Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy and a blest Sunday to ya’. Mommy, Lexi and me got an invitation of sorts in da email da udder day, but well as wiff most stuff tech, mommy didn’t quite unnewstand it and then we furgot and missed it. What wuz it you ask? Well  it wuz a discussion/lesson by a panel of pawsum Cat writers/bloggers. At least nex time weez’ll unnewstand da invite and be able to set a’minder fur it. Cuz we watched it after da fact, and it wuz pawsum!!! Altho’ me knows da panel of ladies rarely weads meez bloggy, me wuld like to fank them fur their time and infurmation. Ifin yous a blogger of any kind yous oughtta check it out here. Altho’ da panel wuz made up of Cat Bloggers, da infurmation given wuz good fur all bloggers.  

 dw DnL blessed - 2HEoW-1ek - normal

They talked ‘bout bwandin’ and integwity. You know weez been vewy blest. When we stawted in social media we made it clear dat we wuld always tell da twuff no matter what. Dat meant even when it didn’t put a good light on us or even ifin it hurt us, we wuz gunna tell it like it is. And most of ow furiends/followers tell us dat they like and wespect dat ‘bout us, and they believ us when we say sumfin’. Dat makes us very purroud and honored, but it also means we be held to a higher standawd. We hav to work hawder ifin weez postin’ sumfin’ educational specially, cuz you ow furiends awe welyin’ on us to giv you da facts, not just ow opinion. You awe twustin’ us to not mislead you or giv you bad infurmation. Dat be da integwity pawt.

 dw Dezi watchin tv

Course integwity also means stayin’ twu to hoo we awe. Dat be purretty easy fur us cuz mommy hates lyin’ and fakeness. We hope to continue to be kitties you can twust and weez plan on workin’ hawd to purrove yous twust is not misgivin’. Of course we will continue hav fun and make those kinds of posties. But we also hope to bwing you more educational/infurmative posties as well. Me guesses ifin we wuz da kind dat made New Years wesolutions this wulda been ows. We don’t make wesolutions cuz more offen than not they get bwoken wiffin da furst kupple weeks, but we fink we can all stwive to be better. As long as you member to be twuff-ful in all you do and say and never furget dat weez all capable of learnin’ sumfin new (cuz nopawdy knows it all) then you be well on yous way to bein’ better.


They also talked ‘bout bwandin’. And how ow blog wuz ow bwand, and it’s what defines us. Da fings we post shuld match up wiff hoo we awe and what ow goals awe fur ow bloggy. One of da fings we be known fur is ow Blest Sunday posties and findin’ da good in fings and bein’ a pawsitiv furce. We weally like bein’ known fur dat, cuz there’s enuff bad and negativ fings in da world wiffout addin’ to it. We hope you continue to bear wiff us as we work towards makin’ ow blog one dat be innewestin’, worff da visit and full of integwity and most purrtant luv.

 dw Dezi watching birdsm

Wiffout you all visitin’ weadin’ and commentin’ this wuld just be a diawy. So we hope hope dat you will always be honest wiff us. And ifin you ever hav questions ‘bout us or sumfin’ weez written purrlease feel furee to ask. When we do ow educational posties we do a lot of wesearch afur sayin’ sumfin’ definitive, and we twy to always giv you a link to ow wesources, but we did learn dat purrhaps we shuld be notin’ those wesources at da end of ow posties also. So we awe gunna be better ‘bout dat in da future. Mommy sez dat we be a blest genewation cuz there’s so much infurmation available these days and it’s much easier to access it. We also learned we weally need a mentor. Hopefully weez’ll be goin’ to BlogPaws and we can find one there. Course mommy sez we can find one anywhere, and there be lots of peeps we weally admire and fink wuld be gweat mentors. But we also know it takes a lot of time and we don’t wanna impose on anyone. We know most of ya’ lead very busy lives, so ifin we evew get da courage to ask ya’ purrlease feel furee to say No. We won’t be offended or get ow feelins hurt.   

 dw Dezi selfie door sm2

So in wrappin’ up ow Blest Sunday posty, we just wanna fank you all fur comin’ by and clickin’ da follow button and visitin’ us and commentin’ on a wegulaw basis. We purreciate each and evewyone of you. Fur us yous not just followers or weaders; you be ow furiends and furamily. We also be weally blest to hav a ticket to da BlogPaws conference in Nashville. We so hope and purray dat we be able to find a way to go and to affurd lodgin’ fur those 3 days. Da swag and goodies wuld be pawsum. But da lessons we wuld learn wuld be purriceless and to be able to meet so many of ow furiends wuld be pawtastic. As you all know we luv meetin’ y’all in da purrsun to fur.


So, till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi 

Wishful Caturday Art

Meowllo evewypawdy da weekend’s here. Mommy and me been duin’ sum chattin’ yesfurday and finkin’. Sumtimes dat’s not a good fing, and sumtimes it is. All me can say wight now is dat we just gotta make it to BlogPaws. Hopefully me will have more fawts to share wiff you soon. And summer’s  just gotta hurry up and get here. Yous know ow snow finally melted and we wuz so glad. It wuz still way too cold out there fur hooman or animal, but at least da snow and ice wuz gone. And then when we woke up yesfurday and opened da door what’d’ya’ fink we saw? SNOW!!! Yep dat’s wight, lots of snow. And it wuz fallin’ hawd. And it fell furevew. Me didn’t fink it wuz evew gunna stop. We got over 4 inches, and we hope dat’s it! We awe so weady fur all this yucky wedder to go away and mr. Sunshine to come back. Anyways, nuff’ ‘bout da wedder, we don’t hav it nearly as bad as those of you up Norff. so weez hope you all stay safe and warm. And weez purrayin’ hawd fur all those hoo liv out in these cold nights and days. Weez joinin’ Athena fur Caturday awt today.     

 dw Dezi blue heart dw Lexi playing mirror frame pm


Till da nex time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses       

Dezi and Lexi

Shop, Shop, Shopping

Meowllo evewypawdy, it’s finally Furiday. And meez getting’ meez posty out afur noon. MOL No dat dusn’t mean mommy’s getting’ wound any faster, she just had da gumption to help me earlier than later. Anyways, today’s posty be all ‘bout da fun. Cuz today be Shoppin’ Wound da World day wiff Bacon and Fozziemum. It’s been a while since weez been able to purrticipate so we awe weally lookin’ furward to today. And as wiff evewy Furiday we will be linkin; up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade. Now, on wiff da shoppin’. 

 dw Dezi HAPPY FRIDAY - 2HEoW-1ei - normal

Most of today’s items awe wandom choices, so you may find a weally good vawiety wound da blogosphere today. Da furst item is:


1. Random Frozen Dinner: We chose da Mawie Calendaws dinners at                $3.98 

2. Random Desert: We chose da Angel Food Cake (cuz mommy luvs those, least she did dat last time she had one.-MOL)                            $4.99  

3. Random Fruit: Da small apples be $1.29 lb. 

4. Any item we wanna choose: We chose mommy’s coffee dat she luvs so much. Folgers:   $10.89 

5. Any Condiment: This be sumfin’ we don’t use a lot so we chose Butter (da weal fing what mommy uses too make sis Lexi’s butter spoon)   $4.58 lb (4 sticks)

 friday - 2HEoW-1ej - normal

So dat be ow shoppin’ twip choices.  Till da nex time………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

The Circle of Doom

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous had a gweat week cuz da end is near!!! WooHoo Furiday’s on it’s way. It’s been so cold here this week it can’t be gone soon enuff fur us. Anyways, we didn’t get too much dun yesfurday. Altho’ not fur a lack of twyin’. As most of you know (cuz we complained ‘bout it) wordpwess wecently made sum changes. We usually use da Notification baw to weply to yous comments and click da links of those hoo made comments on meez posties so me can visit you all. So yesfurday just like any udder day we clicked on da Notification baw on meez bloggy. We clicked da link of da commenter  and didn’t pay tention cuz we went back to weply to da comment left fur me. Mommy wead da comment to me and Lexi and then typed out ow weply and clicked “Send.”  And what happened then? Da circle of doom went wound and wound and wound and never stopped.

 dw Dezi Beautiful thursday - 2HEoW-1eg - normal

Finally mommy clicked on da tab to go and visit ow commenter and…nuffin. Yep dat’s wight, nuffin but da circle of doom. Mommy closed da window and twied weopenin’ it by typin’ in da link herselff, and then went back to ow weply. Still da circle of doom goes wound and wound. So mommy closed ow weply assumin’ it went nowhere and opens da comments on da admin. page. Where lo and behold there be ow comment and it shows it published. We went back and forff wiff commentiin’ and weplyin’ and twyin’ to visit bloggies most of da day to no avail. So ifin yous commented or weplied to one of ow posties or comments and weez not weplied to you, it’s not cuz we didn’t twy. We awe gunna twy it all again today, so hopefully we will be able to visit and comment today. and by da way, ifin yous comment on one of ow posts and we weply, do yous get da weply in yous email? Sum peeps awe and sum awe not, so weez just twyin’ to figger this all out. Fanks   

 dw Lexi DELIGHTFUL THURSDAY - 2HEoW-1ef - normal

Ow snow  has finally melted, but it is still colder than we wuld like. Da wind is whippin’ wound out there so much dat ow wind chimes awe weally getting’ a workout. Hope you enjoy da west of yous week and till da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi