I Would Like To Place An Order

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you’re all rested up and ready fur a tale. You know me was tryin’ to think of somethin’ to get mommy fur Mother’s Day and thought orderin’ me and her a new helper would be a great gift; so me set out to figger out how to do just dat. Me had mommy call on over to da shelter in da “little city” ‘round here, and voila’, they had girly kitties. Well, me told mommy to get it together and let’s go look see.

Dezi cocks head to the side in thought
Me has a story fur you today

So yesfurday mommy gathered up some bagged kibble so we could donate it. You know, we don’t eat kibble in our house, but we had some from when mommy was tryin’ to help sis Lexi gain weight. ‘Pawrently kibble is really fattening. Anyways, me’s getting’ off track here. Mommy gathered up da donation stuffs and off we went. Shelters and rescues can always use donations, and it doesn’t always have to be money. Anyways, off we went. And let me tell you, with all da rain and storms we’s been getting’ lately it was hot. We found out last year da compressor of some sort is out in da car and so da air conditioner doesn’t work. And mommy’s ‘lectric window broke so it doesn’t roll down. Me wants to know what happened to da old fashioned hand crank windows? Cars shouldn’t be run by ‘lectronics and catputers. We all know how reliable they are. Anyways, me’s getting’ off track again; off we went.

 Dezi bright eyed looking out of stroller

We finally arrived and mommy got somepawdy to help her take in da donation stuffs. Then we were off to visit da kitties. Hmmmmmm Mommy, where’s da girlys?

No mommy, don’t stop, those are all boys.

Hey, buff boy, hush, me ordered up a sisfur. Over here mommy, me thinks da girlys are this way.

Mommy, quit cooin’ at dat buff boy and head this way.

(walks over to a small stand alone cage) Meowllo girlys, time to purr on da charm. You ladies need to look your bestest, me’s here to get a new sisfur and one of ya’ just might be her.

Here, mommy take this one out. She’s mewin’ meowllo to ya’.

Aaaaaaaw She’s really sweet isn’t she mommy?

Dezi's profile in stroller

Yes she is Dezi, but I think she just wants out of the cage. That doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to come home with us. (puts her back in the cage)

Mommy, we need to take all da girly’s to a room. Yep, dat’s ‘xactly what we need to do.

Um, where are we goin? No mommy, da boys were in here. Yep, there’s dat little buff boy again.

Put your paws back in dat cage buff boy.

Mommy, where are you goin’? He does dat to everypawdy. Didn’t you see him doin’ it to da peeps in here befur us?

Uh….Just put him back mommy, me ordered a sisfur not a stinky brofur. Just smell him, he’s got…well, it’s boy stink, mommy. Put him back.

Hey, buff boy, quit kissin’ me’s mommy. What are you doin’ now? Hey, don’t nuzzle me’s mommy’s ears. Dat’s me’s job.

Alright mommy, dat’s quite enough. Put him down.

Lookit, here’s a little girly and she’s goin’ nutso tryin’ to reach ya’. She’s purractically yellin’ your name.

Hey, girly, ya’ might not wanna throw yourself against da cage like dat, mommy might think you’re a little too wild.  And besides, you could hurt yourself. (mommy puts the buff boy back in his cage)

Dat’s it mommy, this little girly really likes us. Meow. she’s purractically jumpin’ in your arms. Hey, girly, calm down.

Oh look mommy, she likes to ride on your shoulders like me does.

Hey girly, don’t you be growlin’ at me’s mommy. What are you thinkin’? And dat hissin’ is really uncalled fur. Okay mommy, put her back.

Where are we goin’? She ain’t da one mommy, didn’t you hear her growlin’ at ya’?

Oh lookit, she can walk on a leash. Whoopee, like dat’s a big deal. There she goes, growlin’ again.

Mommy, they just can’t fill me’s order. It’s time to go. No mommy you don’t need to hold da buff boy again, c’mon, let’s just go home. Me’s tired and so are you.

 Dezi rests on the Liberty Cat Tree.

Well, da search is still on. There are fur sure some really cute kitties at da shelter, but none of them fit da bill. Or rather, would be a fit fur our house and needs. But we thought you might enjoy hearin’ a trip to da shelter from da resident cat’s purrspective. Mommy didn’t actually take me to da shelter with her, but she knows me really well. When she got home she was indeed exhausted and smelled of shelter stench but told me all ’bout it.

Luckily da shelter peeps were friendly, this has not always been da case with dat shelter. Most of da kitties looked fairly healthy; again, not something dat’s always da case. This shelter doesn’t have any VETs on staff and doesn’t treat or test fur illnesses. It’s kind of a survival of da fittest atmosphere. Mommy didn’t take fotos, cuz she didn’t initially know what she would be walking in to and unfurtunately all da litter boxes were full and everykitty had a bad case of da runs; includin’ da adults. Mommy cleaned a few da bestest she could while she was there, but mostly they just laid in it. It’s very sad and made mommy cry…a lot.

Anyways, join me tomorrow fur somethin’ really special, and member me talked ‘bout havin’ a give away? Well Canadians and Americans get ready, and purrlease stop by. Me thinks you’re gonna like it.

Do you donate to shelters or rescues when you can?

How do you feel about your local shelters?

Does Your shelter work to keep the animals healthy? 


Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses