Was That The V-E-T

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous havin’ a gweat Monday. We held meez posty today till we kulld talk to da VET ‘bout sis Lexi. Well it appears dat based on hers symptoms hims finkin’ it might be sumfin’ like hers thyroid or diabetes. Now of course weez purrayin’ dat it just be da picky temperamental actions of an old gal wantin’ hers way. Mommy sez she wuld be much happier wiff dat diagnosis than anyfin’ els. Anyways, she be goin’ in to see da doctor tomowwo at 2:30 CST. We sure wuld purreciate all yous purrayers fur a clean bill of healff, and a weasonable chawge. We ain’t made of gween papers and don’t hav any to spare so weez hopin’ all’s good and we can get outta there fur less than ow allowable $100.00 chawge.

 0dw Lexi standing on cat tree

In udder news, ifin yous weplied to a comment me made on yous bloggy and me hasn’t wesponded to yous then purrlease furgiv me. WordPress has been makin’ more changes to meez bloggy wiffout askin’ first and everyfin’ be a little wonky. Miss Bev wrote all ‘bout it da udder day, and we agwee wiff hers, ifin it ain’t bwoke…don’t fix it. Yous know all these updates don’t make fings better or easier, just hawder and more confusin’. But blogger dusn’t seem to be any better. Meez been purrovin’ meez not a wobot fur so long now dt meez actually stawtin’ to feel like one. Yes we know lots of you can just ignore it and it’ll post yous comment. But weez usin’ ow wordpress ID and not google, twitter or facebook, so it won’t let us ignore it. Da more we twy, da hawder da captchas get.

 0dw Dezi robot

Weez just happened to be visitin’ CK when we made this video, but it’s not just hers, it’s most of da blogger bloggys. We just fawt we wuld show ya’ dat weez can’t ignore it. So dat’s why when we do get behind altho’ weez wead all you back postys we only comment on da one. Hopefully this captcha fingy will be over soon.

Fur sum weason there awe a foo blogger bloggys out there dat don’t hav da captcha at all. Weez not sure why, but weez sure do like it. And weez also not getting’ ow Cat Blogospere emails, so ifin weez missed one of yous purrtant days, weez very sorry, weez twyin’ to get all caught up. But tween mommys head and sis Lexi’s tummy, weez fallen a bit short and behind. Purrlease bear wiff us cuz a Vet visit means weez’ll be behind again tomowwo. MOL Weez beginnin’ to fink this be like sleep, once yous miss it, yous can’t ever ketch up. Anyways here’s to a gweat week and blessings to all. 

 0dw Dezi lays fireplace1

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi