Chatting Cats: Cots, Canopies And Spam

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s meowed to ya’ll that we’re not very tech savvy didn’t I’s? Well, it seems mine’s request fur our blogger bloggin’ furiends to turn on the Name and URL option fur us to comment doesn’t actually exist. ‘Stead, ya’ll/they have to allow comments from Anonymous fur the Name and URL option to appear. Now I’s’ll be honest of course and meow that we don’t know ‘zactly what that means fur ya’ll, but we sure do ‘purreciate ya’ll makin’ it easier fur us to comment.


Dezi sits atop the liberty cat tree posing while Raena lays on the top ledge




          We sure do Raena. Me doesn’t know why it has to be so hard in the furst place. Fur somethin’ that’s s’posed to be social and bring peeps together, this innernet sure can be unwelcomin’ sometimes. Seems the only peeps who don’t have any trouble communicatin’ are the spammers. Mommy says she doesn’t unnerstand how 4500 spammers can actually send us mail in one 15 minute time frame in the furst place. And who wants to be 5 inches bigger in less than a minute? Me just doesn’t get it.


Raena the Ragdoll Cat stands on the pet cot

Hmmmm This is innerestin’ mommy. What is it?




Ain’t that the truth sissy. In the last week since signin’ into google one time fur less than a minute, we’ve been offured Asian beauties, Russian wives, naked ladies, stamina inducin’ pills, loans, grants, credit cards and to become bazillionaires many times over. Those last peeps even call us their dearly beloved’s. Anyways, it’s a real shame that the innernet’s full of peeps who wanna scam unsuspectin’ kitties in the furst place.


          Enuff ‘bout those spammers and scammers Raena, me doesn’t think they’re goin’ away any time soon and me doesn’t wanna give them any more time. 


Canopied pet cot from K & H pet products




You’re right sissy. Hey, did you see the new hide away we got?


          Sure ‘nuff Raena, where’d that come from? 


The mail. (Raena meows sarcastically


Dezi the Ragdoll Cat lays on the Pet Cot




          Hmmmpht  Me knows that Raena. Me meant did mommy order it fur us or what?  


Raena walks on the pet cot with canopy




No sissy. Seems we won it in a drawin’ they had at BlogPaws. We were purretty x’cited to win anythin’, but we actually weren’t sure what it was. And, it arrived in two different boxes on two different days. So, mommy put the bottom together and thought that was it. When we got the second box, she thought maybe they messed up and sent us a second one. It was a much smaller box, but the foto on the box looked the same. That is till mommy furinally opened the second box last night.


          Me ‘members Raena. She was squealin’ somethin’ ‘bout how cute and how much we were gonna luv it. Me can tell ya’ what me did luv…watchin’ mommy fallin’ all over herself tryin’ to put that nifty canopy on our new pet cot from K&H Pet Products. 



Raena sits on the pet cot looking back at the canopy




Yeah sissy, mommy is kind’a funny when she’s tryin’ to put things together fur us. Ifin we could only work the camera. The stories we could meow. Anyways, I’s really like the new pet cot, what ‘bout you sissy? 


Dezi the Ragdoll Cat lays on the pet Cot




          Me likes it too Raena. It kind’a reminds me of those hammocks we had wanted a while back. Me’s glad we won it, and that mommy didn’t kill herself puttin’ it together. MOL 


Raena the Ragdoll cat sleeps on the pet cot




Yep sissy, I’s was concerned fur a minute that she was gonna take a nose dive right in the middle of it when she was tryin’ to attach the canopy. Ya’ know, mommy has broken a few of our toys by fallin’ on ‘em. Fanky fankfully, she managed to keep both feet on the floor. Guess we oughtta wrap it up fur now. Mommy says she has lots of human things to do befur the end of this month. That means she’s only got one more day. Maybe I’s can enjoy a little nap on the new pet cot since mommy’s put the camera away. 


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Blest Sunday: Will Raena Get A BlogPaws Birthday Party

Dezi:  MeOW Raena, what are you doin’?


Raena lays atop Liberty Cat tree and hangs paw over edge




          Raena:  I’s lookin’ fur all the birdies and squirrels that were here the other day. What happened to all of ‘em, sissy? I’s thought maybe they came to wish me a happy birthday. 


Dezi lays in at bed




Well Raena, furst of all your birthday isn’t fur a couple more weeks. Secondly, it turned fureezin’ cold again. The weather guessers even said we might get some snow. Can you believe that? Snow!!! (Dezi shudders) Fankfully they were wrong.


          Least so far sissy. Mommy says the colds are s’posed to be here fur a little longer. Seems Spring likes the snooze button as much as us cats. Anyways, meowin’ of mine’s birthday, are you gonna throw me a pawrty? Ya’ know, like with costumes and pawrty favors and all our furiends comin’ over fur a play date? Mommy says I’s gettin’ to be a big girl now, so I’s oughtta have a big girl pawrty, right? 


Dezi lays in cat bed with a snarky look




Me thinks mommy may be refurrin’ to your ever x’pandin’ belly Raena, cuz you’re only gonna be 2 years old. In Ragdoll time, you’re still an annoyin’ kitten. 


          Sissy, are you bein’ mean to me? I’s gonna tell mommy you’re bein’ mean. 


It’s not mean ifin it’s the truth, Raena. Anyways, your birthday just happens to fall on the weekend of BlogPaws. With so many of our furiends bein’ away that weekend, me thought we’d have a small celebration fur your birthday and really whoop it up fur your Gotchaday. Me’s even workin’ on a little surpurrise. 


 Raena's profile while laying atop the liberty cat tree




          A surpurrise, sissy? Wha’cha’ plannin? Are we goin’ to BlogPaws? Will mine’s pawrty be there?


Ifin me told ya’, it wouldn’t be a surpurrise silly. (Dezi shakes her head and smiles deviously) As fur BlogPaws, mommy says she’s still workin’ on it. Chewy offurred to sponsor us fur some of our trip and awnty Cindy and angel Maggie Meme said they’d sponsor some of it, so mommy’s tryin’ to work it all out. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


          But we’d go with mommy, right sissy? I’s mean, mommy wouldn’t actually go off and leave us, right? 


Dezi stands on tip of stroller-selfie




‘Course we’d go, Raena. Don’t be silly. When has mommy ever left us behind? She tells us all the time how much she luvs us and how she would never ever leave us. We’re really Blest to have such a pawsum mommy. 


          We sure are sissy. I’s know that lots of peeps are talkin’ ‘bout this BlogPaws, but what is it ‘zactly? Is it fun? 


Yeah Raena, it’s fun. It’s a confurrence fur all the anipal bloggers and micro-bloggers. It’s a chance to meet furiends in the fur to flesh, and inneract with peeps from all the brands we luv and some we’ve never heard of. To check out all the latest and greatest in cat toys, supplies and furniture. Oh, and to attend learnin’ sessions to make our bloggy better. That last pawrt is fur mommy. Like we need any lessons on how to run our own bloggy. Hmmmpht 


 Raena profile selfie laying in mommy's lap getting love




          That sure does sound like fun, sissy. What a way to spend mine’s birthday. I’s could meet all our furiends and maybe even go fur a stroll with ‘em. That would really be cool. Ya’ know, we’re always wantin’ to go strollin’ with our furiends, and now we really could. OMC We could show off our new stroller. We gotta get busy and trick it out.


One step at a time, grasshopper.


          Grasshopper? Who are you meowin’ to, sissy? I’s no grasshopper. I’s don’t even know who grasshopper is? 


Dezi lays on scratcher looking cute




Never mind, Raena. Let’s finish brekky and then we can meow ‘bout trickin’ our new Gen7 Jogger out. We are really Blest to have such pawsum oppurrtunities. Ya’ know, in all the years mommy worked, she never had a vacation. Our furst trip to BlogPaws was really the furst time mommy had ever done anythin’ like that. And now we have the chance to go again. What a blessing. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give Thanks fur the Blessings in your life. 


 Raena lays in mommy's lap getting love




          Don’t furget sissy, we’re also linkin’ up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. C’mon sissy, let’s make a list of all the things we wanna take. 


You go ahead Raena, me’s gonna take a short nap furst.


Till the next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Blest Sunday Mewsings

Well here we are with another Blest Sunday and me has purrlenty to mew about. Furst up of course are the blessings. We are blest indeed. Me overcame me’s fears this past week and returned to accompanying mommy on her outings. Not that we actually go out that much, but still, to be a good Service cat me must be able to go with mommy when she needs me. And strollin’ is so much fun.

Dezi: Look at what I did to the cat bed. They don't make them like they used to

We also got da most beautiful keepsake urn necklace this week from some of me’s cat scout furmily. It’s a way fur mommy to keep sis Lexi just a little closer; and we love it. A lot of you asked how the Quest went last weekend, so me wanted to give you an update. Me’s patrol, Wally’s Warriors, won da knowledge bowl fur da second year in a row. And we got to our campgrounds befur all da other patrols. Now let me explain how scouts breaks down. We are all pawrt of a big group dat makes up cat scouts. We then choose a patrol to join fur things like quests and jamborees and such so we can have friendly competition between each other. Some patrols are more active than others and hold seperate birthday parties and dinners and such fur their members, but we all come together to celebrate holidays and birthdays and the like. Ifin you’re still on da fence then hop on off and over and join up.

Emerald kitty keepsake naecklace urn

In other news, those of ya’ that have been followin’ me’s blog fur a while have purrobably noticed some subtle changes to me’s mews. Fur those of ya’ dat be new, let me give you a little background to ketch you up. We started out in social media because mommy thought sis Lexi had a story to tell and we wanted to raise awareness to da fact that animals other than seeing eye and search and rescue dogs could be Service animals. Naturally sissy did da talking/mewing, and she did so in kitty speak. Yes, there were a few peeps that had a little trouble understanding her, but fur da most pawrt peeps took to her really well. So when me finally got da chance to say something me used me’s own voice too. Now when we started da bloggy we decided dat altho we would continue me’s voice, we would make it a little easier to understand than sis Lexi’s Texas drawl kitty speak. That means a fur here and a paw there as pawrt of words and a few da’s and dat’s fur the and that. Course, we are from da South so there’s a lot of ing’s dat end up as in’ (s); and dat has nothing to do with kitty speak, it’s jsut da way folks here talk. We even put up a cat speak dictionary.

Dezi: I do love boxes

Rarely do we get a complaint. But as you know we do da occasional review and would love to do more. Of course mommy always offurs to do our reviews in regular English or our traditional “cat speak”. And most of our educational posty’s are in English, least da educational pawrt. Anyways, BlogPaws, da group dat is supposed to bring bloggers and brands together recently wrote a post dat said brands don’t really want to work with a blog that uses cat speak, or animal speak of any kind. And dat ifin ya’ wanted to get paid or win writing awards you would have to use correct English. So naturally we’ve been mullin’ dat over ’round here cuz we would like to make a few dollars fur some extra noms or da occasional toy, and bein’ competitive in nature we would love to be recognized fur our writing effurts. But da more we mulled, da more we came to da same conclusion…Be True To Yourself. We have to remain true to who we are. Mommy and me and me’s soon to be new sisfur are Southern Belles with a bit of a maverick spirit. We want our readers to be able to read our posts and we want to appeal to the brands, but we ain’t changin’ who we are to do those things. How could you trust a word we said ifin we did that? We worked hard to build up a trust with you so that when we do bring you a product you can rely on da fact dat no amount of money swayed our opinion. We believe in telling it like it is and bein’ ourselves while doin’ it.

Dezi on scratcher: Yep da cat bed would probably be more comfortable, but I'm a cat

So goin’ furward, you can expect more of da same. While we are tryin’ to make sure you can read da posts we write, me will always mew in me’s own unique voice. And ifin we bring you products, you can count on da fact dat we’s still tellin’ it like it is. Ifin da big companies don’t wanna work with us…dat’s okay. We’d rather be ourselves than sell out.

Dezi: I'm just going to lay here and have a little bath

Now me bets you’re thinkin’ what in da world does that have to do with blessings right? Well, God made us all different. He didn’t make any mistakes and when you can accept who you are and love yourself, you are blest. And when you have furiends dat love you fur who you are, you are doubly blest. So yep, we are so blest we’re burstin’ at da seams here. How ’bout you? Take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.  

Do you think me’s posts are easier to read lately?

Are there words you have trouble with?  

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!    


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy!!! It’s Blest Sunday, our favowit posty. And OMC awe we ever blest. We have a lot of good fings comin’ up fur da bloggy and fur all of you. We can’t tell ya’ yet, so be lookin’. We stawrted out yesfurday wiff da bootyful sunshine and a little wind. Typical wedder of this time of year. Afur da day was over, da skies turned black and opened up and we had funner and lightnin’ and rain. Yep, more rain, we had a lot of it. Da stowrm kept knockin’ us off da puter. But it did let up long enuff fur me to head over to Cat Scouts fur da purrmotion ceremonies. We had a lot of gweat kitties get purrmoted. Me was so purroud of all meez fellow scouts and furiends. And then meez name was called. Me was purrmoted to da rank of LION. Wow can you believe it? Little ole me is a Lion. WooHoo Course dat means a lot more wesponsibility on meez shoulders. Me has to be a good example to da kit scouts and all da udder scouts as well. But me finks meez up to da task.


See us scouts look out fur one anudder and help each udder when we can, in any way we can. Sumtimes all me can do to help is to cheer anudder scout on. But sumtimes dat’s all they need. Weez have a lot of activities at Cat Scouts to help us rise in rank. And we have sum activities dat allow us to help udders who be less furtunate than us. We have a service purroject where we send cawds to peeps dat be in nursin’ homes and da like. Meez only been able to do dat once so faw, but me hopes to do it more in da future. We also have a lot of fun. We celebwate Meowdays every mumff wiff a pawrty, we take twips to faw away places, and we have adventures galore. So what awe you waitin’ on, you know you wanna join. Paw wight here to be twansported to da Cat Scouts site and get yous selff signed up. Today be flag day, so weez all celebwatin’ wiff pawsum fotos. And me bets there’ll be sum gweat noms wound da campfire. Me hasn’t had a chance to get meez new badge put on meez unifurm yet, but me can’t wait.


And we awe so blest to have bwought back all those wunnewful Weruva noms fwum BlogPaws. We haven’t opened a can or pouch yet dat sissy hasn’t luvved. And quite furankly mommy luvs ‘em too. They be good fur Lexi and just outwight good. Da food inside da cans and packets looks just like stuff she wuld put on hers plate. Weez hopin’ to work out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ wiff ‘em fur all of you too. Weez keepin’ our paws cwossed on dat one.

 dw Lexi flag2

Anyways, weez also showin’ off sum selfies today and joinin’ up wiff or furiends over at The Cat On My Head. fur their Sunday Selfie blog hop. So weez cuttin’ in short today so we can go enjoy sum of our blessings. Member, you awe blest and we luv each and every one of you and awe so gwateful yous in our lives.

 Dezi American Flag! - 2HEoW-1fs - normal

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi