Waitin’ and Watchin’

Meowllo everypawdy, hope yous had a pawsumly blest Sunday. As ya’ know, cuz me told ya’, we took da day off yesfurday. Dat is sissy and me took da day off fwum puter work so dat mommy kuld do housework. Mommy keeps sayin’ one of these days hers gunna figger out how to twain us to run da cawpet monster and mop. Hmmmmm Seems to moi she’s gunna hav to twain sis Lexi not to run fwum da cawpet monster furst. We keep meowin’ at her dat she needs one of those little wobots what goes wound da house on a schedule all by itselff. Me finks we wuld be glad to help wiff dat one. Anyways, we took da day off and mommy didn’t get nearly as much dun as she needed too. Duz dat happen to you and wiff yous hoomans? Mommy sez yet again sumfin’ bout dat road and good intentions. 

Did youz need too beez dooin' sumfin' elz tooday mommy?
Did youz need too beez dooin’ sumfin’ elz tooday mommy?

Mommy at least got da vacuumin’ dun and hawd fake wood floors swept and halff da lawndwy dun. And then when we got up this meownin’ there wuz 4 new gwass fwo up spots fur her to clean up. Seems ow tummies wuz a little upset yesfurday and we ate extwa gwass and well…it did what it wuz posed to do and up it came. And of course we looked fur da clean spot stead of da piddle pads dat mommy hopes will dubble as fwo up pads. At least they wusn’t in da diwect paff of da wheelchair. we did look fur a little out of da way spot. Ain’t we fawtfull? 

Did yous mean to be cleanin' mommy?
Did yous mean to be cleanin’ mommy?

Now today weez waitin’ wound here on da lectwician to come out and fix ow light/fan fixture and outlet. Mommy did manage to get fings moved wound enuff so dat they can get to what they need to in order to fix dat. And weez gunna be needin’ dat new ceilin’ fan this week cuz weez in fur a kupple days in da 70’s. Can yous believ dat? 70’s WooHoo More stwollin’ wedder. And one of those days weez havin’ company. So looks like weez gunna be a hit and miss this week wiff ow visitin’, but we purrawmiss to hunker down nex week and get all caught up again. By da way, weez hangin’ at da Tabby Cat Club today fur Australia day hosted by ow pawsum mates Dinnermintz and Pickles. So head on over there and check it all out. We even went scuba divin’ wiff a giant turtle. And just so ya’ know, most of da fotos today be why mommy didn’t get any more dun yesfurday than hers did. But mommy sez she wuldn’t hav twaded da day fur nuffin’ in da world. In da meantime weez waitin’ and watchin’ fur da lectwic man.   

Diz iz a pawsum partee Dinnermintz and Pickles. Faynkz fur inbitin' us.
Diz iz a pawsum partee Dinnermintz and Pickles. Faynkz fur inbitin’ us.

Till da nex time………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi