Did Mommy Get A Bargain Or A Dud

Meowllo everypawdy, it’s another miserable Monday and finally da sun be shinin’ here. Maybe this Monday ain’t gonna be so miserable after all. Me’s spent a lot of time lately hangin’ out in da stroller wishin’ da weather would warm up so we could go fur a stroll. Mommy thought she lost me one day. She was workin’ on da catputer and looked over at da cat tree where me had been layin’ earlier and me wasn’t there. She called fur me but me didn’t answer right away. Me knew she was okay and just wondered where me was. So when me didn’t answer, she got up and went to da pawdee box room to look fur me. Me wasn’t in da pawdee box or on da vanity gettin’ a drink; so she went to look unner da bed. Nope, no Dezi there eever. Me guesses dat’s when da panic set in, cuz her calls then became frantic and her eyes filled up with da salty water.

 Dezi hanging in the stroller waiting for the weather to get better

Me could hear her voice gettin’ closer and closer, and me could tell it was no longer a fun game of hide and seek. So when she appeared from da hallway at da edge of da dinin’ room, me poked me’s head outta da stroller and mewed at her. Mommy ran over to me and started luvvin’ on me big time and sayin’ how scared she was when she thought she lost me. And dat she would take me fur a stroll when da weather got nice again. Me pawlogized fur scarin’ her and went with her to sit down. Lots of luv and massagin’ later, me went back to da stroller. This time mommy saw me so she knew where me was. Now dat da sun be out, mommy’s gonna take me fur a stroll later today. WooHoo So yeah, no misery today. Smile 

Me furgot to tell ya’ll ‘bout mommy’s great find da last time she was at Wally World. Member her trip afur Easter to pick up da catputer and somethin’ special fur me? Well while mommy was lookin’ in da pet section she found these boxes on an end shelf dat sed they cost .49 cents. Now it was a nice size box, so mommy thought fur sure it was a mistake. It claimed to be a fun catnip filled hide away fur kitty. Fur .49 cents mommy just couldn’t resist getting’ it. Now ifin you’ll recall her eyes was all swollen from day after day cryin’ so she could only read da big purrint on da box. And you know there’s always fine purrint. Anyways, she dropped dat box in da cart and off she went.

 box of nip filled paper bags nip filled paper bag

It rang up at .49 cents, so mommy was purretty excited to get home and see just what great find she had found fur me. And of course to purrsent it to me to play with. Once home, she got da fishy all set up she sat down to open her “sweet” find and surpurrise me. Da suspense was getting’ to both of us as me sat there not so patiently waitin’ fur her to open it up. When she opened da box she laffed so hard it almost scared me. Inside she saw 3 paper bags with cat stuff written all over them. Yep, she had just paid money fur 3 paper bags. Oh well, she pulled one of those bags outta da box and opened it up and looked inside. Down in da bottom of da bag was a purretty big handful of loose catnip. Even mommy couldn’t smell da nip. Well, guess you get what you pay fur. MOL And you guessed it, me hasn’t touched dat paper bag yet. Me’s never been da bag playin’ kitty, me luvs boxes too much.

 catnip inside paper bag

Well, me’s gonna wrap it up fur now and get ready to go fur a stroll with mommy after we do some visitin’ and get all caught up with ya’ll.

 dw-Dezi Stroller112162 (640x480)

Do you (kitty/doggy) (humans: your kitties) like playin’ with paper bags?

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses