Blest Sunday

Our Blessings on Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy and a happy and blest Sunday to  you. This is ow favowite posty of da week. We get to list sum of ow blessings and wemind udders to count theirs as well. This past week has been ruff on a lot of us. We had roofers here all week, and fank catness they don’t work on Sundays or mommy wuld purrawlly scweam, but they awe a blessin’ cuz ow pawtment needed a new roof and gutters. So migwaine and noise aside, they awe a blessing.

 dw D n L Love Hearts

We also weceived help getting’ ow tire fixed so we kuld take Lexi to da Vet fur a wecheck of hers CRF. And da news we got ‘bout sis Lexi duin’ so much better than docs udder patients wiff hers condition is also a blessing. And we got help buyin’ hers medicine fur this mumff. And we weceived a kupple nip mats what weez been wantin’ fur da longest time. And just as spected, We Luv ‘em. And cuz of ow sweet furiends, we each hav ow very own. Now those awe tangible blessings dat we can see and feel. But we hav udder blessings as well.

dwDeziz nip mat80
Wub da belly, purrlease…

We awe ever so gwateful fur these tangible blessings, but we awe also gwateful fur da ones we can’t weally see.  You know da ones. Da luv and purrayers of all ow furiends and fwamily. We know you be sendin’ ‘em cuz da Vet sed dat Lexi’s gweat condition is on account of mommy’s care, but we know it’s cuz of all da luv and purrayers she’s weceived. You know da peeps dat helped us wiff financial fings had to spend their munny afur it did any good. Dusn’t matter how much munny yous have, ifin yous not pay da went yous wuld be homeless. Ifin yous not pay fur food and supplies, you wuld die of stawvation. See havin’ munny dusn’t mean much, it’s how you spend it dat makes da diffewence. And Luv is a lot like dat too. We be evew so fankful to those dat spent their gween papers to help us.

Youz kin rub minez bellee too purrleez
Youz kin rub minez bellee too purrleez.

You can hav a huge heart full of luv, but till you give dat luv away, it means nuffin’. It dusn’t benefit you or anypawdy else. Mowe offen than not when you share yous luv you weceive luv wight back. We like to fink we be spweadin’ da luv wound as much as we can. Evewy once in a while you share yous luv to sumpawdy and they don’t share it back. Mommy sez those awe da times when you share a little mowe. You not know what they be goin’ fwu, and they might just need a little extwa to help ‘em on their way. Sum peeps call this pawin’ it furward. Da twuff is you never know what da future holds and how you might have helped sumpawdy hoo in turn helps sumpawdy else in da future all cuz you shared a bit of luv and kindness. As always we awe so blest to have each and evewy one of you in ow lives. And member no matter what you be goin’ fwu you will make it and come out on da udder side mowe blest than afur.  

 dw D n L Clover

Mommy sez we don’t have much, but we have each udder. And dat includes all of you. And altho’ she may not always have evewyfin’ she needs we do and dat’s what counts. She sez we have da mostest purrtant fing in da universe and dat be Luv. A luv dat we share so it can gwo and gwo and gwo. We fank you all fur sharin’ dat luv and we fank God fur givin’ us such a wunnewful circle of furiends and fwamily. Weez fawt we wuld share a little video wiff ya’ dat we weally like. Hope you enjoy it.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here.

And till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi