A Happy Mother’s Day Blest Sunday

Well this isn’t just another Blest Sunday. Today is Mother’s day in da U.S.. Today is da day we celebrate those mommy’s dat luv us and take care of us. What is a mommy tho’? Dat’s a loaded question, and me’s mommy says it’s a lot of things. So me thought me would take a minute today to remind you all who a mother really is.

Fur some, mommy’s the one dat gave birth to them, and raised them up. Fur some it’s a grandmother or aunt. Fur others tho’, like me, we celebrate da purrson in our lives who luvs us unconditionally. Who takes care of us through good times and bad. Da one who sees all our faults but thinks we’re purrfect in spite of them. Da one who’s there when we need to talk or when we just don’t want to be alone. Not all mommy’s look like mommy’s. In this day when single pawrent homes exist, sometimes da mommy has to also be da daddy and da daddy also has to be da mommy. So today is da day to celebrate dat purrson in your life dat you consider to be your mommy.

 Dezi in floral frame Happy Mother's day

Me’s givin’ mommy lots of extra luv and snuggles today. And fanks to an anonymous somepawdy mommy received a Mother’s day card from me and angel Lexi. And me’s Trout Town furiends helped a girly out and sent mommy an ecard from me. Me has da bestest furiends in da universe. Me hopes you all have sunshine today fur your special mommys. It’s rainin’ and cold here, but dat just means more cuddles fur mommy.

Momma is There 

On the coldest night

‘Neath the stars bright light

Momma is there.

When you’re scared and feel alone

And think you can never go home

Momma is there.

Reminding you

That no matter where you go

Or what you do

She’ll always be there.

A mother’s love is beyond compare

No one else understands what you share

Momma is there

Near or far

Young or old

Momma, will always be there.

A. High 5/2016

Mommy, me luvs you. Me is a very blest kitty girl.

I love you more sweet Dezi darlin’. 

 Dezi in heart frame that says I Love You Mom for Mother's day

Take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. And a meowsy Happy Mother’s Day to you All. And don’t furget to enter me’s Catit Give away here.


Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses