A Walk On The Wild Side

Happy New Year!!!  Hope you all had a fun and safe New Years Eve.  And dat there awen’t too many headaches today.  Me has anudder Chewy.com weview.  Cuz of da holidays and sum mix ups we didn’t get ow box till this week, so we didn’t hav da chance to twy ow udder item out weally well till last night.  We got a bag of Primal Freeze Dried Beef Liver Munchies.  Now we had hoped to twy da turkey cat food cuz we don’t weally go fur da liver noms.  So we wuz gunna wecwuit Buddy fur this weview but it wuz too cold fur mommy to get out and up to hims pawtment. MOL  It wuz only 21 degwees.  But da wedder app sed it felt like 17, and mommy sed it sure did.  So anyways back to da tweats.  Mommy opened da bag and of course as wiff most fweeze dwied tweats they wuz a little bigger than kitty bite size.  So mommy bwoke a piece up and gave it to me.  Me did zackly what mommy spected, and walked away.  So as fur me, no surpwise, all paws down.  Next it wuz sis Lexi’s turn.  Again mommy took a piece and bwoke it up into smaller pieces and Lexi went in fur da smell.  She ate a foo bites and left da rest.  So paws up fwum Lexi.  

0dw Dezi Primal chewy box review 12-14

dw Primal treats

Now how ’bout fwum mommy.  Da ingwedients awe weal simple, just Beef Liver.  Dat always makes mommy happy when da ingwedient list is readable and limited.  It’s a nice 2 ounce package so dat makes mommy happy too.  They come in several diffewent flavors, and awe weasonably purriced fur whatcha’ get.  So they do make mommy happy.  But not sumfin’ she wuld buy, since we wo’t scawff ’em down.  They awe good fur boff kitties and doggies since they only hav da one ingwedient.  You can check ’em out here, and all da udder pawsum fings Chewy has.  Now we didn’t get any gween papers fur this, just da bag of tweats.  And as you can tell fwum ow weview dat didn’t sway ow opinion not one bit.  When it warms up a little weez gunna let Buddy giv ’em a twy.  And fur those of you hoo awe new here, Buddy is ow furiend here at da pawtments.  Hims lives wiff hims daddy a foo pawtments away.  

dw Lexi Primal treat

Well meez gunna wrap it up fur today and let you all enjoy da new year.  Hope yous all hav a pawsum day.  

Till da nex time………..Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi