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Just fur da day


Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous havin’ a gweat stawt to da week. As we unnewstand it, today we be celebwatin’ Dr. Seuss day all acwoss da blogosphere. Weez also celebwatin’ at da Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts. Now when we got da furst email fwum Miss Ann, we wuz a little emabawwased cuz we had to write her back and ask just who wuz this Dr. Seuss and what wuz this ‘bout. Mommy sed she vaguely membered sumfin’ ‘bout a gwinch and Christmas. But hers favowit Christmas show is/wuz da Little Dwummer Boy. She didn’t know this Dr. Seuss wuz a weal purrsun and dat hims wuz a writer. Mommy didn’t hav da same kinda childhood as a lot of ya’. Her wusn’t beat on or nuffin’ but fings wusn’t always as they seemed. So anyways, Miss Ann gave us a link to hers bloggy where she had helped lots of kitties in da past wiff their posties. We gotta tell ya’ they wuz pawsum. Dat Miss Ann is one talented lady.

dw Dezi Seussday

And then we did a little wesearch and discovewed dat Dr. Seuss wrote lots of childwens books. And they had a lesson of sum kind to teach. Well beins this is a kitty blog mommy fawt ‘bout not purrticipatin’ today, after all, we kitties don’t wead and mommy hadn’t wead anyfin’ hims wrote. But da more she fawt ‘bout it and and da more sis Lexi and me meowed at her she ‘cided this wuz a good fing. She duz wead to us, even ifin it not be Dr. Seuss. But it’s ow belief dat kids today awe bein’ wobbed. They be gwaduatin’ high school and can’t wead or write. As a whole ow society has a hawd time communicatin face to face these days. Evewypawdy walks wound wiff a cell fone attached to their purrsun and textin’ constantly. As fur spellin’, they don’t even know when spell check has cowwected sumfin’ it shuldn’t hav. And peeps be ruder than evew afur.

dw Lexi seussday

Computers awe a good fing and they awe necessawwy, but as wiff anyfin’, too much of a good fing is _________. You know what we mean? At least a lot of ya’ do. So we hope dat on this day, Read Across America day or Dr. Seuss’ Meowday, and evewyday fur dat matter, dat where evew you awe and hoo evew you awe dat you wuld encourage yung minds to wead more. To expand their universe beyond text messages and foto messages. Boff of which we know nuffin’ ‘bout. MOL Hope you enjoyed seein’ sissy and me in ow big red and white Seuss hat. 


Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi