A Patriot Through and Through

Meowllo everypawdy. Me doesn’t have to tell ya’ but today is Memorial day here in da United States. As you know me stays away from pawlotics here on me’s bloggy cuz well, there’s just no way to win. You know when it comes to holidays, we always seem to say Happy, Merry or some other gleeful expression. And so today there will be lots of “happy Memorial day” sayings. But me doesn’t exactly know what’s so happy about a day dat we remember those who have served and died or were irrepurrably injured fighting for the freedoms we live under. Especially considering da state of our current affairs.

 Dezi with U.S. flag, United we Stand

Now don’t get me wrong, me’s grateful to have been born in America and have those freedoms, and we are soooooooo grateful fur all those who serve and have served to keep us free and safe. Me is grateful to their families who while not serving abroad, served just da same. Me is thankful fur every fallen soldier and he/she is a hero in mes book. Me is thankful to all those who came back to their families and country. And me’s ashamed of how our country has treated some of those soldiers. Whether you agree with the war or not, those soldiers are following orders. Those soldiers are keeping you and me safe. Trust me, they would rather be back home safe and sound in their own beds with their own families. So shame on us fur not always supporting them da way we should. And shame on us fur allowing our government to take away some of da very freedoms dat were bought with da blood and lives of those soldiers.

Dat’s right, Freedom isn’t Free. While our government scurries about tryin’ to re-write history and take away our right to bear arms, or censor our speech, or the many other rights they think allow us to much choice, men and women in da military are still dying to purrtect those rights. Many of those same soldiers serve in areas where they’re not allowed to purractice da same rights they’re fighting fur you and me to keep. Shame on us fur bowing down to Cult leaders who call themselves rulers and telling our soldiers they must abide da rules of da tyrannical governments we as a nation are tryin’ to overthrow.

 Dezi with the U.S. flag and Bald Eagle with the Pledge of Allegience

Are we Patriotic? ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Do we luv America? ABSOLUTELY YES!!! We know we are blest to live in such a great country and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. This country was founded on da beliefs of da Bible and our fore fathers intended fur da people to control da government, not da other way around. God Bless America, land of da free and home of da brave. Let us never furget how this country was established and those who bled and died to ensure you could go about your days and nights safely without a care. Those who furget their past are doomed to repeat it. So today and everyday…


dw-Dezi crying eagle edit - 2HEoW-1iu - normal

Thank You!!!

Me will get off me’s soapbox now and wish you a safe and blest Memorial day. And mommy and me want to say a meowsy big Thank You fur your service. We will never furget. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! 

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Blest Sunday

Meowllo and welcome to a brand new week. Of course me’s startin’ it off with a Blest Sunday posty. As you already know we had a pawsumly blest week and celebrated mommy’s birthday. Mommy says it was so nice to see so many who don’t admit their age either. But me wants to know why it is dat humans don’t like to get older or admit they are but when it comes to us anipals, ya’ll seem to get all beside yourself excited da older we get? You know, what’s up with dat?

Dezi in red pin art with purple threads.
Well mommy isn’t any good with DIY so we found this pin art in one of da foto editin’ apps and thought we would share it. Can ya’ make me out? MOL

Anyways, we have a question fur ya’ll. As ya’ know mommy doesn’t have any two legged non furry kids, and at this point in her life doesn’t want any. Me says fank catness, cuz me likes it just like it is. You know what would me do with a non furry? Me hears they get all sticky and chase us kitties around and try to pull our tails and such. Me has a lot of furs and sure wouldn’t wanna have to clean all da sticky off. And let me tell you, me may be gentle and all but pull me’s tail and me will go all ninja and whacky paw ya’ fur sure. (Dezi imitates her ninja moves and whacky paw- “KeeeeeYa”) Anyways, me’s getting’ off track. Let’s get back to dat question. Seems Direct TV has a new commercial and one of da lines says, “rethink havin’ that second child.” Now let me tell ya, mommy finds dat totally offensive and we don’t even have those kind of kiddies. Da commercial’s been playin’ now fur over a month, so obviously nopawdy’s sayin’ a thing. We don’t know ifin peeps just ain’t payin’ attention or ifin they think dat’s okay. So, purrlease, weigh in on this.

In other news, fur all of ya’ dat sent us e-mails askin’, yes mommy is still takin’ care of Buddy. Mr. W is gonna milk his rehab stay as long as he can, so he’s been transferred from da hospital in Ardmore to our hospital. A few years ago they revamped our hospital and put in a rehab center fur peeps just like mr. W. After mommy told him to quit orderin’ her around, he stayed mad at her fur ‘bout a week and finally called and asked nicely how Buddy was doin’. No, he never pawlogized, and he never will. At some point, he’ll start bossin’ her around again and mommy will tell him off again and we’ll start all over. It’s just da way of things. Some peeps are just too stubborn to learn from their faux pas. Fancy word dat faux pas, right? MOL 

 Dezi close up in a circular cube times 4.

We feel truly blest to have all of you in our lives. This past week was made easier because of all of you. Mommy still missed sissy and still had da sads, but your support helped ease da pain. And we are blest to have received da material blessings we had this week. And we’re always blest to have your purrayers and support. Remember to take a minute today and each day to give thanks fur da blessings in your lives. You will always be in our purrayers. Me’s gonna go take a nap now. Ooops, me almost furgot. Me’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!! 

So what do you think about the Direct TV commercial?

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Shreds Or Chunks What’s Your Pleasure #ChewyInfluencer

Meowllo everypawdy and happy Caturday. Me knows you expected a Straight From Your Kitchen recipe today since me didn’t post one this week, but me has a Chewy review me needs to tell ya’ ‘bout instead. Recently one of me’s furiends made mention of all da reviews/ads goin’ on in da bloggin’ community; so me thought we would explain a bit ‘bout why we do it. Furstly, as you know we don’t have much money and so getting noms, treats, toys or other products really helps us out each month. It also allows us to try some things dat we might not otherwise get to try. And we get to tell you all ‘bout it. More than once mommy has seen somethin’ dat by it’s description sounded like it would be purrfect fur us only to find once she’s bought it, da description wasn’t truthful. Fur instance, pate type foods don’t go over very well in our house, and more often than not descriptions aren’t clear ‘bout what’s actually inside da can. Therefur it’s really helpful when we can actually see da noms in a plate so we can determine ourselves ifin it’s worth spendin’ money on or ifin we would eat it. And sometimes we get to offer give aways so dat at least one of our readers will get da chance to try it too. So we see it as a win win. Now let’s get on with da review.

 Dezi with case of Wellness Core Cat food

Chewy Logo

This month we got to try Wellness Core Hearty Cuts in gravy chicken and turkey canned cat food. See da name of these noms? Hearty cuts in gravy? Well we think you would expect what we did, little chunks of chicken and turkey in a nice gravy. Well let me tell ya’ dat’s not what it is at all. There was some fine print dat mommy couldn’t read dat woulda caused her not to order these in da furst place, cuz they aren’t chunks, they’re shreds. And they’re not even shreds like pulled meat. They be little tube shreds, dat look like meat and other ingredients have been puréed together and then passed through a pasta maker or large hole grater. Da gravy is really thick and a little oily so mommy added a little water to thin it out and make it more appealing fur me.

 Wellness Core Cat Food

Befur we get to da taste test, let’s take a look at da ingredients and claims.

Here’s what’s in it:     Chicken, chicken broth, turkey broth, chicken liver, turkey, dried egg whites, potato starch, carrots, guar gum, natural flavor, cranberries, spinach, sodium phosphate, salt, ground flaxseed, potassium chloride, salmon oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), canola oil, choline chloride, inulin, dried kelp, yucca schidigera extract, taurine, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin e supplement, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, sodium selenite, biotin, riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin a supplement, vitamin b12 supplement, folic acid, potassium iodide, vitamin d3 supplement, rosemary extract 

 Wellness Core Cat Food

As you can see, there’s no carageenan. There is some salmon oil but we’re purretty sure dat’s fur da Omega’s. Here’s da Key Benefits listed on da Chewy website:

Key Benefits

  • Chicken and turkey recipe in a hearty gravy
  • Grain-free recipe helps pets avoid common allergens
  • Superfoods like carrots and spinach provide essential nutrients
  • Serve as a balanced meal or mix with dry food
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • No wheat, corn or soy fillers


Alright, let’s get to tastin’. Mommy, bring me a plate of dat Wellness Core Hearty Cuts in gravy and let me try ‘em out. (Dezi looks intently at the plate containing the shredded bits of chicken and turkey and then puts her nose down to smell it) Hmmmmmm smells okay, let me lick a little of dat gravy. Okay, me’s backin’ up now. Mommy, you can share this with Buddy cuz me doesn’t wanna eat it. Yep, dat’s right, me doesn’t like this at all. Mommy even tried cuttin’ da little shreds up and me still wouldn’t eat it. Buddy on da other hand couldn’t eat it up fast enuff. So Buddy gives it 4 paws up. Me hates da addition of da “Super Foods” since they’re not super foods fur us kitties at all, but everypawdy’s doin’ it. So all in all, this is a good quality food. Fur dat reason me gives it a paw up. Mommy said fur da same reasons she would give it a thumb up as well.

 Dezi licking Wellness Core Cat Food

Ifin you’re lookin’ fur a good quality, meat furst, grain free canned food, and kitty likes shreds, this is a good choice. You can get your own case of 24) 5.5 ounce cans right now at Chewy.com fur $39.99. Wellness makes quite a few different flavors and textures, so you’re sure to find somethin’ to your liking. And of course Chewy carries lots of great products to take care of all da pets in your home. You can set up an auto ship so dat you never run out of you favorites, and you can skip, cancel or delay at any time. As always Chewy has speedy free shipping on all orders of $49.00 or more and a flat rate fur all other orders.

Disclaimer: We received products in exchange for our fair and honest opinion. Chewy nor Wellness are responsible for the views in this post other than the ingredient list and benefits claims. As always we only review products we have tried or use and think would be of interest to you our readers and friends. 



Do you (your kitties) have a favorite Texture in canned food?

Do you (your human) read labels?



Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


35 And Holding…Really?

Meowllo everypawdy, it’s finally Furiday. Like me had to tell ya’ dat right? You’ve been countin’ da minutes ever since Monday rolled ‘round; me knows me has. Today is mommy’s birthday. Did you know even me doesn’t know how old mommy really is? Mommy says there’s 2 lies dat God allows. She says ifin anypawdy’s rude enuff to actually ask a woman her age or weight, they deserve to be lied to, and God will furgive dat. MOL  Mommy says she’s like 35 and holdin’, whatever dat means. But she’s been 35 since well befur me was born, so me can only ‘magine what da number really is. Me hasn’t seen many 35 year olds with gray hair. Mommy says da gray hair is me’s fault. Me has no idea what she could be talkin’ ‘bout tho’, me’s a purrfect angel. She says so herself. So, Happy Birthday mommy, me luvs you very much.  

 Dezi in frame wishing a Happy Birthday

Anyways, enuff ‘bout lyin’ and age. Da weather guessers are sayin’ we’re in fur days of stormy weather. So mommy was extra thoughtful and went to get her birthday shake last night so me wouldn’t have to be at home alone durin’ da thunder boomers, or worse yet, out in them. Yep fanks to awnty Ellen mommy got dat chocolate shake she was wantin’. And OMC Was it ever good. Of course mommy shared with me. Only a few bites/licks, but it was some kinda yummy. Me told mommy she could get one of those everyday, it was so good. Mommy said dat ain’t happenin’ tho’ cuz they be really ‘spensive. Well guess dat’s why it’s a birthday treat huh.

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Mommy got some great birthday cards and even a few gifts. Awnty Rachel and da Three Chatty Cats sent mommy a gift and one fur me too. What a blessing. Thank you very much. And awnty Cindy and Maggie sent mommy a very purretty necklace. Thank you awnty Cindy and Maggie. And a meowsy big thank you fur da chocolate shake awnty Ellen. And thank you awnty Pat, Maggie and Felix fur mommy’s e-cards. And thank you to sweet LouLou and her family fur sendin’ mommy an e-card. And a meowsy big thank you to awnty Petal fur her gift and luv and support. And another meowsy big thank you to awnty Anonymous fur her gift and support. We luv you all. We luv all of our furiends. Without all of you today woulda been a very sad day fur mommy bein’ without sis Lexi. But thinkin’ of all our wonderful furiends in da internet and world, puts a really big smile on mommy’s face. Me wants to thank you all fur dat.    

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Me’s gonna wrap it up now and go give mommy her birthday snuggles befur da next round of thunder boomers start. But befur me goes, me’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. We’s gonna take most of da day off today and just be together, so me will be ‘round to visit with you all this weekend.


Dezi in a frame with cream and pink roses


Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses