she just wanted to show off hers technique. And then da hissin’ and growlin’ stopped.  And sis Lexi joined me, UTB. Whew…it’s all over.  

What'cha gettin' weady fur mommy?
What’cha gettin’ weady fur mommy?

And then…there wuz mommys hands gwabbin’ onto me. OMC Meez had to show off too, so me Hissed da biggest hiss me kuld get out to show meez dispurrleasure. Then mommy sed in dat voice, you know da one, so sugawy sweet it’s posed to mask da bad fing dat’s comin’. “Oh Dezi you’re way too purretty to be actin’ like this. I promise you’re going to love awnty Ann and hers furiend.” And against meez purrotests down da hall to da livin’ room we went. And then me saw them, 2 very purretty ladies; lookin’ down da hall at me and cooin’. Aha Take dat sissyfur, they fink meez bootyful too and dat me has gawjus eyes too. And then they offered soft hands and stawted pettin’ me. Well this ain’t so bad after all. At least they’re much purretier than da lectwic men. They smell better too. So when mommy put me down me had to show off meez belly and meez rollin’ in da nip nana technique. And me had to check out da new purrses in da house. Not nearly big nuff to hold me, but they did hav sum innewestin’ smells. So me had to add meez own smell to those dat wuz alweady there. Hmmmpht When they get back home their furries awe gunna know dat they cheated fur sure. Meez gunna make certain of dat. MOL  

Isn't mommys new coffee cup cute? It sez it all purrfectly.
Isn’t mommys new coffee cup cute? It sez it all purrfectly.

Awnty Ann had bwought us a package of glitter balls and sum of those pawsum shwimpy tweats. Even mommy got a gift. Hers got a weally cute Cat Mom coffee cup. Yous know what dat means don’tcha? Mommy’s gunna want to hav a whole cup of hot coffee outta hers new mug. They visited a little more and then took mommy to lunch. Since hers went wiff udder hoomans, mommy let me hav da time off to stay home wiff sis Lexi and play. And play me did. Just wait’ll you see what else we got. Yous gotta wait just a little longer cuz mommy wants to get just da purrfect fotos and all da infurmation hers needs to help me wiff dat posty. Anyways, when mommy came home she came bwingin’ us a pizza. They took mommy to da Pizza Hut and also ordered Lexi and me ow very own pepperoni pizza. It wuz soooo delishus. Fank you sooooooo much awnty Ann, fur evewyfin’. We know we wusn’t on ow bestest behavior, but we do hope yous will come back and see us sumtime. Mommy had a gweat time and wuz so happy to hav met you in purrsun.

We got ow very own pizza.
We got ow very own pizza.

We hav a ticket to BlogPaws in Nashville where we kuld meet even more of ow furiends. We sure hope we can get da gween papers togedder to rent a caw and get a room fur those 3 days. Mommy sez hers might twy to hav an auction of sum sort to waise da munny, cuz we weally wanna go. And it wuld be weally pawsum ifin we kuld go and ifin we wuz to win a Nose to Nose award. Nominations awe open fwu tomowwo, so ifin yous not nominated yous favowits, purrlease take a foo minutes and do dat now. And ifin you fink we deserve to win, we wuld be honored to hav yous nomination. There awe quite a foo categories we might qualify fur. As fur ow postys, we fink ow series on UTI’s wuz good as well as sum of ow udder educational posties. But you might hav anudder favowit dat you wuld like to nominate. Maybe you liked one of ow funny twainin’ postys ‘bout me runnin’ us into da wall in da wheelchair, or meez affinity fur da fone. Weez wuld just be honored fur yous consideration. As fur ow fotos, mommy sez dat evewy foto of us is wunnewful but she’s ow mommy and wuld fink dat. So ifin yous like one or da udder and wuld like to nominate them, purrlease do. Yous just hav to click on it to get da addwess to put on da form. Yous can copy and paste it fwum da addwess baw acwoss da top.

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Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Who’s The Fraidy Cat?

Meowllo everypawdy, how ya’ duin’? OMC Yous awe never gunna believ what happened here yesfurday. Ifin we didn’t hav da fotos to purrove it we wuldn’t believ it owselves. MOL As yous know we wuz waitin’ ‘wound fur da lectwician dat wuz posed to come and fix ow livin’ room light and da dinin’ room outlet. Well by 3:00 mommy wuz a little fwustwated dat we had wasted almost a whole day and nuffin. Da manager hadn’t gone in to da office all day so no point and twyin’ to call her.

Iz dat himz mommy?
Iz dat himz mommy?

So mommy called da lectwicians office. And sum squirrely girly answered (no offense to me squirrel furiends, mind ya’) and sed, “well now they were only suppose to give an estimate. Let me call ‘em and see if anyone is going to come out today.” Mommy sed, “Uh No! They’re suppose to be fixing whatever’s wrong, that’s what I was told last week.” And squirrely girly sed, “well, I could’ve been mistaken, let me check and I’ll have somebody call you back.” And so after they hung up mommy purromptly called da management company and asked to speak to da vice purresident, Luis. Yous all member hims wight? Well hims wuz backpeddlin’ all da way and sayin’ yeah they wuz posed to fix it and they wuz posed to be out, and hims wuld call Cayla wight now and hav her take care of it and let mommy know wight away what hims finds out.  

Himz nawt kwite az skaree az I'z fawt himz wood beez.
Himz nawt kwite az skaree az I’z fawt himz wood beez.

Well ‘bout a half hour passes and hims finally calls back and sez dat da lectwician shuld be here wiffin da hour. As soon as they finish up on da job they’re on, they’re headin’ ow way. So mommy asks hims, “Are they going to fix whatever’s wrong, or just give and estimate?” Yep, get yous waders on cuz here we go again. “Uh well” hims sez. “They’re suppose to fix it if it’s reasonable. You know some people go, oh an apartment complex…I’ll charge them $3000.00 dollars.” Purrlease, like we fell off a turnip twuck yesfurday. Hmmpht And then hims tells mommy dat hims will be goin’ home at 5, but to call him today (what wulda been tomowwo, yesfurday) and let hims know what happened.  

Jiz in kayz I'z gunna stay rite heer by youz mommy.
Jiz in kayz I’z gunna stay rite heer by youz mommy.

Finally a little after 4 da lectwician showed up. Hims stawted takin’ apawt everyfin’. Da light fixture is hangin’ fwum da ceilin’ and da switch panels awe stickin’ out da wall and wires be goin’ everywhere. Mommy wuz twyin’ to hav a email conversation wiff one of meez bloggy furiends mommy ‘bout sis Lexi and hers disease, and…POP…da lectwicity went off. Da puter went black. (da battery won’t hold a charge) “Ooooooops” hims sez, “I didn’ mean to do that.” Well 2 hours later da livin’ room light was workin’ but dat wuz ‘bouot all. And ow fureezer wuz now bein’ contwolled by da light switch in da livin’ room dat wuz posed to contwol da fan. OMC Hims told mommy dat hims wuld hav to come back in da meownin’ (today) and finish. Mommy asked hims what time him wuld be comin’ and he told hers wound 8 or 8:30 a.m.. No sleepin’ fur us. Or shuld me say no sleepin’ fur mommy. She’s so tired, but hers wants this  fixed afur sumfin’ happens. She sez we wuz flooded out last summer, weez not wanna be burned out too.

Whut happund? Noze pooter?
Whut happund? Noze pooter?

Well after hims left we twied getting’ on da puter, but mommy’s eyes wuz so heavy hers kep noddin’ off. Since she kuldn’t chance fallin’ asleep we turned off da puter and just watched teevee and played. Later, when mommy went to get sis Lexi’s medicine she discovered dat da lectwicity runnin’ to da fureezzer had gone out. OMC Awe yous kiddin’ me. So here mommy wu runnin’ wound da house lookin’ fur an extension cord so weez kuld plug it into an outlet we knew worked. Fureezer chillin’ again, and mommy got Lexi hers meds and weez went back to chillin’ ourselves.

Whut arr day dooin'? Didunt da udder man awlredee doo dat?
Whut arr day dooin’? Didunt da udder man awlredee doo dat?

Bwight and early a little after 8 this meownin’ there wuz da lectwician(s). Yep yous wead dat wight, 2 lectwicians, and neever wuz da man fwum last night. These wuz 2 yung men. We hadn’t even had ow bwekky yet. And mommy hadn’t had a fwesh cup of coffee yet eever. Uh Oh But yous know what? Da same fing happened today as last night. What yous ask? Lexi. Yep miss run and hide, I’z not like stwangers, just plopped hers self wight down in da livin’ room to watch all da happennins. Me told ya’ yous wuldn’t believ it. Weez wuz shocked. Least mommy wuz, cuz guess where me wuz? Nope, furiendly me, da life of da pawty, never met a stwanger me wuz nowhere to be found. Me took off like lightnin’ and hid. Now me didn’t come out at all last night, but me did eventually come out today. These men wuz purretty nice and they spoke to mommy wiff wespect and kindness, and so me came out to fank ‘em. Da lectwicians wuldn’t hav their fotos taken wiff us, but mommy got lots of fotos of Lexi hangin’ while they wuz workin’. Anyways, weez got power again, and everyfin’ is workin’ where it’s posed too, so weez happy kitties again. Specially since it’s in da mid 70’s today and weez weally need dat ceiin’ fan.

Well I'z hoep day heree cuz I'z relee wanna eat minez brekkee..
Well I’z hoep day heree cuz I’z relee wanna eat minez brekkee.

So we hope yous enjoy da fotos and weez purromiss weez’ll be visitin’ wiff you all again soon. Mommy hadn’t finished cleanin’ da udder day, and they made a bit of a mess so weez gotta finish getting’ weady fur company, cuz they’ll be here tomowwo bwingin’ purrezzies. Don’t worry weez gunna take lots of fotos, so ifin weez not see ya’ afur then, take care and we be ketchin’ up soon. 

All this commotion upset meez tummy and me had to hav sum gwass.
All this commotion upset meez tummy and me had to hav sum gwass.

Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Waitin’ and Watchin’

Meowllo everypawdy, hope yous had a pawsumly blest Sunday. As ya’ know, cuz me told ya’, we took da day off yesfurday. Dat is sissy and me took da day off fwum puter work so dat mommy kuld do housework. Mommy keeps sayin’ one of these days hers gunna figger out how to twain us to run da cawpet monster and mop. Hmmmmm Seems to moi she’s gunna hav to twain sis Lexi not to run fwum da cawpet monster furst. We keep meowin’ at her dat she needs one of those little wobots what goes wound da house on a schedule all by itselff. Me finks we wuld be glad to help wiff dat one. Anyways, we took da day off and mommy didn’t get nearly as much dun as she needed too. Duz dat happen to you and wiff yous hoomans? Mommy sez yet again sumfin’ bout dat road and good intentions. 

Did youz need too beez dooin' sumfin' elz tooday mommy?
Did youz need too beez dooin’ sumfin’ elz tooday mommy?

Mommy at least got da vacuumin’ dun and hawd fake wood floors swept and halff da lawndwy dun. And then when we got up this meownin’ there wuz 4 new gwass fwo up spots fur her to clean up. Seems ow tummies wuz a little upset yesfurday and we ate extwa gwass and well…it did what it wuz posed to do and up it came. And of course we looked fur da clean spot stead of da piddle pads dat mommy hopes will dubble as fwo up pads. At least they wusn’t in da diwect paff of da wheelchair. we did look fur a little out of da way spot. Ain’t we fawtfull? 

Did yous mean to be cleanin' mommy?
Did yous mean to be cleanin’ mommy?

Now today weez waitin’ wound here on da lectwician to come out and fix ow light/fan fixture and outlet. Mommy did manage to get fings moved wound enuff so dat they can get to what they need to in order to fix dat. And weez gunna be needin’ dat new ceilin’ fan this week cuz weez in fur a kupple days in da 70’s. Can yous believ dat? 70’s WooHoo More stwollin’ wedder. And one of those days weez havin’ company. So looks like weez gunna be a hit and miss this week wiff ow visitin’, but we purrawmiss to hunker down nex week and get all caught up again. By da way, weez hangin’ at da Tabby Cat Club today fur Australia day hosted by ow pawsum mates Dinnermintz and Pickles. So head on over there and check it all out. We even went scuba divin’ wiff a giant turtle. And just so ya’ know, most of da fotos today be why mommy didn’t get any more dun yesfurday than hers did. But mommy sez she wuldn’t hav twaded da day fur nuffin’ in da world. In da meantime weez waitin’ and watchin’ fur da lectwic man.   

Diz iz a pawsum partee Dinnermintz and Pickles. Faynkz fur inbitin' us.
Diz iz a pawsum partee Dinnermintz and Pickles. Faynkz fur inbitin’ us.

Till da nex time………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Busy Blest Sunday

Meowllo and a very Blest Sunday to yous all. Hope yous all enjoyed hearin’ ‘bout Lexi’s day wiff mommy. Me will tell ya’ she hasn’t stopped meowin’ ‘bout it. Since she’s gotten older she dusn’t always enjoy goin’ places wiff mommy anymore. You know all da peeps and da noises and da long days. But even tho’ hers had to go to da Vet da same day, she weally did enjoy hers day out wiff mommy. Noise and peeps and all. Altho’ she did complain ‘bout not getting’ da tweats everywhere she went like me duz. Well dat’s cuz they went to udder places than where me gets tweats. Altho’ mommy did buy sum tweats so she didn’t do wiffout, and we got bacon too. Don’t nopawdy worry ‘bout dat now. Mommy makes sure dat one of us dusn’t get sum kinda goody dat da udder dusn’t. She’s weally good like dat. And OMC Weez always furget to put da linky up fur da Pet Parade hosted by ow pawsum furiends Rascal and Rocco. Yous guys awe so amazin’. Yous never get mad at us or yell at us or nuffin’. Fank Catness mommy has yous linky in ow sidebaw, but we join every week, so paw on over and check out all da udder pawsum pets there, and da featured blog. It’s always a gweat one.

Pet Parade banner new

Anyways, even tho’ weez not zactly got good news fwum da Vet, we awe still blest. Sis Lexi’s condition is in da very early stages. And mommy has learned how to give hers da medicine so dat it dusn’t upset hers tummy and make hers fwo up hers meals. And Lexi’s eatin’ again. Da only fing more we kuld ask is dat God heal Lexi. And we know dat may sound like weez bein’ gweedy, but when it comes to Lexi and me, mommy sez there’s nuffin’ she wuldn’t do fur us. So ifin she has to be gweedy…so be it.  


Now yous might be wunnewin’ why weez got a busy day today. Well let me tell ya’. Member da lectwical outlet and livin’ room light dat went out da udder day? Well, da lectwicians awe comin’ Monday to fix da wirin’. And well da outlet dat’s been affected is in da dinin’ room and da light/fan is in da livin’ room. NO! They’re not suppose to be tied togedder in any way, but they awe. Da maintenance man came down Fursday to twy to mess everyfin’ up even worse, and mommy wefused to let hims do da work. See all work purrfurmed here like dat is posed to be dun by a licensed purrfessional. And da maintenance man is weally diswespectful to everypawdy, not just us. Dat bein’ sed, weez gotta move sum stuffs wound so dat da lectwician can get to everyfin’ to get it fixed.

  0dw Lexi floral heart

And then on Wednesday weez havin’ company. Now yous might be sayin’ to yous selff, company; so what?. Why awe you busy cuz of company? And fur dat matter what do weez care dat yous havin’ company? Well, we don’t hav company very offen, but this isn’t just anypawdy. It’s one of ow pawsum Facebook awnties. And she’s bwingin’ us a purresent. She even mentioned she might take mommy out to lunch while she wuz here. Don’t worry weez awe gunna take fotos. And mommy sez dat Lexi and me might even get pawt of da day off cuz she will be wiff anudder purrsun. Mommy dusn’t get to go out very offen, but when it duz happen she likes to let us hav sum time to do whatever we wanna. Altho’ a purrsun might not be able to alert to mommy dat hers gunna pass out, they can keep an eye on her ifin she duz, and take hers to a hospital ifin she’s be gushin’ blood. Now mind you, weez not mind workin’ at all. But mommy sez dat we work hawd and we deserve to play hawd. And dat since we live wiff hers and she’s almost always home then weez always on “duty”. and she sez dat everypawdy/kitty/doggy deserves a little time off every now and then.

 0dw Dezi abstract heart

So da busy is house cleanin’. Tween mommy bein’ sick and Lexi’s issues since Fanksgivin’, mommy has kind of let fings go a bit and so she wants to stwaighten up and get da house fixed up a bit. And since it usually takes a lot out of her and she passes out quite a foo times whn she duz it and it takes a day or 2 to wecuppuerrate, then she wants to do it now so she’ll be okay and weady to visit on Wednesday. We haven’t gotten completely caught up, but wnuff so dat mommy can take a day off to work wound da house. So weez might not get to visit today, but weez’ll see ya’ soon. And again, weez wanna fank yous all fur bein’ ow furiends and supportin’ us and luvvin’ us. We awe so twuly blest to hav you all in ow lives. And we wanna fank Timmy, hims daddy Mr. Pete and hims furmily fur puttin’ sum gween papers in ow PayPal account fur sis Lexi’s care. 

 0dw Lexi n Dezi Love hearts

And member back when we wuz havin’ all da pawtment purrawlems and ow sweet furiend Nellie and hers mommy Miss Barbie gave us a amazon gift cawd and told mommy to buy sumfin’ fwivolous wiff it? Well hers finally ‘cided on what she wuld get and it went on sale, and it’s here. Mommy bought a 2 TB external hawd dwive so she can store all da fotos and stuffs she wants wiffout havin’ to worry ‘bout cwashin’ da puter or slowin’ it down by takin’ up all it’s memowy. So weez sure do fank you again fur da gift cawd as we learned weal quick weez not wanna be wiffout a puter ever again. Herz still likes da fumm dwive stuffs cuz dat’s faw more purrtable but this be a pawsum way fur mommy to snap da flashy box even more and not hav to worry. Weez hope yous all hav a pawsum weekend, and stay warm (or cool Fozziemum).

And till da nex time………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi