Blest Sunday Mewsings

Well here we are with another Blest Sunday and me has purrlenty to mew about. Furst up of course are the blessings. We are blest indeed. Me overcame me’s fears this past week and returned to accompanying mommy on her outings. Not that we actually go out that much, but still, to be a good Service cat me must be able to go with mommy when she needs me. And strollin’ is so much fun.

Dezi: Look at what I did to the cat bed. They don't make them like they used to

We also got da most beautiful keepsake urn necklace this week from some of me’s cat scout furmily. It’s a way fur mommy to keep sis Lexi just a little closer; and we love it. A lot of you asked how the Quest went last weekend, so me wanted to give you an update. Me’s patrol, Wally’s Warriors, won da knowledge bowl fur da second year in a row. And we got to our campgrounds befur all da other patrols. Now let me explain how scouts breaks down. We are all pawrt of a big group dat makes up cat scouts. We then choose a patrol to join fur things like quests and jamborees and such so we can have friendly competition between each other. Some patrols are more active than others and hold seperate birthday parties and dinners and such fur their members, but we all come together to celebrate holidays and birthdays and the like. Ifin you’re still on da fence then hop on off and over and join up.

Emerald kitty keepsake naecklace urn

In other news, those of ya’ that have been followin’ me’s blog fur a while have purrobably noticed some subtle changes to me’s mews. Fur those of ya’ dat be new, let me give you a little background to ketch you up. We started out in social media because mommy thought sis Lexi had a story to tell and we wanted to raise awareness to da fact that animals other than seeing eye and search and rescue dogs could be Service animals. Naturally sissy did da talking/mewing, and she did so in kitty speak. Yes, there were a few peeps that had a little trouble understanding her, but fur da most pawrt peeps took to her really well. So when me finally got da chance to say something me used me’s own voice too. Now when we started da bloggy we decided dat altho we would continue me’s voice, we would make it a little easier to understand than sis Lexi’s Texas drawl kitty speak. That means a fur here and a paw there as pawrt of words and a few da’s and dat’s fur the and that. Course, we are from da South so there’s a lot of ing’s dat end up as in’ (s); and dat has nothing to do with kitty speak, it’s jsut da way folks here talk. We even put up a cat speak dictionary.

Dezi: I do love boxes

Rarely do we get a complaint. But as you know we do da occasional review and would love to do more. Of course mommy always offurs to do our reviews in regular English or our traditional “cat speak”. And most of our educational posty’s are in English, least da educational pawrt. Anyways, BlogPaws, da group dat is supposed to bring bloggers and brands together recently wrote a post dat said brands don’t really want to work with a blog that uses cat speak, or animal speak of any kind. And dat ifin ya’ wanted to get paid or win writing awards you would have to use correct English. So naturally we’ve been mullin’ dat over ’round here cuz we would like to make a few dollars fur some extra noms or da occasional toy, and bein’ competitive in nature we would love to be recognized fur our writing effurts. But da more we mulled, da more we came to da same conclusion…Be True To Yourself. We have to remain true to who we are. Mommy and me and me’s soon to be new sisfur are Southern Belles with a bit of a maverick spirit. We want our readers to be able to read our posts and we want to appeal to the brands, but we ain’t changin’ who we are to do those things. How could you trust a word we said ifin we did that? We worked hard to build up a trust with you so that when we do bring you a product you can rely on da fact dat no amount of money swayed our opinion. We believe in telling it like it is and bein’ ourselves while doin’ it.

Dezi on scratcher: Yep da cat bed would probably be more comfortable, but I'm a cat

So goin’ furward, you can expect more of da same. While we are tryin’ to make sure you can read da posts we write, me will always mew in me’s own unique voice. And ifin we bring you products, you can count on da fact dat we’s still tellin’ it like it is. Ifin da big companies don’t wanna work with us…dat’s okay. We’d rather be ourselves than sell out.

Dezi: I'm just going to lay here and have a little bath

Now me bets you’re thinkin’ what in da world does that have to do with blessings right? Well, God made us all different. He didn’t make any mistakes and when you can accept who you are and love yourself, you are blest. And when you have furiends dat love you fur who you are, you are doubly blest. So yep, we are so blest we’re burstin’ at da seams here. How ’bout you? Take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.  

Do you think me’s posts are easier to read lately?

Are there words you have trouble with?  

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!    


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


39 thoughts on “Blest Sunday Mewsings

  1. We have no trouble reading your posts, Dezi, and we agree that remaining true to yourself is the most important thing. We think if you totally changed up how you write (speak) your posts that no one would recognize you. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  2. Hi Dezi, I am the one who is blessed each time I read your blogs. I love that you are down to earth and tell the truth as you see it. That’s a great characteristic. I did have trouble reading some of Lexi’s posts but I stayed with it. As you know, you write for me on my website and I prefer it in English because some of my subscribers don’t understand cat speak. I know that’s their problem but I have to keep it real for everyone. On your own blog – you speak how you want! And I have no trouble understanding you. Lots of love to you and your Mommy and hope you find a little sissy soon.
    Love Pauline, Casey and Gibbs xxxx

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  3. oh that was very well said, god makes no mistakes, that’s true and if we accept that and make the best of it then we sure are blest… because our life is blessed. And I’m so happy you chased all fears away and you can still ride in your stroller and maybe together with a new sissy soon :o)

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  4. We don’t have trouble with what you say, Dezi. We are cats, we Always understand each other, without words. We love your accent and we love your posts, so you don’t have to change anything. “Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Pawkisses for a Happy Day and one Extra for your mommy 🙂 ❤

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