Scattered Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you’ve all had a great weekend. It’s Blest Sunday and also da furst of May. This month is full of so much. It’s National Chip Your Pet Month, National Pet Month, and so many more. Don’t furget your mothers, as Mother’s day is this month, and me’s mommy’s birthday is this month too. And today? Today is da start of National Pet Week. Like me said, May is full of celebrations and events. We wanna thank you all fur your patience and unnerstandin’. Sis Lexi’s birthday was really hard on mommy, and we spent da weekend luvvin’ extra and lookin’ at old fotos.

 Dezi in an oval royal velvet frame close up

Mommy and me were able to go out fur a nice stroll on Furiday. With all da recent storms, da few flowers round here have taken quite a beatin’. But there was one rose bush dat seemed to be bloomin’ in honor of sissy, so we had to stop and take a foto while literally smellin’ da roses. As we did our reminiscing this weekend, we thought about how blest we are. You know as much as we miss sis Lexi we are so grateful she is no longer in pain. And mommy is thankful fur all da wonderful years she shared with her. And we are so very grateful fur all of you. Because of you, sissy’s last years were full of fun, adventure and extra luv. Her legacy will live on.

 Dezi in stroller smelling the roses

We have lots of good things comin’ up fur you this month, so stay tuned. We even have a give away or two. Ifin we just take da time, we can see how blest we all are. You know we’s had lots of storms lately, and there’s more in da furcast, but through all of them we’s been safe. Me may hide out behind da chair, but me’s safe inside with mommy. Ifin you’re lookin’ after ferals, purrlease keep your storm season in mind. There are lots of shelters you can purrvide at little cost. Certainly you want to purrvide shelter in da winter, but sometimes peeps furget about storm season. It can be just as dangerous. Dat link will take you to an image search with tons of DIY links. Share your blessings with those in need. And as always, mommy and me thank those of you who work with ferals day in and day out without any notice or gratitude. We see you, and da ferals whose lives you enhance see you.

 Dezi in purple splendor

Well me’s been a little scattered today; me is just so thankful fur all da blessings in me’s life. Take a moment each day to say thank you fur your blessings. Remember, ifin you’re here to take dat moment, you are blest. Me has to go and get some cuddles in befur da storm hits. Me’s also joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday. Paw on over and check it out.

Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses