To Garden Or Not To Garden

Meowllo evewypawdy. Hope yous all duin’ gweat. You know how meez always complainin’ dat mommy furgets to make sure we mention and link up to blog hops we purrticipate in? Well…her went nd talked me into joinin’ up wiff this bloggin’ A to Z next mumff. Fwum what we can make of it yous gotta post Monday fwu Caturday and each day is a new letter of da alphabet. Guess da one good fing is dat ifin weez not do evewyfin’ weez posed to they’ll take us off da list. Meez gotta tell ya’ we only follow a couple hunnewed blogs and we have twubble getting’ to all of you evewyday. Weez not know how they’re gunna get wound to da ovew 1000 bloggies dat be signed up. Whew, meez just glad it’s not us.

dw Dezi sweet ipad

Check out meez iPad foto mommy took. She sez it turned out to be a better quality than she spected. Course she hasn’t slept in ovew 24 hours so ifin it’s blurry furgiv her cuz she fawt it wuz gweat. MOL




Meez not fink mommy wuld get any sleep next mumff ifin it wuz. Me knows we fur sure wuldn’t get any stwoller time. And well…dat just can’t happen. It’s posed to be nice and sunny so me plans on makin’ mommy take Lexi and me boff fur a foo stwolls. Speakin’ of da good wedder yous all know we got a new neighbor this past summer duwin’ da whole flood fiasco. Well she wuz outside today diggin’ up da gwound to plant. Well let me tell ya’ a little stowry. It stawted a long time ago when mommy and sis Lexi furst moved down to this pawt of Oklahoma. Mommy wuz much yunger then and kuld do lots mowe than hers can now a days. And she ‘cided to gwo a gawden. Da wedder stawted getting’ nice and all da stowes wuz carryin’ all their plants and seedlings and evewypawdy wuz buyin’ and plantin’. So mommy got out hers seeds and went to diggin’ and plantin’. She planted corn and beans and watermelon, and taters, and tomatoes, and lots of herbs and flowers. She watered and tended hers little seeds evewyday. 

And afur she knew it they wuz spwoutin’ up outta da gwound. Just when they got big nuff to be called “tender plants”, ‘bout da end of Apwil, da bootyful sunny warm wedder changed. And overnight there came a fureeze and killed off all da little plants mommy had planted along wiff all da ones evewypawdy else planted. Da next week when it warmed up again mommy saw all those same peeps weplantin’ all da plants they just lost. Da nex year mommy watched all those peeps buyin’ seedlin’’gs again and plantin’ ‘em up in Apwil just liked da year afur, and just like da year afur there came a cold snap what killed all those plants again. Evewy year this happens and evewy year all da locals plant and then have to weplant. Mommy sez evewy year she wishes dat ifin they just wanna fwo away munny they wuld fwo it ow way. MOL So da new neighbor, hoo by da way has lived here most of hers life, and is no spwing chick be out there diggin’ and plantin’ yesfurday. So mommy offewed up a little advice ‘bout maybe waitin’ till May to plant. And she sed she knew ‘bout da fureeze, she lost evewyfin’ but pears evewy year. Well then all we can say is quit complainin’ ‘bout not havin’ any munny.

dw Mirrored Lexi

Check me owt. I’z dubble da trubble. MOL Mommy wuz iPad playin’ and fawt I’z looked grayt dubbled. Aldoe she did say I’z herz one and owenlee Lexi lub.




Lexi Update: Our wegular VET called and it wusn’t a purrleasant call but hims purrscwibed da Clavimox fur Lexi wiff a wecheck uwinalysis in a kupple weeks once she’s finshed wiff da antibiotics. Da udder VET finally called too. They sed they didn’t wanna tweat hers infection at this time and wuld just do a wepeat uwinalysis in a kuplle weeks along wiff new blood tests. No, weez nevew goin’ back there. And now dat weez fwu, mommy’s gunna be weportin’ them.


So weez not gunna be plantin’ up anyfin’ anytime soon. Not dat mommy had planned on plantin’ up a gawden this year anyways. We hav way too much wildlife to enjoy da spoils of all da work. But hey, dat leaves lots mowe time fur stwolls unnew da sun.  

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses                 

Dezi and Lexi



Is Lexi Still A Service Cat?

Meowllo evewypawdy. Anudder mumff is almost ovew. Can you believe how fast this year is flyin’ by? Or is it just us? Cuz we fink it’s goin’ by way too fast. Sis Lexi’s gunna be havin’ a Meowday next mumff. And of course we celebwate da whole mumff long. Hers gunna be 16 this year. Mommy kuldn’t be happier. And speakin’ of sissy we got a foo emails and comments by peeps wantin’ to see sissy’s test wesults ifin we didn’t mind. And of course weez not mind. Weez didn’t include them in ow posty cuz mommy wuz so angwy dat she furgot dat sum of ya’ wuld actually know what you be lookin’ at, and weez didn’t know how to shawe a PDF. But da suppowt gwoup likes to use Dwopbox, so weez’ll shawe it dat way. Da only fing weez ask is dat yous let us know yous lookin’ at ‘em and afterwards purrlease give us yous 10 cents. So ifin yous wanna see Lexi’s test wesults, then click here.  

 dw Dezi leaves tree1a

Amongst da emails weez weceived ‘bout sis Lexi’s kidney disease, weez also been asked ifin she has quit “workin’” fur mommy as a Service cat or ifin mommy wuz gunna get anudder service cat. Afur me splains let me furst say…NO!!! No she hasn’t stopped bein’ a service cat and No, mommy seez no weason’ to get anudder Servie cat at this time. And accowdin’ to mommy she dusn’t evew wanna be in da pawsition to have to get anudder Service cat. So, dat oughtta tell ya’ where we awe in acceptin’ sissy’s kidney disease. Weez still purrayin’ and believin’ dat we can weverse it. Cuz, sissy dusn’t miss a beat. She actually seems to be givin’ mommy mowe head massages lately.

 dw Lexi 3924

Altho’ what we do fur mommy is technically work, we enjoy it and weally like duin’ it fur mommy. It weally makes her happy and we like makin’ mommy happy. Once mommy got steps fur sissy to help hers get on and off da bed, Lexi’s been luvvin’ dat pawt of ow job dat happens when mommy lays down. Now dat sissy can get down hers selff to get a dwink or go pawdee and get back on da bed by hers selff she luvs it and wewards mommy wiff a head massage evewytime she gets down and gets back up. Mowe than once mommy’s been woke up by sissy’s wumblin’ purr and massagin’ hers head. And of course mommy’s never gunna complain ‘bout dat. You know she has migwaines dat awe always just unnew da surface. So da mowe massages she gets, da mowe they stay unnew da surface.

 dw DnL cat tree65

And Lexi still likes to awgue wiff me over hoo gets to dwive da chair in da meownin’s. She’s nevew awgued wiff me ovew hoo gets to answer da fone cuz me luvved it so much. Altho’ me has finally learned da sumtimes yous just let da fone wing. Me dusn’t know zactly why yous wanna let it wing wiffout answerin’ it, but evwy once in a while dat’s what mommy duz. Anyways, weez not gunna keep ya’ today we just wanted to answer a foo questions weez been getting. Mommy always sez ifin one or two peeps awe finkin; it then it’s mowe likely than not dat there awe udders finkin’ it too. As you know weez be oppen books and welkum yous questions anytime.  But fur now weez’ll say hav a pawsum Monday.

And till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



Blest Sunday’s Inspirations

Meowllo evewypawdy and a happy and Blest Sunday to you all. Yep dat’s wight. It’s time fur ow weekly blest Sunday posty. And OMC Hav fings been on a woller coaster fur us this week. As you know it stawted out wiff Sissy goin’ to da office of torture on Monday and they made us wait all week fur da wesults. Mommy be tweatin’ sissy’s infection wiff sumfin’ naturwal till da Vet calls us back and purrscwibes sumfin’ else. A culture wuz posed to be dun on hers uwine but wiff all da incompetence weez sperienced fwum dat udder Vets office weez guessin’ they didn’t do it. So it’s pawsible dat we may hav to hav Lexi go in fur anudder uwinalysis. Mommy sure hopes not. And it’’s not just cuz of da gween papers, it’s cuz  sissy’s been poked enuff fur a bit mommy sez. So even tho’ this whole sperience wiff this udder Vet wuz pawful, weez coountin’ it as a blessin’ cuz we wuz able to finally get sissy’s wesults. And they be much better than we kuld have hoped fur. 

 dw Dezi lap v1

Sis Lexi can purretty much eat whatever hers wants cuz hers nummews awe so good. Dat means dat maybe we can put sum weight back on her. So mommy’s actually lookin’ fur sum fattenin’ foods wight now. And weez also blest cuz da suppowt gwoup we joined is full of such pawsumly nice and helpful peeps and kitties goin fwu a lot of da same fings we awe. And we awe blest to have so many pawsum furiends and fwamily dat be purrayin’ fur sissy and mommy and me. Mommy sez dat’s why she finks sis Lexi be duin’ so good. Altho’ Lexi is complainin’ dat hers neck itches. Mommy told her dat wuz purrfectly nowmal wiff da fur gwoin’ back. And Lexi be pawfully glad it’s gwoin’ back cuz she sed they did a pawful shave job on her. It’s completely uneven and jagged. Well anyways, we sure do wanna fank all of ya’ fur yous continued purrayers and suppowt.

  dw Lexi lap3953

Now me also wants to tell ya’ ‘bout this amazin’ award we weceived. Our wunnewful furiends Miss Janet and da Kitties blue over at da Cat on my head nominated us fur da Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Miss Janet sed we inspiwed her. (blushes) We all blushed when we wead dat. You know we be just a kupple little kuntwy kitties wiff a kuntwyfied mommy. So a meowsy big fank you Miss Janet and furmily. We be twuly honored to weceive this award and be in such amazin’ kumpny. And don’t furget da kitties blue host a selfies bloghop evewy Sunday. Honestly we don’t always join. And it’s not cuz we don’t wanna suppowt ‘em. It’s cuz mommy furgets most oof da time and we feel bad joinin’ up to sumfin’ dat weez not linked up too. How many times have we joined da Pet Pawade and furgot to link up. Mowe times than we can count dat’s how many. Anyways, join up wiff yous selfies today. Yous don’t have to be a kitty to join. You do have to hav a selfie tho’. MOL

 Sunday Selfies

Anyways, da wules fur da blog award awe to link back to da blogger dat gave it to ya’ and fank ‘em. Weez dun dat. Display da award on ow bloggy. Just look unnew this pawagwaff. Nominate 15 blogs dat inspire you and link to ‘em. Leave a comment on their blogs to let ‘em know you nominated them and list 3 things dat have inspired you in da last week. Now we know sum of ya’ don’t purrticipate in da awards purrocess of postin’ and passin’ along and all. So ifin yous one of those, dat’s fine, yous not have to pass it on. But fur us nominatin’ sumpawdy is ‘bout lettin’ you and udders know dat weez be inspired by you. So purrlease accept ow compliment even ifin yous not post da award.


Now on to ow nominees. 

1. Miss Ellen and da crew of 15 and meowin’  

2. Miss Barb and Nellie of My Cat from hell 

3. Mr. Pete and Timmy of da Tomcat Commentary

4. Miss Caren and Cody of Cat Chat with Caren

5. Noodle of Here Comes Noodle 

6. Miss Claire and Zorro and Pixie of da Swiss Cats

7. Miss Kat and da Katie Kats of Katies Furry Mews

8. Easy and hims amazin’ mommy of Easy Weimaraner

9. Miss Pam and Sammy of One Spoiled Cat 

10. Christy Paws  

11. Athena and Miss Marie of Athena Cat Goddess

12. Da bootyful Hannah and Lucy 

13. Basil da Bionic Cat 

14. Annabelle of Manx Mnews 

15. Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm  

All of you inspire us in so many different ways. And all of you we didn’t list inspire us too. Now weez post to list 3 things dat inspired us in da last week.

Da furst, mommy and me hav to say sis Lexi. She wuz put fwu da winger at da Vets office. Weez not exaggeratin’ when we say it wua a torture chamber. But fwu it all she wemained calm and mostly docile. She nevew attempted to bite or smacky paw or nuffin. Ifin dat ain’t awe inspiwin’ me don’t know what is.

 dw Lexi lap3955

Da second fing we wuz inspiwed by wuz seein’ how da blogosphere and all it’s members ban togedder to shawe a kitty in need or show suppowt fur anudder hoo is experiencin’ loss or need.

 dw Dezi watercolorsm

Da third fing dat inspiwed us this past week wuz da genewosity of ow furiends. You never cease to amaze us and inspire us wiff yous luv and suppowt and how much you twuly care. We have never known such devotion and fur dat we can never fank you enuff.

So till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



Da Results Are Here

Meowllo evewypawdy and happy Caturday. Well weez didn’t get any visitin’ dun yesfurday, and may not get much dun today eevew. And nope it wusn’t cuz we wuz out stwollin’ eevew. We finally got sis Lexi’s test wesults in da mail. And yous know what? They purrppussly sent them to da wrong addwess. Oh yes they did. And yep yous guessed it, mommy’s livid. Then on top of dat when she opened them da furst page had sissy’s urinalysis on it and It clearly shows an infection. Dat’s wight, there’s an infection. And da VET sed in da email she sent us as well as on da fone when she talked wiff mommy dat there wuz no infection whatsoevew. So sissy be havin an infection and maybe even pain and not getting’ any tweatment whatsoevew. Mommy feels just pawful dat all this be happenin’ to Lexi. Well mommy spent most of da day pourin’ ovew those wesults twyin’ to figger it all out, and postin’ ‘em to Tanya’s site so we kuld get sum help figgewin’ all this out. Weez not postin’ da wesults here as we don’t know how many of ya’ wuld care to see them or unnewstand what yous be lookin’ at. 

dw Dezi plays watercolor1219

Weez hav this new foto ap dat mommy found and well, weez kuldn’t even begin to tell ya’ what she did. Da only fing weez member is addin’ watercolor flter to a weally blurry foto.




Da one fing we did learn fur sure is dat sissy’s phosphorous levels dat we wuz so worried ‘bout actually be low, too low in fact. You know what dat means? She can hav any food she wants and as much of it as she wants. Well gotta tell ya’ dat makes sissy happy. Or at least it will when she figgers it out. She just tried a food dat she luvs, luvs, luvs. It’s callled Soulistic Tri-Fusion Tuna wiff Salmon, beef and duck in gravy. Moommy set da plate down and walked into da livin’ room and set meez plate down and walked back to da kitchen to get hers cup of coffee, and sissy’s plate wuz licked clean. Yep, empty, evewyfin’ wuz gone and sissy wuz smackin’ hers lips. And this is a food dat wuz borderline fur her ifin she needed to lower hers phosphorous levels, but now dat she dusn’t have to worry ‘bout dat she kuld have this all day long.  

dw Lexi sits pose
Again wiff da new foto editor. Da only fing we member is addin’ da vignette. And yes, dat be da place they dwu sis lexi’s blood fwum.

Well anyways, we hope to get back to visitin’ soon but mommy duz need to work on makin’ a plan fur sissy’s care furst. Hers got to check on sum supplements dat be wecommended fur all CRF/CKD kitties like B-12, and figger out what to do ‘bout sissy’s infection. So it may be a busy day on da fone/puter/road fur mommy. So weez’ll see ya’ soon. And till then enjoy sum Caturday art. Weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Art blog hop. Pop on ovew and check out all da pawsum posties. And join up yous selves while yous at it. 


Till da nex time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi