Will You Join?

Meowllo everpawdy, happy Furiday!!! Da weekend is here. Do yous hav plans? It’s warmed up a bit fur us and da sunpuddles awe out and weez enjoyin’ every minute of it. Mommy sez she has da mudder of all migwaines but she’s still gunna twy to take Lexi and me fur a stwoll this weekend. See she has these migwaines all da time, but sumtimes they build up and get weally bad, and she’s been fightin’ this one all week and hopin’ it wuldn’t bawge on da scene, but it did. It hit full furce yesfurday. Anyways, we wusn’t gunna post today cuz of it, but when checkin’ ow emails we came acwoss sumfin’ dat we fawt needed to be shared. Now lots of you purrawlly got da same email, after all weez all animal luvvers and purrawlly get a lot of da same mails. But just in case yous didn’t and fur those dat don’t get emails fwum da ASPCA we ‘cided to post.   

 0dw Dezi on chair arm

As you know we got into social media cuz da ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act-Department) changed da definition of a Service Animal and we wanted to bwing light and educate peeps dat dogs awen’t da only Service Animals out there. And while da ADA has yet to follow any of ow accounts or change da definition back, we hav succeeded in educatin’ lots of peeps. So we do see dat as a win. Altho’ there awe many injustices wiff wegards to anipals dat go on everyday much worse than ow plight. Laws need to be changed and stiffer penalties fur those dat abuse, neglect, and abandon anipals. Da study of Psychology sez dat murderers offen stawt out when they’re childwen by abusin’ animals. And even as purrgwessive as we awe today and as faw as weez come as a society, animals awe still seen as fwo away purr-opurrty. (not by everpawdy, but by a lot).

 0dw Lexi mommys lap C-U

There awe still aweas of this world dat hav dog fights, cock fights, indiscwiminate bweedin’, and so much more. How do we change this? What can we do ‘bout it? We all fink weez just one voice wiff no power. But when we band togedder weez lot of voices and weez be roarin’ loud and purroud fur da welfare of animals everywhere. Alone we might not make a diffewence, but togedder we can’t be stopped. Da ASPCA has put togedder a list of fings you can do fwu social media to help change da wongs dun to animals. First, follow da lawmakers in yous awea on their social media pages, they’ve all got ’em. And when yous hav a cause dat needs addwessin’, post it to their Facebook page, tweet it to them, email them. And get udders to do da same. They sure don’t mind buggin’ you when they want elected or munny. While they might not be checkin’ their pages themselves, in this day and age, there is sumpawdy on their staff moniterin’ it. And enuff voices can cause a change.


Click da here to read it.

Yes we know there’s always a petition sumwhere wantin’ yous signature. And dat’s gweat ifin you wanna sign ‘em, but it dusn’t hav to stop there. Ifin yous weally believ in a cause and yous blog ‘bout it, tweet yous blog posty to da lawmakers, and get udders on board to do da same. Togedder we will make this planet better fur all of us. Will you join yous voice wiff ours to make a better tomowwo fur all da animals?    

 0dw Dezi at computer looking back

Till da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses    

Dezi and Lexi