Blest Sunday in Winter

Meowllo everypawdy and a happy Blest Sunday. Sure hope yous enjoyed seein’ sissy play yesfurday. Mommy sez hers always luvs to see us hav a good time. Well as you know ow puter’s been duin’ lots of updatin’ and weez been duin’ a  lot of we-installin’ lately so weez not only got behind in Blogville, but we haven’t been on Facebook as much eever. We finally got da chance da udder day to visit wiff ow Facebook furiends and we had a message on sis Lexi’s page. Da message wuz askin’ us to share a posty/page, but da foto wuz horrific. Me had planned to make a winter posty alweady but when mommy saw da foto she knew we had to do it soon. After a lot of leaks fwum mommy’s eyes she closed da message and we didn’t share it. Dat dusn’t mean we won’t share yous pages or udders fur dat matter, but mommy likes to keep ow pages rated G. Mommy almost kuldn’t handle da foto, we fur sure wuldn’t want sum of ow younger followers to see dat.

 dw Dezi selfielap

Meez joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur a Selfie on Sunday.

Yes, we do agwee dat sumtimes and fur sum peeps “shock” and gore is da only fing dat makes them unnewstand. But we know we hav sum very caring and intelligent furiends dat not hav to be shocked and horrified. It’s winter and it’s cold outside. We fink most of you use common sense when it comes to yous pets and da gweat outdoors. But this posty isn’t ‘bout yous furries dat be curled up beside you now and stayin’ warm, it’s ‘bout all those furries dat not hav a home or warmff. It’s ‘bout all da ferals and abandoned furries. Twust me, they wuldn’t hav chosen to be out in this wedder. It wuz a hooman sumwhere along da way dat be wesponsible fur them bein’ outside. And now it be up to da hoomans to help take care of them. It makes us so sad and angwy to fink ‘bout all da furries havin’ to live outside, specially in sum aweas dat be pawfully cold. 

 feral cat car

So we fawt dat we wuld share a foo “winter tips” wiff you to make it better fur all. Purrlease member to knock on da hood of yous car afur you get in and turn it on. Kitties awe out there lookin’ fur warmff anywhere they can find it. Da foto we won’t be showin’ you all wuz da wesult of a kitty sleepin’ in da engine awea of a car dat wusn’t checked first. Ifin you hav ferals or abandoned animals in yous awea, purrlease help them ifin you can. Check and see ifin there’s a TNR purrogwam in yous awea and if so, contact them fur assistance. Fwesh dwinkin’ water and a bowl of food wuld be weally pureciated as prey gets even more scarce in da winter, and huntin’ becomes hawder. And each winter is da first one sum kitties be spendin’ out there.

 feral cat shelter instructions

There awe sevewal options fur purrvidin’ a warm shelter fur them to escape da elements. They can even be made fwum every cats favowit, a box. Tape it up and make a entwy a foo inches fwum da bottom and cover it wiff a heavy duty plastic twash bag. Tape dat up also and add straw or shwedded newspaper fur warmff and insulation. There awe so many udder options and even sum you can buy pwe made. Yous can add heat wiff wiff heatin’ pads, etc.. Be sure to keep them cleaned out and use fwesh beddin’ offen. Ifin at all pawssible place da shelter in an awea where it be purrtected fwum da elements but also away fwum twaffic so dat a skeered feral will use it. Be careful wiff da antifweeze too as it be toxic. These awe just a foo fings dat will help da outside kitties and yous winter go a little smoother.

We awe so glad we hav a furever home and a mommy hoo luvs us very much. A warm place to lay ow heads and full plates to fill ow bellies. And all of ow wunnewful furiends. Fank you all. We awe twuly blest.

Till da nex time………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi